The Waltons: Season 1 @ only £7.99 delivered

The Waltons: Season 1 @ only £7.99 delivered

Found 22nd Sep 2008
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They built their home on the timeless mountain that bears their name. They built their lives on even stronger stuff: the bedrock of family. This 5-disc set features all 24 Year-One episodes of the beloved series that ran 9 years and won 5 Emmy Awards its inaugural year, including Outstanding Drama Series. Richard Thomas plays the key role of John-Boy Walton, a youth on the verge of manhood during the Great Depression and a fledgling writer whose observations are filled with the growing-up lessons and love he receives from father John, mother Olivia, Grandma, Grandpa and all the rest of The Waltons.

Episodes comprise:
1. The Foundling
2. The Carnival
3. The Calf
4. The Hunt
5. The Typewriter
6. The Star
7. The Sinner
8. The Boy From the C.C.C.
9. The Ceremony
10. The Legend
11. The Literary Man
12. The Dust Bowl Cousins
13. The Reunion
14. The Minstrel
15. The Actress
16. The Fire
17. The Love Story
18. The Courtship
19. The Gypsies
20. The Deed
21. The Scholar
22. The Bicycle
23. The Townie
24. An Easter Story (Part 1)
25. An Easter Story (Part 2)


A penny cheaper at Amazon (though postage charges apply in some cases).

Good night John boy.

cold, cheaper @ Amazon.

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cold, cheaper @ Amazon.

Cooooooooooooold! :whistling: Have you be any chance taken postal charges and Quidco into account in your educated decision!

Guess people don't like my deals :?…99/

They also have seasons 2, 3 & 4 for £9.99 each
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