The World Of The Witcher (Hardback) @ The Wordery - £22.41

The World Of The Witcher (Hardback) @ The Wordery - £22.41

Found 30th Oct 2017
The first two Witcher videogames have sold over 5.5m copies worldwide, with a third slated for release in 2015. Based on Polish novels extremely popular in Eastern Europe, the games now transfer to illustrated hardback form. Travelling near the edge of the Brokilon forest, monster hunter Geralt meets a widower, whose dead wife is said to still walk the halls of the mysterious House of Glass. But once Geralt steps inside, it appears that the way out may not be so easy to find.

Think there are only a few left.

Used The Wordery a few times for Berserk books and they have provided good service.

RRP is £33.50
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Free delivery also.
Available on ebay for less that £20
Crap. I bought it in the same month of release, it costs me in 2015 October 23 pounds..
Now after 2 years, same price
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juanmax30 m ago

Available on ebay for less that £20

Oh right, I checked amazon and Waterstones, never thought about ebay
StolenDiagram51 m ago here too.

I thought I'd stumbled into a right good deal Haha at least people might see your comments and get from there. Never used speedy hen but I have heard of them before.
Read the whole thing it gave an amazing insight into the world, characters and serries altogether and art works is stunning!!!
The original book series is fantastic and well worth a read.
Wait; there's a third game " slated for release in 2015"?! I'd best get cracking on the first two games!
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