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Posted 2 February 2023

The Wise Man's Fear: The Kingkiller Chronicles Book 2 by Patrick Rothfuss, 99p on Kindle @ Amazon

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The first book is often dropped to 99p, the second one rarely is. Will we ever see Book 3? Who knows.

Picking up the tale of Kvothe Kingkiller once again, we follow him into exile, into political intrigue, courtship, adventure, love and magic ... and further along the path that has turned Kvothe, the mightiest magician of his age, a legend in his own time, into Kote, the unassuming pub landlord.
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  1. bluntmachetti's avatar
    Except there has been an announcement on Doors of Stone, whoever buys this is in for years of frustration waiting for the conclusion to this series.
    gxw's avatar
    I just enjoy them for what they are, it is frustrating but the 1st one in particular is a must read.
  2. vinny939's avatar
    I enjoyed the series even the short novella but its been nearly 12 years since this came out, so i doubt book 3 will be written now.
  3. neeoon's avatar
    Considered both this and Name of the Wind to be some of the most enthralling books I have had the pleasure to read. It is very difficult to recommend them to people though knowing that book 3 is never going to happen.
  4. rborob's avatar
    Came for the comments.... Wasn't disappointed
  5. deleted2447051's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Aha, the Kingkiller Chronicles, that will not get finished, about Kvothe Kingkiller who has yet to despatch any kings (after 2.5 books - is that a spoiler? Probably!)… This one was a bit of a snooze. I think Rothfuss peaked early! (The first book was great). Perhaps Brandon Sanderson can finish the series for him…? (edited)
    neeoon's avatar
    Mr Sanderson, the go to guy to get things done (and properly)
  6. ninjapirate182's avatar
    First book was fun
    Second book was up and down
    Third book is never being written
  7. raafayeali's avatar
    Been reading the first and this for 16 years
    raafayeali's avatar
    Still waiting for the 3rd book
  8. reystar's avatar
    not worth it. it will probably never be finished
  9. hobbit182's avatar
    I'm with the masses on this, just don't even bother...Patrick Rothfuss is just taking the Pi$$ and should just admit he can't do it anymore and let us get on with out hopping book 3 might finally arrive...

    As a note on avoiding frustration: ...dont read "The Path of Anger" by Antoine Rouaud Book 2 has been due since 2013.... (edited)
  10. presterjohn71's avatar
    Avoid at all costs. The guy has lost his Mojo and will not finish the story. He should hand over his notes to Brandon Sanderson and let him finish the story as a service to his fan's.
    ElRobinio's avatar
    I like Sanderson's work and he did really well with Wheel of Time, I can't see his style meshing well with Rothfuss' though.
  11. ixeron's avatar
    This book and the 1st book are fantastic and well worth reading even though the 3rd book will never happen. I both love and hate Patrick Rothfuss for introducing me to this series.
  12. little_green's avatar
    My favourite book
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