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Posted 14 January 2023

The Wire - Complete Series [Blu-Ray] - £34.65 @ Amazon France

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All five seasons of the highly-acclaimed crime drama series which follows drug and murder investigations in Baltimore. Told from the point of view of both the police and their targets, the series captures a universe of subterfuge and surveillance, where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn. Season 1 episodes comprise: 'The Target', 'The Detail', 'The Buys', 'Old Cases', 'The Pager', 'The Wire', 'One Arrest', 'Lessons', 'Game Day', 'The Cost', 'The Hunt', 'Cleaning Up' and 'Sentencing'. Season 2 episodes are: 'Ebb Tide', 'Collateral Damage', 'Hot Shots', 'Hard Cases', 'Undertow', 'All Prologue', 'Backwash', 'Duck and Cover', 'Stray Rounds', 'Storm Warnings', 'Bad Dreams' and 'Port in a Storm'. Season 3 episodes comprise: 'Time After Time, 'All Due Respect', 'Dead Soldiers', 'Amsterdam', 'Straight and True', 'Homecoming', 'Back Burners', 'Moral Midgetry', 'Slapstick', 'Reformation', 'Middle Ground' and 'Mission Accomplished'. Season 4 episodes are: 'Boys of Summer', 'Soft Eyes', 'Home Rooms', 'Refugees', 'Alliances', 'Margin of Error', 'Unto Others', 'Corner Boys', 'Know Your Place', 'Misgivings', 'A New Day', 'That's Got His Own' and 'Final Grades'. Season 5 episodes comprise: 'More With Less', 'Unconfirmed Reports', 'Not for Attribution', 'Transitions', 'React Quotes', 'The Dickensian Aspect', 'Took', 'Clarifications', 'Late Editions' and '-30-'.
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  2. expandingmaan's avatar
    I haven't seen this. Everyone mentions how good this is.
    Is it the best show ever?
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    Not sure if it's on any steaming apps, I watched it a while ago it was fairly good but tbh I preferred The Shield as police dramas go. (edited)
  3. carlboy's avatar
    Le Wire from Amazon France
    Le Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
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  4. gtd65's avatar
    Always makes me laugh when I recall the "lie detector" scene
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    It's funny how young Idris Elba and Dononic West are in this, and no one knew they were British either.

    Fantastic show 👌🏽 (edited)
  6. jamgin's avatar
    Omar coming!
  7. james0909's avatar
    What's that show its about cops. a scene shooting guy up in bathroom then moving gun etc to make look like he shot first.cant remember the show.
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    Sounds like The Shield.
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