The Woody Allen Collection Box Set (6 Discs DVD Boxset) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

The Woody Allen Collection Box Set (6 Discs DVD Boxset) £9.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Annie Hall (1977): Starring Allen as New York comedian Alvy Singer and Diane Keaton (in a Best Actress Oscar-winning role) as Annie, the film weaves flashbacks, flash forwards, monologues, a parade of classic Allen one-liners, and even animation into an alternately uproarious and wistful comedy about a witty and wacky on-again, off-again romance.

Manhattan (1979): 42-year-old Manhattan native Isaac Davis (Allen) has a job he hates, a seventeen-year-old girlfriend (Mariel Hemingway) he doesn't love, and a lesbian ex-wife Jill (Meryl Streep) who's writing a tell-all book about their marriage... and whom he'd like to strangle. But when he meets his best friend's sexy, intellectual mistress, Mary (Diane Keaton), Isaac falls head over heels in lust! Leaving Tracy, bedding Mary and quitting his job are just the beginning of Isaac's quest for romance and fulfillment in a city where sex is as intimate as a handshake - and the gate to true love... is a revolving door.

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid To Ask) (1972): Woody Allen pushes the frontiers of comedy by consolidating his madcap sensibility and wickedly funny irreverence with his developing penchant for visually arresting humor. Giving complete indulgence to the zany eccentricity of his medium, Allen revels himself as a filmmaker of wit, sophistication, and comic insight, rising to the occasion with several hysterical vignettes that probe sexuality's stickiest issues! Aphrodisiacs prove effective for a court jester (Allen) who finds the key to the Queen's (Lynn Redgrave) heart but learns that the key to her chastity belt might be more useful...

Sleeper (1973): When cryogenically preserved Miles Monroe (Allen) is awakened 200 years after a hospital mishap, he discovers the future's not so bright: all women are frigid, all men are impotent, and the world is ruled by an evil dictator: a disembodied nose! Pursued by the secret police and recruited by anti-government rebels with a plan to kidnap the dictator's snout before it can be cloned, Miles falls for the beautiful - but untalented - poet Luna (Diane Keaton). But when Miles is captured and reprogrammed by the government to believe he's Miss America, it's up to Luna to save Miles, lead the rebels and cut off the nose just to spite its face.

Love And Death (1975): Woody Allen reinvents himself again with the epic historical satire, Love and Death. A wonderfully funny and eclectic distillation of the Russian literary soul, the film represents a bridge between Allen's early slapstick farces and his darker autobiographical comedies. One of his most visual, philosophical and elaborately conceived films, 'Love And Death' demonstrates again that Allen is an authentic comic genius.

Bananas (1971): When bumbling product-tester Fielding Mellish (Allen) is jilted by his girlfriend, Nancy (Louise Lasser), he heads to the tiny republic of San Marcos for a vacation, only to become kidnapped by rebels!


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Nice one Andy

Ooh, films i have on video that i haven't upgraded. Thanks.

:thumbsup:Love him or hate him, hisfilms are spot on wih their anaylsis of real life, complete with pathos and humour, tears and heartbreak, love and death. Another great choice of films for a boxset, have seen Sleeper at least a dozen times, and its still a joy. Worth owning at any price, but at this they are a steal, the collction gets bigger all the time.

Great films you can watch several times over. All films enjoyable, not like some box sets where only a few are worth a decent watch. Great deal if you like his stuff. Good spot.

sorry but the link is going to where it says the set is £24.99

Now £24.99 at Play BUT £9.98 at Amazon!

thanks Ramccan, you're a star!

deals a bogie - it's gone up to £24.99 now...
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