The Young Ones : 25th Anniversary Complete Series 1 and 2 - £17.95 delivered !
The Young Ones : 25th Anniversary Complete Series 1 and 2 - £17.95 delivered !

The Young Ones : 25th Anniversary Complete Series 1 and 2 - £17.95 delivered !

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The Young Ones : 25th Anniversary Complete Series 1 and 2 is £17.95 delivered @ Dvd.co.uk!

Details: 'The Young Ones' 25th anniversary boxset will be a 3 disc set containing all episodes from both series and a disc dedicated to all the extras.

Description: A mad, helter-skelter, rude, awesomely violent, unpredictable, swaggering, staggering, joyously infantile, exhilarating steamroller of a sitcom, The Young Ones provided the breakthrough for the new generation of aggressive and forthright 'alternative' comedians. Join Rik, Vyv, Neil and Mike in their crazy and surreal comedy adventures!


One of the best comedys ever, excellent price :thumbsup:

To be really honest I never really got this series. Rick just annoyed the heck out of me. A lot of people really like it though so there must be something to it

Have we got a video? (would have to be a DVD now of course).

Loved this series when it first came out but seeing that this is the 25th Anniversary Edition makes me feel old.....


Rick just annoyed the heck out of me.

That was the point surely.

Funnily enough Rik Mayall had been playing this "people poet" character for a while in the comedy clubs.

Somebody said "can you imagine how awful it would be sharing a flat with this guy", and a great series was born.

Nigel Planner had been playing the hippie character for a while (along with Peter Richardson) and they were both going to be in the series but Peter Richardson dropped out after a row with the producer.

Peter Richardson went on to write, direct and star in many of the "Comic Strip" shows on Channel 4.

Adrian Edmunson had been in a double act with Rik Mayall as the "dangerous brothers" doing stupid stunts so he just adapted the character for the one he played in the Young Ones.

Christopher Ryan came in to replace Peter Richardson, and I think he helps the show as the "serious" one the others can bounce their anarcic humour off.

One of THE great comedy shows, and I was over 30 when it started.

These shows have the greatest set of "bit part" characters in all comedy.

People who appeared in the shows include Alexi Sayle, French and Saunders, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Emma Thompson, Ben Elton, Smith and Jones, Hale and Pace, Terry Jones (from python), Tony Robinson (Blackadder etc), Robbie Coltrane, and a few obscure stand up comedian from that period.

Paul Merton also has a very small part, but I think he is called Paul Martin in the credits. It is in the medieval scene.

Good god, 25yrs ago, I remember laughing on the bus to school talking about the episode the night before.
Was it a Monday night at 9.00????:thumbsup:

I feel a right old "B" now.......................25yrs... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best regards
Old Johnny! (40):-(

Such an awesome series!


"That's completely and utterly BRILLIANT"!

I've been looking to get this but I wondered...

When these came out on DVD previously there was a rights issue with some of the music in the background (this may have affected the band peformances as well, I'm not sure).

Does anyone know if this has been rectified with this set?


the extra disc on this is not really all that tbh, it has no rik or ade on just some interveiws with the writers... i think the single discs can be had cheaper imo

the 3rd dvd was such a let down as i thought they would at least put some effort into making something "special" for us fans but as we know now thats not the case and the only main two who talk about it are alexi sayle with a beard and nigel planer who played neil.
the other 2 dvds are well worth it with all new title screens lol.


[SIZE=4]its risotto viv:-D :-D class![/SIZE]

dont look at me im irrelevant.

much heat given:thumbsup:
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