The X Files - Complete DVD Collection [60 DVDs] - Sainsbury's Entertainment - £49.99

The X Files - Complete DVD Collection [60 DVDs] - Sainsbury's Entertainment - £49.99

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New lowest price for this boxset?

Sorry - "go to deal" URL does not go to the product and I cannot see where to edit it.

Try this:…946


Looks like a great price. Amazon still at £63.

heat added, though most box sets are over priced these days, would be good when we can see blu ray box sets at this price though...

Lucky to get it though, just check out the reviews lol No heat here!

which reviews? Any chance on a link?

I was tempted, but I've just got The entire BattleStar Galactica boxset and I'm working my way through Fringe,

it's a hot price, but check these shop reviews…ews

Not good

well im not a fan of it but anyone who likes X files would say its a good deal, its under £1 a dvd

Ignore the reviews, they are a bit slow thats all, I ordered two dvd's 10 days before xmas as they were an excellent price, Then read those reviews and thought the worse, but both arrived before xmas eve.

yep, less than a quid per dvd is a bargain, , heat added, thanks for posting.X)

Terrible Retailer. Cancelled 15 orders for me just before xmas.

To be fair this is over £60 almost everywhere. Choicesuk do it for £59.94. Less 10% with code is closest i could find in terms of price.…657

Not sure which firm I trust more. Ho hum.

Oh the product says usually delivers within 8 days??

8 days???

Well 8 is a lucky number in China!!

scorching hot deal sub zero website

Admittedly not the fastest (although varies on product maybe) but some of the prices have been excellent so if you want asap then spend extra at other sires but if you think you can hold off from watching this for approx 8 days then get it, it took my order of 'princess frog' for £5 two weeks to arrive but id rather save the extra 5quid than have it delivered quicker, My other half also ordered the book 'Art by drew struzan' for £15 from these and I could only find it at £25 elsewhere so good saving, the book took about 2 and half weeks to arrive but it was worth the £10 saving

Ordered on 31st of December , got it today (12th January) so took a good 12 days when they said it would take 8.

Cant Complain, the dvd set is in perfect condition, with the plastic covering on it, no dints anywhere

I guess waiting the extra few days paid of
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