The Very Best of Father Ted £2 @ Amazon

The Very Best of Father Ted £2 @ Amazon

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The Very Best of Father Ted

it a sitcom? Is it a serious documentary about the Catholic priesthood? No, it's Father Ted. Right-thinking people everywhere cheered in the 1980s as The Young Ones beat the sitcom format senseless, yet the once twee genre returned reinvigorated in the 90s, first as Men Behaving Badly (1991-98), then the affably surreal Father Ted. Ted's the normal one, as evidenced by his moving Song for Europe entry, "My Lovely Horse"--a modern classic if ever there wasn't one. In total there are five cassock-splittingly funny episodes of C4's finest comedy on The Very Best of Father Ted. Gasp as "poor idiot boy" Father Dougal becomes a rollerblading fiend in "Cigarettes And Alcohol And Rollerblading"; be amazed as super Ted saves Craggy Island from an deadly milk-float in the stunning blockbuster sequel "Speed 3" (well, it's faster and more fun than Speed 2); fall off the window-sill as devoted housekeeper Mrs Doyle utters the line that's almost Shakespearean in its sublimity, "Cup of tea, Father?". Meanwhile, Father Jack doesn't need an excuse to hit the bottle (or smash one over someone's head) in any episode. Not saying Mass has probably never been so much fun. --Gary S. Dalkin



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There is no "Best of" Father Ted

It's all the best

Worth a pop at this price!

worth a pop too

Brilliant, ordered - thanks.

popped for dh who loves it all


great selection, great show.

Great for fathers day coming up !

£3.97 now.

For 2 quid you can't go wrong, especially if you haven't got the time to watch all 3 series for the umpteenth time once again but need a Father Ted fix.

BTW, I'd have to include One Foot in the Grave as one of the classic sitcoms of the 90's also.

Expired already

£2 is good but fer the love of Jesus buy the whole lot!
Go on, go on, go on, GO ON!!!

Feckoff !!!!!!!!!


£2 is good but fer the love of Jesus buy the whole lot!Go on, go on, go … £2 is good but fer the love of Jesus buy the whole lot!Go on, go on, go on, GO ON!!!


would you like a cup of tea !

"Father I hear you are a racist now" "Should we all be all racists?"

I liked the one about bishop daily coming to visit and he thought he dreamed the rabbits


brilliant! want to get it !




Reverse, reverse!


Reverse, reverse!

You look like you could have been an extra out of Father Ted, especially with the name too.
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