The Witness PS4 £12.14/$19.99 (£9.70/$15.99 - PS+) @ PSN Canada

The Witness PS4 £12.14/$19.99 (£9.70/$15.99 - PS+) @ PSN Canada

Found 19th Jul 2017
Pretty good price for this amazing game. Conversion prices based on buying a $20 psn card from pcgamesupply. If you can get a PS+ trial (try to upload a save on your Canadian account to be offered - one time only) then even better!

Good guide here on buying PSN games from a different region (they use USA but same applies for Canada):…ad/

Use pcgamesupply for buying credit:…on/
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Um, the PS+ UK price was £6.99 earlier, is it not that right now?
Yeah still £6.99 with plus on UK store
The Witness is £11.49 on the UK site

Less with ps+
Edited by: "Moonmonkeys" 19th Jul 2017
Dam - not showing on psprices at the moment, which is what I normally use for price checks. Totally right though - complete egg on my face...
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