The X Files - The Complete Collector's Edition £54.99 @ Amazon

The X Files - The Complete Collector's Edition £54.99 @ Amazon

Found 29th Nov 2011
My second deal post. Please be gentle. ;-)

I know sell this at the same price, but some of us prefer to order from Amazon. Great price for lots of entertainment. Probably unlikely to fall below the current price. See…AY8

From Amazon website: "The X-Files is quite simply a worldwide phenomenon. It became much more than a popular television show and exploded beyond mere media to become a part of our culture. As more and more fans felt the need to connect and talk about the show, huge conventions began to be held on a yearly basis all over the world. The show spawned a theatrical movie, best-selling novels, comic books, interactive games and gave birth to an immense online community. Fans just couldn’t get enough. The show took on a life of its own. In essence, it became its own "otherworldly" experience.
Now, with this amazing collection, you can relive that excitement with all nine seasons of The X-Files plus the theatrical movie that aired between Season Five and Season Six. Relive FBI Agent Fox Mulder’s desperate search for the truth ever since witnessing the alien abduction of his sister when he was a young boy. Follow Agent Dana Scully as she makes the incredible journey from sceptic to believer as she and Mulder encounter growing proof in the existence of extraterrestrials and an undeniable government conspiracy to cover up that truth. Then join Agent John Doggett and Agent Monica Reyes as they too become believers while delving deeper and deeper into the unsolved FBI cases that make up the X-Files."
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I used to pay £90 a season for these back in the day. Still listed in my records.

What was i thinking?
90 quid? I paid 60 quid a season and once got 6 of them in one go from HMV! Worth every penny! For the amount of viewing you get this is an amazing price, shame it won't get as hit as when 5 Kit Kat Chunkys are a pound in supermarkets
watching this at the moment.Not the whole dvd. Just the cassandra episode. I don't thinkthe will ever be a regular sci fi series that will beat the X files.
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