The Witcher: Enhanced Edition FREE Update
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition FREE Update

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition FREE Update

I'm not sure if this counts as a freebie but I think it does as the update is huge and not just a bug fix etc.

Those of you who already own this game might know that The Witcher was recently re-released as an Enhanced Edition which you can now buy with more than 5,000 lines of re-written and re-recorded dialogue, more than 200 new dialogue animations, a new character differentiation system for NPC's, an enhanced inventory with improved alchemy, reduced loading times, improved combat responsiveness and much more.

In addition to the in-game updates, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition features premium packaging loaded with value, two new adventures with full voiceover, the D'jinni Adventure Editor, the official soundtrack CD, a 'music inspired by The Witcher' CD, the official game guide, The Witcher short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, a making of DVD with behind the scenes footage and a map of The Witcher's world.

But thankfully the devs have released all this stuff as a free update for anyone who already owns the original game including the soundtrack etc. But you have to register your copy of the game for it to work. The link has the instructions.



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