The Unborn/ Quarantine/ The Strangers: 3dvd £9.99 Delivered @ HMV!!
The Unborn/ Quarantine/ The Strangers: 3dvd  £9.99 Delivered @ HMV!!

The Unborn/ Quarantine/ The Strangers: 3dvd £9.99 Delivered @ HMV!!

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THE UNBORN - Filmmaker David Goyer goes beyond THE INVISBLE and into THE UNBORN with this creepy thriller. Odette Yustman (CLOVERFIELD) stars as Casey Beldon, a young woman who can't escape vivid nightmares and a frightening spirit. Joined by the wise Sendak (Gary Oldman), Casey discovers that her family has been plagued for decades by a spirit who has the power to possess any object or person.

QUARANTINE - Fans of the handheld camerawork of CLOVERFIELD and THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT will find much to like in this remake of Spanish film REC. Jennifer Carpenter (DEXTER) stars as a TV journalist who finds herself far too close to the action of her latest story. When she and her cameraman (Steve Harris, THE PRACTICE) start filming an 'average' incident at an apartment building, they realize that one of the building's tenants is the victim of a horrific contagious disease and quarantine will keep them from escaping.

THE STRANGERS - For his film debut, director Brian Bertino has crafted a fantastically creepy horror flick based on the very simple premise of strangers who come knocking late at night. Kristen (Liv Tyler) and James (Scott Speedman) have arrived at a secluded vacation home in the woods after attending a friend's wedding. It's four in the morning, and they're both tearful and emotionally exhausted after a disagreement about their relationship. As they awkwardly try to navigate the long night together, they are distracted by the sound of a heavy knock at the door. They open it to find a dazed young woman hidden in the shadows. Assuming she is lost, James sends her away, but Kristen is disturbed by the late-night visit. When James leaves to go on a drive and pick up some cigarettes, Kristen is left alone, and we watch her move through the huge house in a painfully eerie silence, all the while knowing that she is being watched. By the time James returns, Kristen is in hysterics, and together they must face the terrifying fact that they are indeed in grave danger.

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