The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin £2.98 & Secret Agent Handbook £2.48 @ Amazon

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin £2.98 & Secret Agent Handbook £2.48 @ Amazon

Found 1st Mar 2010
My lad is Club Penguin mad-and these look a great deal.

The Ultimate Official Guide to Club Penguin £2.98 - This official handbook includes hints and how-to's on the Club Penguin essentials - from caring for your puffle to scoring higher on your favourite mini-game. Whether you're just learning to waddle around or you're already an expert, this guide will help you make the most of Club Penguin!

Secret Agent Handbook £2.48 - Psst! - You hold in your hands the top secret, highly confidential, for-your-eyes-only guide to being a Club Penguin secret agent. Whether you're already a secret agent or you want to become one, Agent G - - Club Penguin's resident inventor - - will take you on a personal tour of the Penguin Secret Agency, filling you in on the missions, the gadgets, the gear, and more! Packed with riddles to solve, puzzles to crack and cool online links, this book is sure to be a firm favourite with all Club Penguin fans!


I guess my son will be needing this:roll:

I find this a bit of a rip off... Sorry!

My son has it and it points them toward doing other 'GREAT' stuff online. So we went online and sure enough they have a website and you can register but if your son/daughter wants to become a member for all that 'GREAT' stuff, you have to sign up to a monthly payment.

Here's the link...…_en

It's really not on when a company tries to get kids or rather, get them to plead with their parents, to get tied into a monthly payment for an online game. I find the whole concept very underhanded.

Sorry lucerysmum!
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