The Very Best Of The Human League 2 cd's £5.19

The Very Best Of The Human League 2 cd's £5.19

Found 12th Dec 2007

Disc 1

1. Don't You Want Me
2. Love Action (I Believe In Love)
3. Open Your Heart
4. Sound Of The Crowd
5. Mirror Man
6. Keep Feeling Fascination
7. Lebanon
8. Life On Your Own
9. Together In Electric Dreams
10. Louise
11. Human
12. Heart Like A Wheel
13. Tell Me When
14. One Man In My Heart
15. All I Ever Wanted (Dave Bascome mix)
16. Being Boiled (fast version)
17. Empire State Human
Disc 2

1. Don't You Want Me (Majik J original booty vocal mix)
2. Open Your Heart (Laid remix)
3. Sound Of The Crowd (Trisco's popclash mix)
4. Love Action (Brooks red line vocal mix)
5. Keep Feeling Fascination (Groove Collision TMC mix)
6. Empire State Human (Chamber's reproduced mix)
7. Things That Dreams Are Made Of (Jimmy 19 the A509 PWC remix)
8. Sound Of The Crowd (Freaksblamredo)
9. Open Your Heart (Strand remix)
10. Sound Of The Crowd
11. Love Action (Fluke's dub action remix)


poptabulous mate

16. Being Boiled (fast version)

Listen to the voice of Buddha, saying stop your sericulture, little people like your offspring, boiled alive for some god's stocking, Buddhas watching Buddhas waiting...

Now thats a tune!

One of the best bands of the early 80#s
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