THE VERY LATEST TomTom GO LIVE 1000 UK & ROI Sat Nav  £189.03 + Possible Quidco (making it £181.47)  @ Halfords TODAY ONLY Collect In-Store

THE VERY LATEST TomTom GO LIVE 1000 UK & ROI Sat Nav £189.03 + Possible Quidco (making it £181.47) @ Halfords TODAY ONLY Collect In-Store

Found 25th Dec 2010
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So total price will be £181.47

TomTom GO LIVE 1000 UK & ROI product description
In touch with the fast lane
With the TomTom Go Live 1000 you can enjoy ultra intuitive design with a responsive, rich colour Fluid Touch screen and magnetic mount. A year of LIVE Services is included free, has mobile speed cameras, traffic information across the UK & ROI, and richer maps with IQ Routes.

Voice Control
Advanced speech recognition technology lets you control your TomTom GO LIVE sat nav using voice commands. From planning a route to making a call, over 150 tasks are easily activated by voice, making your drive easier and safer.

4.3" Fluid Touch Screen
Pinch to zoom in and out of maps, or scroll through the GO Live 1000 menus with the tip of your finger - the TomTom touch screen responds intelligently and sensitively to your touch.

HD Traffic
The GO Live UK & ROI provides the most up-to-date, real-time traffic information for your route live on your TomTom GO live 1000 sat nav. Includes detailed incident reports, estimated delay times and alternative route suggestions.

Easy Click Magnetic mount
A unique magnetic dock makes docking and undocking your GO 1000 sat nav easy.

Advanced Lane Guidance
The TomTom Live 1000 clearly shows which lane to take at junctions so you don?t miss your turn. On the most difficult highway intersections, realistic 3D representation of the junction keeps you relaxed and safe.

Spoken street names
TomTom live 1000 gives spoken instructions including street names to make turnings even easier.

Latest map guarantee
If a new map for your GO LIVE 1000 sat nav is available within 30 days of first use, you can download that map once for free via

features & benefits of the TomTom GO Live 1000
■Intuitive design with fluid touch screen 4.3'' screen
■UK & ROI mapping
■Advanced speech recognition lets you control your GO LIVE using voice commands
■Hands-free calling - use your device as a car-kit for your mobile phone.
■New modern user interface
■Easyclick magnetic mount
■1 year FREE LIVE services
■Faster routes with IQ Routes
■Latest map guarantee
■TomTom Map Share
Whats in the box
■TomTom device
■Easyclick magnetic mount
■In car charger
■USB charger


Collect in-store on xmas day?

Is this the top of the range TomTom?

Why cold??

Best price at the moment I think. Also with European maps for £205


Why cold??

I think the cold votes are explained when you read the reviews on amazon. There are several real shortcomings with this model. My biggest gripe would be that you cannot add maps. Any £50 Binatone allows me to add maps, which is more useful than all the other fancy functions on the Golive 1000, IMO.

why do they constantly change the model names/types/styles ect.

they ruin their customer base by constantly messing around with it

the 500, 700, 900 series was fine, easy to understand and worked

ill stick with my XXL

Poor reviews and still expensive. I just bought an xl live Europe refurb from Tomtom outlet for £102 using a widely available voucher. Works great and has most of the functionality of the 1000 with an older screen etc.

Live traffic is brilliant

I picked up one of these xmas eve from Halfords.
Pricewise I paid the same as they emailed me a £25 off voucher which brought the price down to £188.

Its a good piece of kit but the point thats been made is its been released in time for xmas without having the full update flexibility you get for other tomtom devices. Bearing in mind the first review I saw for this is dated April 2010 thats pretty poor.

The device itself is fantastic. I cant compare it with the recent tomotoms but I had an original tomtom go (with SD card) that is now 4 years old and the HD traffic feature, along with bluetooth, new speed of programming, and google search made me decide to splurge on a new one.

Worth pointing out that after a year you need to spend another £50 to keep the live services running for another 12 months.

One thing which has impressed is the magnetic holder (and the magnetic charger)
No faffing around trying to put the unit in or take it out. Very quick and easy.

Whether its worth the extra on top of the heavily discounted run out models I dont know.
For me it is as I drive 1000 miles a week to new locations. If I was a regular driver I would probably save my money and for for a £99 Go.

Nothing wrong with refurbs direct from Tomtom. They have same guarantee as new and from the ones I have seen most are new. Alot of these are just repackaged from returns made by halfords and alike.

You get all the features except the magnet holder which is a good idea but not worth £80 on the xl live. This has hd traffic and google search and still includes a Years subscription. I use mine alot driving around 1200 miles per week and can vouch for the traffic system it's great. Xl live with Europe maps is only £109 delivered at Register first and they email you an £8 voucher making it £102. Mine arrived looking like it had never been used. Same as the last one I ordered ( which I dropped )
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I would add that when I tried the 1000 I found the screen too reflective for use in my car - worth checking it out if you still think you want one.

And I updated my device for free when I connected it to Tomtom home. 1000 models are currently stuck in a timewarp. No doubt they will be set free at some point

Thanks for update. The mount is the best development on these. It's the one annoying thing on the xl is the mini USB to plug it in - more of a fiddle than it should be. Good result getting the Europe version. If nothing else it will Inc it's value when you come to sell it.

I haven't found a satnav yet that works well on voice recognition. Watch this space
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