The World At War: The Ultimate Restored Edition DVD - £16.15 @ thehut with code DVD10

The World At War: The Ultimate Restored Edition DVD - £16.15 @ thehut with code DVD10

Found 21st Jun 2011Made hot 21st Jun 2011
The World at War: The Ultimate Restored Edition is the definitive version of one of the greatest documentary series ever made. Each frame has been painstakingly restored and the audio enhanced and upgraded so that this is the best this award-winning series has ever looked and sounded.

Narrated by Laurence Olivier and first broadcast in 1973 when memories of the Second World War were still clear in people's minds and the war's veterans numerous, over 26 episodes this unique series assembled these recollections, together with archive footage, to create one of the most powerful and successful historical documentaries ever seen. The voices of those that fought, worked or watched during the war gave each episode a vivid sense of what it was like to be there and was the hallmark of the series.

Brand new to this DVD boxset for the first time ever:
Hard of hearing subtitles
New widescreen presentation
5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound audio
Limited edition packaging

Over 10 hours of special features includes:
Brand new - Restoring the World at War - narrated by Sir Jeremy Isaacs, this feature explores every element of the restoration process
11 features including the making of the original series
Photo galleries
Speeches and songs
Newsreels and maps

Credit to busfan001 for the DVD10 code.

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The most important TV documentary of all time. It's chilling and often very depressing to realise what human beings did to each other only a couple of generations ago. But there are also stories of great heroicism and the unquestioning determination to stand up to, and ultimately defeat, the evil nazi force.

Not for kids, but at some stage everyone should hear the stories that shaped our lives today.

£13.50 if using code DVD10 at the checkout !

An amazing series but hard to watch sometimes.

You can check the official website to see when the people interviewed passed away sorry as i said depressing.

Hot price price.

Hot, just ordered 2 for Christmas presents with the discount code.


I have just bought the original release (2005) for £18 three months ago and did not get to watch it yet and now we have cheaper newer version and even bluray version..ARGHHHH

Thats nothing I got this fir my dads 60th 5 years ago and paid 80quid!

Thanks OP, ordered x 2.

The definitive WW2 documentary!


Is it worth going for this? Or waiting for the blu ray?

Amazing , the footage and narration is out of this world , probably the most important documentary that will be ever made and one that our ancestors will watch in shock and horror for hundreds of years to come.

Thanks, ordered for father-in-law, heat given.


Is it worth going for this? Or waiting for the blu ray?

I was going to wait for the BluRay to come down in price. But £13.50 for the restored version was too tempting to resist. I'm happy to watch it upscaled. Heat added.

waiting for the blu-ray!

Nice. I already own it but my Dad can have that one now and I'll have this one.

Superb find. Bought one also for a Christmas present for one of those 'people who have everything'

Should be made compulsory viewing for whining teenagers

HOT ! Amazing documentary, I was glued to the TV watching it.

Horribly addictive viewing, you could easily watch each dvd back to back it's that good.
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Ordered one for my son, thanks for the heads up.


Superb. It's such a shame that the 'restoration' led to a certain amount of butchering and cropping when the image was converted from full frame to widescreen, but at this price I'm going to order anyway. HOT!

I've seen a few warnings about this ultimate restoration copy that the cropping from 4:3 aspect may have affected it but at this price its worth a punt.

Best documentary series ever imho.

Its very depressing to realise what human beings are doing to each other NOW. We have learnt nothing - now we have to stand up and ultimately defeat the evil imperialist force.

Is this the new version they chopped the top and bottom off so people could watch it on widescreen without borders? If it is then hold on to your original cuz this documentary series was a work of art, Its like chopping the head of the mona lisa

As above. They've cropped the footage to death. The fawning posters didn't think of that! Also waiting for this on Bluray.

Was tempted to buy until I saw it was from The Hut - gutted!

Have watched all 80 hours of it. Stunning, moving, thought provoking and vital documentary. Great price and everyone should be made to watch this in schools.

still waiting for a good deal on the Blu-ray version if anybody finds it gimme a shout!


Was tempted to buy until I saw it was from The Hut - gutted!

Why whats up with HUT, not had any problems from them myself in the past. Are they a bit dodgy or something

expired..price went up


The Hut & Zavvi are part of the same group, they advertise deals, lots of people order & then they can't fulfil the orders. They also take your money before dispatching your order - just be careful

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I had this off sent through by email too. Had even considered posting it … I had this off sent through by email too. Had even considered posting it until I saw it was from the Hut.I wonder how long they'll keep your money for?

They don't take your money until they dispatch - never had any problems with theHut and buy loads from them.

Boring programme. Avoid.

Seen this on TV ... excellent program and at this price would have been an obvious buy but having seen the comments about conversion to 16:9 and read some of the user reviews on places like Amazon then think I'll pass on this,

Bought this as a late fathers day pressie. Just noticed the code. Damn! On well. £15 is still cheap.

Couldn't resist at £13.50 with 75p cashback. Sold! Will watch it through then wait and pick up the blu ray at some point in the future. Not bothered about cropping.

Now £16.15 with code (discount of £1.80) please ammend. Still bought it - this bad boy is £43.99 on amazon and its great educational stuff.
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Perhaps the offer's changed, as it's now coming out at £16.15 with the discount. Still a bargain.

Lucky enough to get the cheap one. Great find, thanks very much.
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