The world of Peter Rabbit The complete collection of original tales 1-23 £30.00

The world of Peter Rabbit The complete collection of original tales 1-23 £30.00

Found 14th Oct 2013
I have ordered this for my nephew for Christmas which on amazon is around £80.00
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If I was you I would try and cancel it. I got this on offer for £12 and yes it's a lot of books but the kids are just not interested in the stories. They are old fashioned stories and quite rubbish compared to Julia Donaldson and such authors. Don't mean to poo poo your deal. Haven't even voted cold. Just wanted to let you know I was disappointed at £12 never mind £30.
I have to disagree with boobooboo. My 7 year old liked Peter Rabbit and identified with him (he was a very naughty bunny), but also likes Mr men and Dr Seuss too.

It's important to try and encourage kids to read all sorts of literature, not just Harry Potter.

Currently trying my 11 year old on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars stories, last thing we both read together was the Hunger Games trilogy.
Voted COLD because OP could not be bothered to put the price on.
Sorry just updated price
Voted hot! Thanks for deal brill find
my 4 year old loves these books! she has my collection which I adored when I was young! timeless classics which I will enjoy sharing for many more years! Worth every penny! Nice one OP!
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I also can't agree with boobooboo, my kids love the books. The style of writing is probably a little dated, but the stories themselves are first rate. The quality of the illustrations is amazing too.
This is £22.99 in Costco i was going to buy one for an Christmas present.
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