The Watchman - Chris Ryan / Max - Sam Green / Cobra 405 - Damien Lewis : 3 Book Boxset RRP £23.97 only £1.00 instore @ Asda
The Watchman - Chris Ryan / Max - Sam Green / Cobra 405 - Damien Lewis : 3 Book Boxset RRP £23.97 only £1.00 instore @ Asda

The Watchman - Chris Ryan / Max - Sam Green / Cobra 405 - Damien Lewis : 3 Book Boxset RRP £23.97 only £1.00 instore @ Asda

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3 thriller books in a boxset only £1.00 instore @ Asda

RRP is based on cover price of each book, but online these are about £6 each book

The Watchman
Readers of Chris Ryan thrillers know exactly what to expect: gritty, pared-down prose with regular doses of bone-crunching action and a hero not usually given to introspection. His books do not inhabit the same atmospheric world as such thriller writers of the past as Graham Greene and Eric Ambler, and he lacks the political sophistication of such current writers as Gerald Seymour. But Ryan knows exactly what his readers want and can always be counted upon to deliver a tough and fast-moving package. And that's very much the case in this latest thriller.

The theme in The Watchman is a duel to the death between an SAS soldier and the man who trained him. Ryan's protagonist, the resourceful Alex Temple, has been recently commissioned from the ranks, and returns from a hostage rescue mission in Sierra Leone to find that someone has been gruesomely murdering MI5 officers, Hannibal Lecter-style (a skinning knife is involved). The security services believe that the killer is an insider, SAS-trained, and Alex is ordered to track him down. As he gets closer and closer to the eponymous Watchman, the body count rises inevitably. This one will glean no literary prizes, but the legion of Ryan fans will devour this as eagerly as they did The Hit List and Zero Option. The villain, too, is a memorably nasty creation.
Alex, a 36-year-old SAS captain is summoned home from Sierra Leone to help catch the brutal killer of MI5 officers as it seems that the murderer might be SAS trained. To assist him Alex has MI5 officer, the attractive but abrasive Dawn Harding, and a nightmare chase, a betrayal and a dawn firefight will ensue before Alex learns a bitter truth.A genuine white knuckle ride page-turner.


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Cobra 405
This title is set in 1976, in war-torn Beirut. Under the cover of a massive firefight, an unknown band of armed men blast their way into the Imperial Bank of Beirut. Over the next 48 hours they load up three trucks with gold bullion, and the raiders and the loot disappear forever. Two weeks earlier, a young SAS Major newly arrived in The Regiment had tasked his men with scoping out just such a Beirut bank robbery - strictly as an exercise only. But when SAS veteran Luke Kilbride presented his plan for the heist, the Major tore it apart as being a, 'useless piece of crap'. Kilbride didn't appreciate this jumped-up officer telling him he was a fool. Neither did the men in his unit. Together, they decided to prove the Major wrong and rob the bank anyway, as a freelance operation. But whilst the heist went like clockwork, that was just the start of things going badly wrong for Kilbride and his men. Eventually, they are forced to hide the loot and make their getaway.Thirty years later, Kilbride and his team are planning their return. The only problem is that a powerful and ruthless enemy is hell bent on finding the gold before them. Kilbride dreams up a cunning and audacious decoy mission to lead them away from the loot - and so begins a race against time to get to the gold before the deadly Black Assassins group can catch up with them.

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This book was previously published as "Max" by Juval Aviv. In 1989 with his media empire on the brink of collapse, Max Robertson dies mysteriously, apparently committing suicide. Now, six months on, ex-Mossad agent Sam Woolfman is hired to find Robertson's missing 50-million - a job that has already claimed the lives of five men. Using his espionage expertise Sam's investigation takes him throughout Europe, extracting and deciphering what clues he can. As he delves deeper into the dark underbelly of Robertson's murky business dealings, he discovers that Robertson's death may have been more sinister than it first appeared. In a web of intrigue, betrayal and deceit Sam's loyalty and allegiance are tested. Unsure of who he can really trust he sets out to discover the truth. Faced with conspiracy, murder and treachery, Sam must navigate the world of international espionage - and escape with his life. The secret he discovers would destroy the world economy if it became known.

Bargain, bet my local dont have it :roll:


I bought this set from ASDA quite a few weeks ago now. They had a few other sets on sale for £1 at the time so as avid readers we got them all.
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