The World Of Luc Jacquet DVD £2.89 delivered @ Sendit

The World Of Luc Jacquet DVD £2.89 delivered @ Sendit

Found 9th Jul 2009
From 1995 to 2002, Saint Thomas productions launched the career of Luc Jacquet, the renowned director of March of the Penguin. From his very first to his latest film, each documentary of this retrospective reveals his favourite places and animals and above all, his secrets: finding strong stories, staying as true as possible to the biology of the animals and suggesting anthropomorphic creations.

Penguin baywatch.
In the summer, space becomes dear on the beaches of the Sub-Antarctic islands. There, penguins and sea elephants live jumbled up together, caught in the throes of breeding.

The Tick And The Bird.
Once upon a time, there was a flea who lived buried deep in the feathers of a Laysan Albatross..

Springtime For The Weddell Seals.
On the surface of the ice and in the underwater labyrinths, the camera follows a young Weddell seal during the first few weeks of its life. Although their environment is quite inhospitable, it is of the most exquisite beauty.

The Leopard Seal's Share.
Leopard seals are, along with the killer whales, the only major predators of the Antarctic Ocean. Each year at the end of the summer in the southern hemisphere, leopard seals reach the coastlines of Graham Land to hunt penguins gathered in large numbers to raise their young.
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