The Wire Season 5 @ Zavvi £14.95 delivered

The Wire Season 5 @ Zavvi £14.95 delivered

Found 25th Sep 2009
For those of you who bought seasons 1-4 from BangCd for £9.99 like me and have been waiting for season 5 to drop to a more affordable price.

I paid £4.95 as i won on the scratch and win £10 lucky me. Thank you to Hotukdeals and Happy Birthday

Read Between The Lines.
In a city that can no longer even recognize its problems, much less begin to solve them, police detectives attempt to bring in one last, worthy case against a violent crew of narcotics traffickers. And when bureaucratic poverty and infighting threatens that case, one detective will risk everything, creating a fraud that will eventually entangle the city newspaper, which is weakened by declines in circulation and advertising. With journalism itself so vulnerable and desperate, an unscrupulous, ambitious reporter will ride the story wherever it goes - or wherever he wants it to go.

From the streets to the port to the schools and the halls of government, The Wire has chronicled the tribulations of a post-industrial American city. Now, in its final season, the drama directs its last question to the media and its consumers: If anything in The Wire's depiction of urban America was genuine or important then what is it, exactly, that occupies our attentions? What are the stories we embrace? And what are the stories we ignore? And why?


Same at amazon and hmv (better quidco there too)

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Same at amazon and hmv (better quidco there too)

Yep there is better Quidco via HMV 2% more then Zavvi that choice is yours. As for Amazon the price is £14.98 with no Quidco.…8-3
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