The walking dead seasons 1-6 dvd from Amazon - £18.82 (Prime) £21 (non Prime)

The walking dead seasons 1-6 dvd from Amazon - £18.82 (Prime) £21 (non Prime)

Found 14th Dec 2017
Great price for the first 6 seasons! 1-7 now out but way more expensive
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These are the seasons worth watching. This season seems to be really struggling. Heat from me.
Agreed current season seems to be going nowhere.
Wow! Such a good deal for someone who's not watched it. Heat!!
Good deal if you don't mind DVD quality... Personally I think DVDs should be dead and buried by now. The only time I think they are any good is for young children who have a DVD combo TV. As cartoons don't look as bad as actual programmes on DVD. Just my opinion.
Good deal, I personally couldn't get past season 2
This was a £ cheaper yesterday, hadn't realised this was a good price as i bought it for a gift. Happy either way as it was almost £30 when added to my basket a few weeks ago.
They should have quit while ahead. We all know the final episode ( Probably after 50 more seasons) is gonna have rick waking from a coma. Michonne will be a nurse etc etc
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