The Vicar Of Dibley -  A Very Dibley Christmas  -  DVD  -  £2.97  Delivered

The Vicar Of Dibley - A Very Dibley Christmas - DVD - £2.97 Delivered

Found 5th Jun 2007
Good price for fans of this comedy series.

Nearest price I can find is £5.95

This DVD features both of the Christmas Specials

Merry Christmas:
It has been 10 years since Geraldine became the vicar of Dibley, and everyone is determined to celebrate her anniversary. But as usual nothing goes to plan and she soon has to deal with a disastrous chocolate gift, an unexpected visit from a supermodel and a depressed Frank.

Happy New Year:
It is Geraldine's 40th birthday and the Parish Council decide the best way to make it an occasion to remember is a night at "Suzie's Speed Dating Extravaganza".

Special Features

Comic Relief Celebrity Party.
Comic Relief Antiques Roadshow.
Behind the Scenes.
Dibley Defrocked.
The Epilogues.


Original Poster

It says £12.97 delivered on the link.......

Yep - price comparison sites bring it up as £2.97 though, which might be where the confusion is. Unless Asda have been REALLY on the ball this morning.

Original Poster

I'm pretty certain it did say £2.97 on the Asda site when I first posted it.

Can admin please show as expired.

It was 2.97 as i orderd it yesterday at this price, may have been a miss-price tho, so they changed it quick, so i will be expecting a cancellation email probably.
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