The World's Most Expensive Hoover! - £800000 @ Firebox

The World's Most Expensive Hoover! - £800000 @ Firebox

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Found 13th Oct 2016
This is defo Christmas sorted for the Mrs as she's been asking for one of these for ages.....
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i think i'll get 2
I wonder how much Flubit would knock off for me. Better still, I'll wait until one shows up on Gumtree (once the gold has turned green).
But does it have a smily face
That deal really sucks!!!!
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10% off for student too
This deal is going to clean up!
Had one similar, however got rid of it as all it did was sit there and collected dust.

Grabs coat and makes a hasty retreat for the door.

Ordered 3 thanx op
Cold as only 24kt gold plating and without any gems adorning it ! (_;)
Anybody considering it doesn't really need it, as they already have a vacuum between their ears.
Cheap hold plating
wow, what would amazon say the rrp was.
I wonder if this will be on the black Friday deals...think I'll wait until then to get one or I may use quidco and clean up.
it's not a hoover, it looks like a kirby vacuum cleaner
Cold. I prefer diamond not gold

Non-slip urethane wheels

aren't wheels supposed to be inherently slippy?
It's not even pure gold it's 24k plated.

I'll stick with my Dyson I know this does the job.
That really sucks...
do they do trade ins X)
Heat,bought 2
hi i 67 cant afford this but maybe u can buy me 1 aswell please for xmas tyvm xxx
And this months cleaner of the month prize is ......................
heat added... love it
That made me LOL. I love reading peoples comments on here.
Would look good sitting in the porch. X)


That deal really sucks!!!!oO

That made me LOL


I have this one. So I guess I have a Diamond Vacuum cleaner!


Its not got diamonds on it!!!
not a hoover.
Does it come in any other colour?
Make the worlds coldest deal
The worlds most expensive hoover has to be whatever cheap hoover Bill Gates spends 2 minutes using.
Really. Hoover is a name brand like Adidas or Nike. It's a vacuum cleaner not a hoover. Lol.
My dysons just packed up...Such a shame about the 6 - 8 week delivery on this one, I dont think I can wait that long
i think you would need a gold card to be able to buy the gold (plated) vacuum
how can this not be a hot deal??
Smallprint excludes it from 30 day no quibble return, but can't be excluded from right to review and return under distance selling regs.
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