The Wire - Complete [24-Disc Boxset] - £46.99

The Wire - Complete [24-Disc Boxset] - £46.99 [email protected]

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Great series and edging ever down in price.Don't get better than this.
Possible 6.06% cashback from TopCashBack as well.

Sales burb:
One of television's most critically acclaimed programs, the Peabody Award-winning drama series 'The Wire' continues to challenge viewers with a "cop show" unlike anything on air.
Contains all 5 series in one DVD boxset.

Price gone up to £49.99 delivered with voucher, so same price as everywhere else.
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great deal

brilliant series.

Loved most of the series, not so keen on Season 2. First season is amazing.

hot hot deal best show ive ever seen! what is this web site like? never ordered from them before.

Great series, wish i could erase my memory and watch it all again!
Have to agree with Bingo83, series 2 wasnt great, thankfully it gets a whole load better.

Gotto love Omar and bubbles - fantastic characters

A slow burner, series 2 almost made me turn-off, a complete waste. Dont even bother with it just skip to season 3, you wont miss much!
Series 3-4-5 are simply brilliant, great script, cast and storyline. Best series I have ever seen. And they didn't ruin it by simply running and running it, it finished when it should have, and in style.

What the **** did I do?

No way, Season 2 is up there with the best. Hard to get into because it's so different from the first season but it gets better and better. The final scene in the second last episode of that series is one of the best out of them all. Great price, heat added

for me its season 4, fantastic

If there was a weak season for me I'd pick 5 just because I thought the media aspect wasn't dealt with in the depth as it could have been. Season 2 was great though.

(couldn't help it)


Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!(couldn't help it)

Bravo for finding a quote that will slip past the swear filter.

Good deal for a superb TV show and I want it, but cheaper!
Heat added though. Didn't think any of the series were less than fascinating and they all intertwined with each other - that was much of the point?

the shields better

Really wan't to order, but very unsure about the company!? Anyone used yet?

I don't know why people hype this show so much, I just watched all 5 seasons over the last month or so and only season one was any good. Not the worst show in the world but not as good as everyone makes out.

hope santa gets me this

Superb series, if you haven`t seen it, get it you will not be disappointed. Great price here.

Superb series, but would never pay this sort of money for a DVD set.

Good luck getting this from Bee. I ordered Jungle book dvd for £4.99 (another one of their special offers posted on hotukdeals) and after a few days they cancelled my order saying it was out of stock. A few people got their orders but I think they don't have the stock they make out they have. Just a ruse to get you onto their site and advertise the company.


the shields better

probably for popcorn leave your brain outside the door action yes. I couldn't get past the aweful acting of the first few episodes however, does it get any better as i've got whole seasons of it lying around.

The wire definitely rewards patient viewing so season 2 while not being the best links in quite importantly with the others I hear McNulty is getting cast in a new BBC drama in the new year, it is based on a popular american one but I've totally forgot what at this time
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For another £3 the known retailers are selling at £49.99.

I've just got The Shield for £29.99 and that is my target price for The Wire.



the shields better

For those who can't punctuate or use apostrophes correctly!
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when u come at the king, u best not miss!.....

iv watched all of The Shield and The Wire, The Shield is good but nowhere near as good as The Wire. Good deal, im tempted even though iv seen it.

Liddle ol' me

Superb series, but would never pay this sort of money for a DVD set.

75 pence per hour of entertainment compared to many people happily spending £10 per hour for films.

Never heard of this website?

" Superb series, but would never pay this sort of money for a DVD set."

We are talking about a total run time over 60 HOURS!! Just try buying the 5 seasons separately and see what that costs.

Original Poster


Never heard of this website? have only just launched, hence the good prices.

I just ordered a proper SONY PS/3 controller from them late Friday night (3rd Dec) and it was delivered today so can't complain.

Others reporting on this site seem to be getting the goods, although I appreciate that some have had issues.

On balance the site seems o.k.

Cheaoper on eBay


Cheaoper on eBay

chat shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

This is now £55 @ - making it £50 delivered - same price as more reputable sites.
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