The Valley Of Gwangi [DVD] [1969] £2.97 @ Amazon

The Valley Of Gwangi [DVD] [1969] £2.97 @ Amazon

Found 26th Nov 2010
The best cowboys find dinosaur / Allosaurus v elephant fight film ever made!

"When TJ Breckenridge (Gina Golan) hears of a forbidden Mexican valley where mythical creatures are rumoured to exist, she and members of her Wild West show attempt to capture something which she can exhibit at her show. They are amazed to find a huge Allosaurus which the locals have named Gwangi, or "Terrible One"! After a titanic struggle, Gwangi is captured and returned to their camp. The giant beast escapes and terrorizes the local population, who flee to the nearby cathedral – but when this refuge proves insufficient, the townspeople have a dramatic plan to bring down Gwangi once and for all.
Produced during the 1960s, when Ray Harryhausen’s powers were at their height, the most memorable scene from The Valley Of Gwangi (when TJ’s men use ropes to subdue Gwangi) took weeks to film, as every rope held by the real actors had to be perfectly aligned with those on the animated model."


OMG remember this when I was a kid. My lot are horrified just by the title alone - looooooooool!!!!…DRc

Just bought, thanks OP

is this the one with the minature horse?

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is this the one with the minature horse?

Yup and it's not a Shetland.
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