The Warriors: Ultimate Director's Cut (dvd) - £3.99 delivered @!

The Warriors: Ultimate Director's Cut (dvd) - £3.99 delivered @!

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A battle of gigantic proportions is looming in the neon underground of New York City. The armies of the night number 100,000; they outnumber the police 5 to 1; and tonight they're after the Warriors - a street gang unfairly blamed for a rival gang leader's death.

This contemporary action-adventure story takes place at night, underground, in the sub-culture of gang warfare that rages from Coney Island to Manhattan to the Bronx. Members of the Warriors fight for their lives, seek to survive in the urban jungle and learn the meaning of loyalty.


Good deal. i got this from HMV a while back for £4.99.

Quality film, voted hot

Quality movie, have it on video and dvd

Cyrus: Can you dig it?
Everyone: YEAH!
Cyrus: Caaaaaannn youuuu diiiig iiiiitttt????
Everyone: YEAH!!!!

Fantastic film, fantastic price, HOT HOT HOT!!!!

I love this movie


Seriously, Warriors is one of my favourite films of all time, but this director's cut is POO! It sucks. ****** CG comic book segments are inserted into the original film. Seriously, get the original version.

Yes - this is also my number one movie of all time, from the early days when I rented it on Betamax, then after watching it countless times I recorded the soundtrack onto compact casette to listen to in the car - I have seen every version.
The directors cut is just different where they cut between scenes but it is in no way a bad film.
If I had to choose between my old DIVX copies of both versions or this DVD I would choose this DVD without a doubt because it will be really good quality.
Fortunately I don't have to make that choice because I bought the HD-DVD transfer from the US via Amazon a few months back - brand new in shrink wrap it cost 8 pounds post paid

By the way - I see this is another 'deal' where the product is being reviewed and voted upon instead of the value of the actual deal.
Tremendous movie - but 3.99 for a DVD isn't really spectacular, is it.

If Kissenger's post worries you, you can buy the original version for a few pence more at the HUT ]http//ww…405

warriors cum out to playeeeeeeay


By the way - I see this is another 'deal' where the product is being … By the way - I see this is another 'deal' where the product is being reviewed and voted upon instead of the value of the actual deal.Tremendous movie - but 3.99 for a DVD isn't really spectacular, is it.

That doesn't make sense to me because the value of a product is dependent not just on price, but also quality - and this version of the Warriors is of a lower quality than the original version. Hence, it is less value and less of a 'deal'.

Err - lower quality eh?

What's the difference between the original version DVD and the Ultimate Director's Cut?

Original version:

DVD release: 2001, purple/blue cover

Picture quality: Okay, but with some of the artifacts expected in what was then a 22-year-old cut of film.

Sound: Original mono.

Cut: Original cut as seen in theaters.

Extras: Nothing.

Availability: Now out of print, but still fairly easy to get hold of secondhand for very cheap.

Director's cut:

DVD release: 2005, red/orange cover

Picture quality: Greatly restored and cleaned up, worthy of DVD.

Sound: Remastered stereo/surround, very well done.

Cut: Some new short comic-book-style transitions (1-3 seconds) inserted between some scenes, and a new short intro comparing the adventure to the classic Greek story it was based upon.

Extras: Some really good documentaries and interviews, pure gold to Warriors fans.

Availability: Common and in print, low-end DVD price, usually on shelves at major DVD stores.

Fans are very divided on the comic transitions, with some saying it actually ruins the movie while others aren't affected at all by them. But even people who totally hate the comic stuff tend to really like the rest of the goodies on the new disc.

Basically, if you're a fan of the film, you probably won't regret getting both versions. They're fairly cheap as DVDs go, and since it is out of print that original edition won't be so easy to get hold of forever.

But if you are a real fan and want the actual quality of the 70mm film that was show in theaters - you will want this -

Or this -…1-1

Loved the game never seen the film. HOT!
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