The Wire Complete Season 1-5 - £69.88 delivered @ Amazon
The Wire Complete Season 1-5 - £69.88 delivered @ Amazon

The Wire Complete Season 1-5 - £69.88 delivered @ Amazon

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The Wire is one of those programmes where the increasing number of people who seem to passionately recommend it are simply not wrong. For buried underneath a mountain of praise, and talk of it being one of the finest television shows of all time, is a staggering piece of work, one that slowly but surely takes a look at the many facets of the drugs trade, centred in the city of Baltimore.
Series by series, we spend time with the cops, the dealers, the media, local politicians, the education system and more, as The Wire gives each careful treatment, and a three-dimensional portrayal. It also paints a picture of a city in real trouble, with Baltimore one of The Wires uncredited stars. But where the show really delivers is in the characters it creates and moulds, and the very real troubles and challenges each of them must face. The shows detailed strokes are even more compelling than the broader picture it paints.

Enhanced by a series of non-showy performances in front of the camera, and some immaculate writing behind, The Wire really is that proverbial real deal. Its genuinely unpredictable (characters of all sizes find themselves ruthlessly bumped off when you least expect them to), fearless in its tackling of certain subjects, and is that very masterpiece that an increasing army of champions of The Wire suggest it is. The five series contained here are genuinely American television at its very finest, right through to the final scene. Mesmerising television. --Simon Brew


havent finished watching it off my hard disc recorder yet, still half of series 5 to go. not sure i would want to buy it after just having watched it on BBC2 but for anyone who missed it , you must watch this.

Well worth it. Hot.


Thanks marty

I've added a price and a retailer name to your title, we always try to include these when posting deals. Thanks

Cheaper to buy Seasons 1-4 from bangcd.com at £9.99 each and season 5 from Amazon or HMV for £14.99, so just under £55.

Bang CD is imported copies.

i preffer watching the uk ones and although imported work on ps3 they make a chewing noice for about 2mins everytime you start a disc. not a good sign

for the extra cash i would buy the box set

heat added

Never had that problem myself...would be a bit worried of a chewing noise when using original discs region 4 or otherwise. Just thought I would give the option of saving £15 to others.

I've never had a problem with any of the Season 1 - 4 from BangCD so I would go for this cheaper version if price sensitivity is important to you and if you use a DVD or Blu-Ray player rather than a PS3.

must be my ps3 then (it does it only when i play 24season 7 american import), just thot id mention that.

i would happily let my ps3 make noises while watching Jack B
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