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Posted 20 November 2023

The Very Best Guitar Deals Over Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Electric, Acoustic & Bass Mega Thread

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Update 1
More Guitars now added - 25th November
If you haven't guessed by now, guitars are one of my all time favourite things Even more so when there's a good deal on. I have far too many and plan on buying more... What can I say?

So... this thread isn't for me, but I hope it makes things easier for those looking for a good deal over the coming weeks. I'll keep it updated with the best deals. I will say that sometimes good deals get buried, so it's worth looking at the guitar section in it's entirety, to see if there's anything really good, that might not have got hot just yet.

If you see any others that you think should be on this list, please let me know and I'll take a look.
I expect we'll see more over the next week or so! The sales and deals are below, although as above... there are some that haven't made it hot yet, so do keep checking back for new posts.

Black Friday Sales
It looks like most of these are early deals, with more to be added soon (Hopefully) so keep checking back Make sure you check out the ones that are posted, as there are several good examples in those, that aren't below!

PRS SE Silver Sky Guitar Dragon Fruit Finish - £499
Ibanez GRGR131EX-BKF GIO Stealth Series Electric Guitar - Black Flat - £182.30
Ibanez GIO Series GRX40-MGN - £150.33
Squier Paranormal Offset Tele Electric Guitar in black - £175
Squier Contemp Strat Special VWT - £175
Ibanez GRG121DX-BKF GIO RG Series Electric Guitar - Black Flat - £167.15
Back Order - Epiphone Les Paul Classic Worn Heritage Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar - £344.40
Cort G300 Pro Metallic Gold - £449
Burns Marquee Fiesta Red Rosewood Fingerboard - £249
Epiphone Firebird Vintage Sunburst Electric Guitar - £499 (Is back)
Credit - Me and who had posted it the first time around
Fender Limited Edition Vintera '70s Stratocaster - Custom Shop '69 Pickups / Firemist Gold - £699
Gretsch G5230T Electromatic Jet Filter'Tron Airline Silver - £3794243235_1.jpg

Ibanez GSRM20 GIO Series MiKro Short Scale Electric Bass Guitar - £160.05

Squier SA-105CE Dreadnought Cutaway Electric Acoustic Guitar - £129
Credit -
Yamaha F310 - Full Size Steel String Acoustic Guitar - £101
Credit -
Sheeran by Lowden W Equals Signature Edition - £399
Fender FA-135 Concert Acoustic Guitar - Natural - £82.99 Delivered
Fender CD-60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar - £102.99 Delivered
GuitarGuitar More details at
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  1. xstrio's avatar
    If anyone wants to give truefire/jamplay ago i found a link which gives you a 3 month trial no cc or anything needed, not sure if i will continue after trail but its pretty good

    gaslight_anthem's avatar
    Great find thanks
  2. SmileyNially's avatar
    Just posted a deal for Protection Racket Electric Guitar Cases. If you don't know them, they are really good gig bags. Really good price at £33!

    SmileyNially's avatar
    Actually, the deal didn’t make it through the moderators.
  3. TTimms's avatar
    Does anyone know if there's a guitar out there that doesn't contain nickel in the frets etc..? I bought a guitar a few years ago but I got a bad nickel allergy and I begrudgingly had to sell it.
    elobiretv_'s avatar
    You can get stainless steel frets, google "stainless steel fret guitar" and you get loads.
  4. EVH22's avatar
    You can never have enough guitars!!
    theGreatSkua's avatar
    Me being left handed makes it more difficult thankfully.

    I'd have 10 times the amount otherwise!
  5. Ministryofwarhammer's avatar
    Slim pickings so far. Andertons trying to shift 2nd hand and B stock with a tenner off RRP and calling it a black Friday sale has to be the worst. 
    Nick_S's avatar
    Yes, wasn't impressed.
  6. theGreatSkua's avatar
    A massive overstock of guitars and a contracting market...

    If you can visit these shops in person, do... I'll bet you'll get an even better deal.
    MrHappyGilmore's avatar
    Any idea what has caused the overstock?
  7. Dj_Yoda's avatar
    The Cort G300 Pro looks a steal for the specs
  8. Geekbyte's avatar
    Think I just convinced the wife to buy me the Ibanez GRG121DX Black Flat for Xmas.
    Can’t play great, but I’ve always loved the shape of some guitars 🎸
  9. martynhardacre's avatar
    Love that Paranormal
  10. stu68's avatar
    Some deals to be had at solar guitars and their black Sabbath sale , also at newly launched s by solar site ,if you are after a guitar for metal 🤘
    Ken's avatar
    Desperate to get my hands on one to try out. Cheers for the info!
  11. FlyFly99's avatar
    Thanks for putting this together Ken. Great work.
    Ken's avatar
    Thanks to yourself for posting some cracking deals

    Hopefully we see more drops soon!

    Got my eye on a Harley Benton 7 string.
  12. mockheroic's avatar
    Love a Ken guitar post. In need of a professional standard 5 string bass, higher mid range Ibanez, Spector, Dingwalls. Not sure ill find something i can get just yet but hoping so!
    id10t's avatar
    Just saw this post.
    Have you looked at the G&L tribute series L2500?

    Example dv247.com/en_…ost

    I bought one after a Ken post a few years ago. However I put a neck shim in to drop the action down to somewhere I was comfortable.
    I'm a guitar player not a bassist and I love stuff with lots of switches and sounds, and this thing really is a Swiss army knife of bass tones.
  13. BazingaBen's avatar
    Have you seen any nice Faith guitars on your discount travels @Ken?

    I've had my eye on them for a couple of years now. Been thinking about picking up an acoustic again after a 10 year hiatus. They look very nice.
  14. hibees's avatar
    If you've managed to save your pennies Mark Knopfler is selling off most of his collection.
    Ken's avatar
    Money for nothing? Think I'll be needing that
  15. MontyGibbon's avatar
    Jeez, Seymour Duncan pickup got expensive.
  16. Ministryofwarhammer's avatar
    PMT has 10% off a Katana artist mk2 combo amp.

    makes it £536 more money but better speaker and more features like midi etc.

    bout £60 off.
  17. Ken's avatar
    Updated again just now - So... do I buy the Harley Benton 7 String Multiscale in white from Thomann? It's not on offer but £166 is silly.

    Might have a blast on a Dairylea dunker until I've decided. (edited)
    Pájaro's avatar
    I say no.

    Thing is, it's a cheap guitar, and cheap tends not to mean good. For your £166, you're really only getting the novelty of MS in a guitar that's best considered a project purchase, given the reports about the quality of its pickups, electronics, and build quality. With it not being on offer, well, ask yourself - how many non-ms guitars would you he excited to buy that are sold at that price point as standard?

    Personally, I think it you're going to go ms, you might as well do it properly, and go with a guitar that's actually respectable, rather than one that's just cheap. I've been swithering on that guitar for a while, but it just seems an expensive way to try a gimmick, or a bad guitar with an interesting feature.

    Of you do buy it though, I'd appreciate you sharing your thoughts and experiences. I've talked myself out of it, but do remain very tempted.
  18. lukejenks31's avatar
    Wowza can’t believe how cheap some of these are!
  19. moneybanks14's avatar
    is the fender a good starter guitar., i really want to learn im 36. always looking at the yamaha though.
    BandyOrc's avatar
    The squier contemporary strats are very nice and a good beginner guitar. Not sure about the Ibanez for build quality by squier have been on a good run recently
  20. Ministryofwarhammer's avatar
    A lot of the big stores waiting to see who
    blinks first. I know they hate this time of year they don’t like giving anything at a discount unless the manufacturer gives it them back.
  21. bones79's avatar
    Not seen any P bass deals yet, but fender have the CV Jazz on offer
    MrAkagi's avatar
    Just get a Harley Benton PB, you can't go wrong, just avoid the absolute cheapest tier. The ones around £120-£150 are way better than they have any right to be.
  22. freddyfender's avatar
    nice work ken.

    been good to see all the guitar deals lately...and actually getting some heat for a change !

    hopefully more reductions to come...i have noticed the second hand market taking a bit of a hit lately
  23. thebox's avatar
    I'm looking at buying a pedal for my boss katana 100 amp but I don't know where to start. Guess I'll buy whatever goes on sale first lol
  24. CongressTart's avatar
    Was hoping to see a heavily discounted ES-335, disappointing (edited)
  25. graym00's avatar
    Hi, great post.
    My 11 yr old son has started learning and I’m looking at learning with him. Any suggestions for a couple of guitars that we can learn with and also last us a while? He likes the look of the Squire sonic in Californian blue but happy for any other suggestions if there is something that may be better for around the £200-400 mark.
    graym00's avatar
    I was originally looking second hand but some the deals you have posted Ken seems like you actually get a lot of bang for your buck buying new compared to used prices.
  26. randomnut's avatar
    In the market for a good budget electro acoustic if anyone has a recommendation (for a gift, I don't know much about them)
    bones79's avatar
    What's your budget?
  27. MrDre's avatar
    must not buy more basses....I have 7 currently. 2 for gigging, one for practice and the others never see light of day.
    Ken's avatar
    You know what they say? A stich in time saves buy 9 basses.
  28. bargainsbargainsbargains's avatar
    I have a Sheeran and to be fair at £400 that’s good for a pinless bridge and pickup. I also have a Lowden to compare. It doesn’t compare but then ones ten times the price. I’d recommend at 400 for a parlour size semi acoustic
    timgs's avatar
    I'd be quite tempted to buy one if they had a left handed variety given the price of the real thing. I've played right handed Lowdens and they're worth every penny - can you tell the Sheeran is Lowden made?
  29. MrDre's avatar
    My Elixir Nanoweb bass strings are 40-50 quid a set. Mind, they only get replaced every few years so I suppose its not too bad haha
  30. Nick_S's avatar
    music-rooms.com/pro…ay/ This NI place has some deals too.
    ...Just wondering why I need a half-price genuine Fender scratchplate (at PMT)... (edited)
  31. audioengineer's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good, cheap short-scale jazz bass? I want to learn bass at the same time as guitar 🎸
    Ministryofwarhammer's avatar
    We started the middle child on an Ibanez Talman Series I can’t remember the model number off the top of my head but I’ll go have a look in the garage shortly. 

    it was a bargain and though he’s advanced past it now I’d say it was money well spent.
  32. the_moid's avatar
    My lad wants a bass...are the starter packs any good, or is this a good time to be picking up guitar and amp individually in a sale / discount ? Any any recommendations please !
    Will5wp's avatar
    Squire classic vibe mustang bass
  33. thebox's avatar
    Any deals on the boss katana foot switch?
  34. Belsi's avatar
    I’ve not played bass in a few years but fancy getting back into it. I fancy BEAD tuning but four string. Anyone know of any good deals for a bass that is four string with that tuning or a good five string to learn on?
    PlasmaZombies's avatar
    Check out Solar guitars. They make quite nice instruments that will fit your requirements for 4/5 string and BEAD tuning for heavier styles. They were having a black Friday sale.
  35. ButterCupPeanut's avatar
    Any thoughts for 1st electric around ~£150? Ibanez Geo is on this list, but in my research I've also come across the Jet JS400 and Harley Benton JA60. And what about used? I'm sure I could get a could deal (I can see used JS300s for under £100), but as it's my first electric, I wouldn't know what to look for.
    FunkyDomino's avatar
    Yamaha Pacifica 112.
  36. fender62's avatar
    looking for another acoustic, fancy a yamaha ll6, thye do not sell them where i live sadly, so have not had a chance to try one out, has to have a thin neck and be dreadnought, rather like look of abalon as well.
  37. qfel's avatar
    Looking for a first electric 3/4 for my 7year old girl who started music class, looking on marketplace and fender stratocaster is on my radar
    rbjim's avatar
    The Ibenez Azes31 might hit the spot. It has a shorter scale and slightly smaller body. It's a great guitar too, very well made.
  38. hotman's avatar
    There's a cutaway acoustic by Rosen on Amazon Warehouse for £111.56 (plus extra 30% off currently) in like new condition. You get a bag, strap, tuner and lots of other stuff with it.
  39. HHNNNGGG's avatar
    Any good PRS deals ? (their custom 22 - 24 shape ) ?
  40. eboydk's avatar
    I’m looking for a junior acoustic guitar for my 5 year old that’s not too expensive, has anyone any ideas?
's avatar