The Wrestler DVD £5 Instore @ ASDA

The Wrestler DVD £5 Instore @ ASDA

Found 12th Oct 2009Made hot 13th Oct 2009
Darren Aronofsky directs this searing drama about a past-his-prime wrestler who tries to regain his earlier fame. Mickey Rourke (ANGEL HEART, SIN CITY) continues a career revival of his own as the fighter, while Oscar winner Marisa Tomei (IN THE BEDROOM, MY COUSIN VINNY) and Evan Rachel Wood (THIRTEEN, DOWN IN THE VALLEY) co-star. Rourke is Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, a one-time superstar of professional wrestling who's down on his luck, estranged from his teenage daughter (Wood) and clinging onto the remains of his career by appearing in brutally violent bouts that barely pay him enough to make the rent on his trailer park home. It soon becomes clear that his broken body is incapable of following through the determination of his plucky spirit and when he succumbs to a heart attack he finds himself at a crossroads where he must decide whether or not to continue his futile pursuit of celebrity or make amends with those that he has alienated. After his somewhat ambitious flirtation with the science fiction genre in THE FOUNTAIN, director Aronofsky returns to Earth and back to the emotional human drama of his earlier REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. Having fallen from grace in his own professional life, Rourke delivers a towering performance as Robinson; a man whose career trajectory is so close to the actor's own, the film is given a staggering level of poignancy


Finally!!! :thumbsup: The 6 quid barrier has been broken!

Haha! I have a £5 barrier, so off to ASDA I go tomorrow. Cheers - heat added!

Awesome movie

You definitely don't have to be a wrestling fan to enjoy this! :-D

Voted hot for Marisa Tomei

you gotta see this just 4 Marisa Tomei!!!!!

Thanks been waiting on this coming down in price
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