The Vicar Of Dibley : Complete Collection (Box Set) - £8.84 using code GZOOP3 @ Price Minister (gzoop)

The Vicar Of Dibley : Complete Collection (Box Set) - £8.84 using code GZOOP3 @ Price Minister (gzoop)

Found 28th May 2010Made hot 28th May 2010
The complete Vicar of Dibley experience, starring Dawn French as the new vicar of the sleepy and slightly eccentric small village of Dibley. Episodes from the first series are: 'Arrival'; 'Songs of Praise'; 'Community Spirit'; 'The Window and the Weather'; 'Election'; and 'Animals'. Episodes from series two are: 'Engagement'; 'Dibley Live'; 'Celebrity Vicar'; and 'Love and Marriage'. Also included are the specials 'The Christmas Lunch Incident', 'The Easter Bunny', 'Autumn', 'Winter', 'Spring', and 'Summer', as well as the two Christmas specials 'A Very Dibley Christmas: Merry Christmas' and 'Happy New Year'.



New customers only, however.

Is priceminister reliable?



Is priceminister reliable?

As reliable as the person/company you are buying off - its essentially an ebay, or rather, an amazon marketplace clone. Gzoop is fine and have sent me the 2 things I've ordered from them via priceminister, one of which has arrived, the other I expect will come tomorrow. Also been charged the correct amounts so no issues there either.

nice price, have wanted this for a while, thanks OP H&R added

Also, thanks Justified for putting minds at ease about ordering!!

Nice work mate, good price, ordered for the wifes birthday ;-)

cant find it.. i assune expired?

word to the wise this collection does not contain ALL OF THE EPISODES however the ultimate collection does so if you want every episode and some not even televised BUY THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION

What episodes doesnt this one have??

Ahhhh ive found it...

Its doesnt have the last 2 episodes:
The Handsome Stranger
The Vicar in White

Thanks, got this for my mums birthday - it isn't until next April but I never know what to get her when the time comes!! Heat added.
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