The Ultimate Matrix Collection [10 DVD Box Set]

The Ultimate Matrix Collection [10 DVD Box Set]

Found 14th Apr 2007
01. The Matrix: New digital transfer and 2 new commentaries.

02. The Matrix Revisited: A feature-length mind-expanding look at the Matrix from conception to phenomenon plus 17 featurettes.

03. The Matrix Reloaded: 2 new commentaries.

04. The Matrix Reloaded Revisited: Go to the second chapter's furthest reaches via 21 featurettes, plus 23 exciting extra scenes shot for the Enter the Matrix console game.

05. The Matrix Revolutions: 2 new commentaries.

06. The Matrix Revolutions Revisited: The cataclysmic final confrontation is chronicled through 29 featurettes.

07. The Animatrix: 9 short films from pioneering anime directors exploring the world of the Matrix.

08. The Roots Of The Matrix: Historical, philosophical and technological inspirations are explored in insightful documentaries.

09. The Burly Man Chronicles: Probe the society of actors, craftspeople and filmmakers who shaped the movie trilogy and the Enter the Matrix console fame within 21 featurettes.

10. The Zion Archive: Production assets developed for the Matrix universe, including concept artwork, storyboards, drawings, music videos, TV spots and trailers. Also includes a preview of The Matrix Online multiplayer game


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