The X Files Complete Set 64.98 @ AMazon

The X Files Complete Set 64.98 @ AMazon

Found 18th Nov 2009Made hot 19th Nov 2009
Cheapest X Files Boxset? Only £64.98 at Amazon!!


to think back in the day my hubs use to pay this per season :w00t:

I paid roughly the same for this from amazon a couple of years ago on a similar deal.
It's still a good deal nonetheless.

I assume many people would be buying this to be an X-File complete-ist - so I'll just point out: IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE SECOND MOVIE! (I Want To Believe).... but it has all the series, dvd extras and directors cut of the first film.

good price.. Bought couple of series for about £50 each a few years ago..

This goes up and down in price quite a lot but is the cheapest I've seen it. I have it, good box set with slim versions of the single season dvd box sets. As other poster said does not have latest movie.

Surprised it isnt cheaper, given the Friends and Sex and the City Box Sets are dirt cheap these days.

Still, a LOT cheaper than buying them for £15-£20 at HMV.
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