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Free copy of 'The Week' magazine’ plus free travel mug
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Chance to get a free travel mug along with the week copy( free) Call them free on 08000882490 quote voucher code 1805PJ

Just got code 1806W with Waitrose magazine & ordered - said I wanted to try magazine first before subscribing, so didn't give bank details. Now to see if anything turns up :)


Received travel mug but no sign of times though


I was told they will b delivered separately. If if I understood correct first paper n travel mug within 2 months u r lucky u got other way rpund


no paper,but received travel mug! (party) Today just delivered! (party) THanks op! :{


nice; you can also get free online access to the week and many daily papers via pressreader app with most UK library cards

Free Magazine for Kids _ The Week Junior
Found 9th JanFound 9th Jan
CLAIM YOUR FREE ISSUE The Week Junior : Intelligent , safe and varied content to feed curious minds. An opportunity every week to explore and discover amazing things … Read more





Sign up and then they start cold calling you to pay for a subscr


Look at site you'll be slammed and probably details sold on


Anybody done this?? What's it like??

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Free 6 issues of The Week(Digital and Print)
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Free 6 issues of The Week, both Print and Digital editions, you can stop after that. If not, £31.25 every 13 issues(digital+Print) or £27.49 every 13 issues(for print only)
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I have seen this man's highly emotional and objectivity-free posts over several years, and he is genuinely a 24 carat retard. So lacking in self awareness he spouts such blatantly hypocritical gems such as 'curious blindness for inconvenient facts, while shouting false news', while doing the very same himself! A simple Google search would have told him that the 'Metro' is the sister paper of that well known bastion of Trotskyists 'The Daily Mail'. Much of its content is recycled from The DM, although it does not have its rancorous editorial line as it focuses on celebrity stories and other such pap. Also, as the Week is the baby of ex Telegraph journalist Jolyon Connell, it is somewhat unlikely to be the mouthpiece of the Socialist Workers Party. In fact, The Week's chief distinguishing feature, is that the bulk of its content is taken from a range of other periodicals to give a taste of the news media at large, rather than one uniform collection like The Guardian or The Telegraph. I am disappointed though he did gift us one of his previous jewels like the idea that Holocaust Deniers are 'the Politically Correct', or his perpetual outrage at Chris Morris' bad taste Brass Eye spoof on paedophilia while for years his avatar was the deviant sex pervert rapist from that similarly bad taste 'Family Guy' cartoon.


Most of us aren't stupid enough to step in dog turds (y)


You must talk to yourself often. Can't imagine anyone else wishing to put up with such a nonsensical drone for too long without rolling their eyes and hurrying away


What always amuses me is when you challenge you dumbells is the amusing stupidity you display in answer. In your case Ive stepped in dog turds with more cerebral ability than you dopes. Now whoever's brainwashed you can only work with the material at hand. And theres not much there, clearly


If I did I’d be misinformed. As I don’t I’m ill-informed. Can’t have it both ways. (lol)

A free copy of "This Week" magazine & a free travel mug.
Found 30th Mar 2013Found 30th Mar 2013
Call free phone 08081783970 & quote A78D to receive one copy of "The Week" magazine & receive a free travel mug. Only available to the first 5000 callers. No subscription o… Read more

irritating isn't it. the trick is to phone when it's likely to be least busy. what time would that be? i don't know.


Great find, but I spent 30 minutes on the phone to their service, before I ended my call.


Thanks for the tip Seb :)


you may have to try a slightly different name this time or the database might flag you up as a repeat freebiest.


Cheers Seb. I never got my travel mug last time.

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The Week magazine and Travel Mug free
LocalLocalFound 22nd Jun 2012Found 22nd Jun 2012
Just call 0808 1783 970 quoting P2Z to receive the next available issue of The Week magazine plus The Week Travel Mug Free* *Limited to the first 5000 respondents All they ask is… Read more

Haven't received my mug yet


It is a travel mug as the lid slides to keep Ur beverage warm :-) (Just a theory) POSTED BY : charlesdarwin


Received free mug, it has push on lid with large hole in it. Maybe it is a faulty one, if not, could anyone please advise me how is it supposed to travel?


I've recently received the travel mug. Great mug especially as it's free, thanks for the details. 8)


Moved to freebies, thanks for posting. Sounds good :)

Free USB stick and issue of the week magazine!
Found 17th Jun 2012Found 17th Jun 2012
Request a free issue of The Week Magazine by filling in the form on the page linked and when they call you to arrange delivery just quote reference code S16Y to get a free USB stic… Read more
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Mine arrived without USB stick. Not happy.


whats the size of the usb stick, does anybody know?


Just got a call back they said no Usb stick, not in this offer. ?


agreed... Not at all, its brevity and clarity would make any subversive code easier to spot. Also looked at which it links to and that appears to be nice clean code too.


How do you know this is legit? Where did you find out about this? The site just looks dodgy to me. The main domain page is blank, and that source code for the page just looks odd.

6 Free issues of The Week + £5.05 TopCashBack
Found 25th Feb 2012Found 25th Feb 2012
Subscribe via TopCashBack and receive £5.05 cachback. The Week Magazine Frequency: Weekly The Week is a unique digest bringing together the best of the British and foreign press… Read more
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Where did you see those T&Cs Sorry, but I dont see it


it's really suspicious because: Where a single product order is under £4, the cash back offer will match the value of that order. For example if the offer is a magazine subscription of 3 issues for £1 then the cash back on this single product order will be £1. If, as in this case, the product's cost is £0, the cash back will be £0 as well, isn't it? Also, the T&Cs are pretty scary: *The cashback offered for Direct Debit is up to £4, depending on the cost of your order, please read the following for clarification of the cashback you will be paid: -Terms & Conditions apply to Special Offer Subscriptions under £6 via direct debit: -These subscriptions have a minimum 12 month term applied to every order. Direct debit cancellations are only accepted at the discretion of the publisher. The cashback offer on these Special Offer subscriptions is capped at a maximum of £12 per user per month and limited to 3 subscriptions only. Direct Debit transactions cancelled before a payment has been taken will result in your cashback being declined. Any earnings enquiries submitted for cancelled Direct Debit transactions will also be rejected. -Please note, when a single product order is under £4, the cashback offer will match the value of that order. For example if the offer is a magazine subscription of 3 issues for £1 then the cashback on this single product order will be £1. -Cashback may only be paid on the basket value excluding VAT & delivery.


Got a message from a mod saying I am not allowed to link to TCB


how is this a correct link? the link is topcashback - so you can get the £4 :|


How do I cancel my subscription? You need to cancel your subscription directly with the publisher. You will find their contact details inside your magazine, and also on the covering letters you will receive each month with the magazine. i'll definitely miss out on this one!

Free USB Memory Stick & Copy Of The Week
Found 6th Feb 2012Found 6th Feb 2012
Fill in your details on the page linked and when they call you back to arrange your free magazine quote reference code S16Y to get a free USB stick. Hurry though because it's for t… Read more

I have received this memory stick which is a blank 1Gig stick. Unfortunately it is a fake stick with a true capacity of just over 600MB.


Thanks for the add


Might as well give it a go. :)




in this weeks guardian came a flyer for the above offfer quote J5Y NUMBER TO CALL 0800665466 just say u saw the offer in the guardian they try and get you to have 5 copies for £5 after the free copy just say you wait and see the magazine and if you like it you call back, but dont mention the free 1gig stick i had mine 3 days after calling still awaiting magazine

The Week free magazine
Found 24th Jan 2012Found 24th Jan 2012
Free Copy of the week & free memory stick call 0800 66 54 66 redeem code quote ref S6Y

its a pen now


shame :(


5000 Memory sticks all gone...


THANK YOU for photo was just trying to do that !oO

Free the week magazine and 1 gb memory stick
Found 12th Jan 2012Found 12th Jan 2012
Got this of another site Thought it was expired but when i called them they took my name/address and told me i will get my free stuff in 5/10 days Call this number 0800665466 quote… Read more

Seen this deal b4,never got the free mag and memory


I also got the economist one about a year ago,(still working fine btw) doubt it is a scam


I got mine, one from The Week and a similar from one from The Economist a while back. They both took ages getting to me and the one from The Economist died within a few days but the other one is in my back pocket every day for work.

foxh0und Maybe a scam? o.O looks like nobody ever gets it.

Free Copy of the Week!!!
Found 27th Dec 2011Found 27th Dec 2011
Free copy of the week. Just provide contact details...

I signed up for this last month and I'm still waiting for my free issues, I'm petrified of when they're going to start charging me.


So they can offer you other deals.


"Please provide your details so we can telephone you to arrange delivery of your free issue" - why?!

The Week - 6 Free Issues, Free Pen and cheaper subscription if continued.
Found 14th Nov 2011Found 14th Nov 2011
Hi all, Please be gentle, although Ive been a member for years I never really post deals! I came across this just now as I'm sure others like me like 'The Week' Magazine. 6 Fre… Read more
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Thanks xTrouble for highlighting that and Lendos, for the encourgement! :)


Chris777uk! Please don't give up - even if it's expired - it's a great find for me, for example. I'll try to use this offer as my husband's subscription is coming to an end soon. Thanks for posting!


It is still available but you cant link directly from here. If you google "The week magazine" you can access the offer that way.


Oh :/ Ah well sorry guys. Just ordered before I posted and had no problems. Please don't just blast - on me, I wasn't to forsee that... Now I know why people don't bother posting on here anymore... or in my case, start posting...


Grab Your FREE Copy Of The Week Magazine!!!
Found 2nd Nov 2011Found 2nd Nov 2011
Join 315,000 people who get all they need to know about everything that matters from The Week. Get Your Free Issue TODAY!
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if you have a disposable payg sim card, use that for them to call you, otherwise not worth getting loads of cold callers on your phone for a free mag.


I've never had ANY dealings with them, but they sent me FIVE free copies at my work address. Spam City!


I used to get this it was good, but have to agree with above they did pass my details on to other mags when I cancled my sub


thanks :)