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AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit Now £26.99  Includes free standard delivery @ AA Shop reduced from £69.99
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit Now £26.99 Includes free standard delivery @ AA Shop reduced from £69.99
used code AAMEM in voucher box for this price Maybe a good Christmas gift for a new driver. Useful bit of kit to have in the car if the weather changes. provide yourself with ul… Read more

its not really for break down its for snow. Im not sure the AA would come dig you out of the snow


Better to get the new driver a cheap breakdown membership. I wouldn't be keen on towing a new driver!

Get 25% off Four Premme Tyres ECOPRO7 with AA Tyres
Found 25th Oct 2017Found 25th Oct 2017
Get 25% off Four Premme Tyres ECOPRO7 with AA Tyres
Was looking everywhere for a set of 4 tyres. Premme the AA’s recommend tyre has 25% off, when buying four throughout October. Simply add the tyres to the basket and the discount wi… Read more

The AA is probbaly being paid half the amount you pay to market those ditch finders.


I call that real cynical..........appears capitalism is alive and working well :D


Just because the AA recommend them doesn't necessarily mean that they're good, the AA would recommend my blind one legged grandmother as a decent mechanic if she paid them enough commission! (annoyed)


poor tyres looking at the test labels rated at C for economy and grip and quite noisy at 71db,

AA Breakdown & Safety Kit £20.00 @ AA
Found 13th Dec 2015Found 13th Dec 2015
AA Breakdown & Safety Kit £20.00 @ AA
Looks a great price for all the contents. Bought one for peace of mind to keep in the boot of the car, hopefully will never have to use. Includes free delivery, direct from the AA… Read more

You are correct it is not illegal to use a tow rope. :{


Jump leads can mess up your cars timing be warned ..and is it not illegal to use a role as a towing aid nowadays ?


put the £20 towards roadside recovery and a flask of something for while you sit back and wait :)


thanks ;)


thanks :)

AA Tyres - up to £80 high street vouchers
Found 31st Jul 2015Found 31st Jul 2015
AA Tyres - up to £80 high street vouchers
Just received an email from The AA - AA Tyres are giving high street vouchers on Pirelli tyres for AA members - Depends on size and how many you buy but up to £80 - Offer include… Read more

Nothing near me in scotland either.


Cold. Don't do fitting in my area. Strange really as I'm in Wiltshire not the outer Hebrides..........

AA High Heel Snow shoes Grips - Medium (size 4.5 - 7) £10 @ AA
Found 12th Jul 2015Found 12th Jul 2015
AA High Heel Snow shoes Grips - Medium (size 4.5 - 7) £10 @ AA
Just surfing the AA website and found these and made me chuckle, I know it's not winter yet but they may be a useful addition to the emergency box in the boot. No excuse from th… Read more

Agreed... £1.00 Poundlland or Pound World


you can find these in most pound shops


get a grip, these things are ridiculous. :{


Surely anyone stupid enough to wear heels in the snow or ice deserves to fall over? This device goes against Darwins theories!

Avon ZV5 - 205/55VR16 £50.47 Fully Fitted @ AA Tyres
Found 5th Feb 2015Found 5th Feb 2015
Avon ZV5 - 205/55VR16 £50.47 Fully Fitted @ AA Tyres
Great price for Premium tyre. Features and Benefits of Avon ZV5 Tyres •Safety guaranteed due to improved grip and exceptional braking response on wet and dry surface •Easy manoeuv… Read more

Thanks. Just ordered for my Uber Passat Ultra turbo Mega Diesel Supersport GT.


As with all these EU ratings, they're done in lab conditions which are about as far from reality as you can get. You're not going to see that much difference between different rated tyres, the fuel savings are all going to be about how heavy is your right foot and/or how much you pay per litre. In my humble opinion, ignore the EU ratings, look for online reviews to see how the tyres actually behave.


that won't be just down to the tyres, the additives in the fuel that companies put in over winter make a difference, the cold weather and so takes longer for the engine to warm up I've still got my summer Dunlop tyres on and not yet put my winter Avon's on and my fuel consumption has gone down compared to summer time. I don't disagree with what you're saying but the winter diesel fuel does have an impact, on mine at least


Fuel economy is always worst in cold weather as internal combustion engines are basically heat engines. Winter tyres will increase fuel consumption, but sub-zero weather will increase it more.


The Avon ZV5 is a Ultra High Performance Summer tyre. Below is data from 85 tyre reviews averaging 77% over 1,026,355 miles driven http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Tyre/Avon/ZV5.htm

AA Members - Sign Up for Free In Car Wi-Fi Trial
Found 3rd Dec 2014Found 3rd Dec 2014
AA Members - Sign Up for Free In Car Wi-Fi Trial
EDIT - sounds like you need to have received the invite email form the AA. However if you do try and sign up anyway they do seem to suggest they'll keep you updated. AA Members -… Read more

Update today... We have extended your free trial of the AA In-Car WiFi service so you can continue to enjoy staying connected whilst on the move wherever you happen to be in the UK. We’ll shortly be emailing you a short survey to get your feedback on the AA In-Car WiFi service so far. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, we really do value your feedback. If you have any questions or require any support for your AA In-Car WiFi service, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team at support@theAA-wifi.com Regards, The AA In-Car WiFi Team


Took delivery at the end of last week....Will hopefully give it a go this week.


It's a no go for me then! "Welcome to the AA in-Car Wifi Service Trial. Dear Matthew, Thank you for your interest in the AA In-Car WiFi trial. This particular trial is limited by invitation only to a very small number of selected AA Members. If you have received an email from the AA inviting you to register please forward this to support@theaa-wifi.com to confirm your eligibility for the trial. If you haven’t received an invitation, we are conscious of your interest and we will be in touch with WiFi offers in the future once we have established the results of the trial. Thank you for being an AA Member. Best regards, The AA In-Car WiFi Team"


Invite only :(


Coming to think of it,all the telephone booths seems to have disappeared aswell ! Miss them old red ones,remember they use to have big fat telephone directories inside them. They are also handy for lighting a fag inside.:)

AA Battery Charger & Maintainer with this offer - Only £25!* (RRP £49.99)  @ The AA
Found 10th Sep 2014Found 10th Sep 2014
AA Battery Charger & Maintainer with this offer - Only £25!* (RRP £49.99) @ The AA
The AA Battery Charger & Maintainer is controlled by a 12-bit AD microprocessor with 4-stage charging characteristics designed for charging automotive batteries fitted in cars,… Read more

aldi and lidl sell similliar product same specs for £15- when available. but heat given as they are really useful and good time to buy ready winter


same price amazon

AA Winter Car Kit + Free Fleece Travel Blanket £19.99 @ theAA
Found 10th Dec 2013Found 10th Dec 2013
AA Winter Car Kit + Free Fleece Travel Blanket £19.99 @ theAA
Buy an AA Winter Car Kit and get a Fleece Travel Blanket FREE Enter promo code: AAMEMFREEFLEECE when prompted. Colour may vary to fleece blanket shown
195/65R15 Car Tyres £47.50 @ AA
Found 2nd Dec 2013Found 2nd Dec 2013
195/65R15 Car Tyres £47.50 @ AA
cheap car tyres.

I'm also run on Barum Bravuris 2 tyres in the summer - they're surprisingly good tyres. Not the greatest rolling resistance, but a reasonable choice. Would I fit them in this case? No. Reason being 195/65 R15 is one of the most common tyre sizes and that makes it a pretty cheap size. The difference between cheap and premium brands is a few quid in this size. You'll get better performance, safety, fuel economy and wear from going to a premium brand. I'd recommend the Continental TS850, yes it's a winter tyre, but they're so good these days you can happily run them all year round. http://www.camskill.co.uk/m95b0s703p112689/Continental_Tyres_Winter_Snow_Car_Continental_ContiWinterContact_TS850_Continental_Conti_Winter_Contact_TS_850_-_195_65_R15_91H_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_C_Wet_Grip%3A_C_NoiseClass%3A_2_Noise%3A_72dB


Says Which? magazine - they described the Wanlis as dangerous in the wet. They never do well in comparative tests. have a read: http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2012-Autobild-50-Tyre-Braking-Test.htm http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2010-European-Summer-Tyre-Test.htm Why don't you get your facts straight before you start calling people snobs.


Exactly my experience...but came off road at very low speed. Can't put a price on safety in my opinion. Obviously the grip applies to stopping distance too. Do some research first, especially if buying cheap.


But Yokohama tyres now £55 before £117


I wouldn't touch Wanlis if you paid me. My car had them on the rear when I bought it and would snap out into oversteer on a slightly damp road doing under 20mph. It also had a load noise that sounded like the wheel bearings had gone, but turned out to be the rear tyres deformed out of shape and no longer round. As soon as they were identified as the cause they were gone within the hour, replaced by Yokohamas, which are so much quieter and don't try to kill me every time there's even the slightest hint of a cloud in the sky.

Avon ZV5-XL Tyres half price fully fitted sold by the AA £59.50
Found 11th Aug 2013Found 11th Aug 2013
Avon ZV5-XL Tyres half price fully fitted sold by the AA £59.50
These are high performance premium tyres at half price and made in the UK to boot. The price is for my 205/55/R16s yours may be cheaper or higher depending on your wheel size. Just… Read more

These came 24th in the 2013 Tyre Braking Test on tyre reviews .co .uk. Kind of glad I didn't go for these now.


Michelin tyres are the best for hard driving but you pay for them. Cheapest decentish alternatives are hankooks. avoid Pirellis they are overrated and carp grip and never last long


i had the same call :(


For me I'd go with Bridgestone, Continental, Vredstein and Goodyear.


hot, to give you 1000'C

AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit 50% OFF - £34.99 Free Postage
Found 3rd Feb 2013Found 3rd Feb 2013
AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit 50% OFF - £34.99 Free Postage
RRP £69.99 - currently 34.99 including free shipping, direct from the AA website. Provide yourself with ultimate peace of mind this winter with the AA's Ultimate Winter Car Kit! … Read more

[image missing]

AA Magnetic P Plates £2.50 @ AA Shop
Found 17th Aug 2011Found 17th Aug 2011
AA Magnetic P Plates £2.50 @ AA Shop
If you've just passed your driving test then why not fit these high quality fully Magentic P Plates to the front and rear of your car to give other drivers increased visibility. Th… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Oh, that's double good then!


Well I said most. I've seen some ..... interesting driving in the last few months for a start!




I am pretty so I don't need to be clever too!


It wasn't an English test then!

AA Snow & Ice Grips (Pair) £6.05 + 3.75 delivery @ AA shop
Found 2nd Dec 2010Found 2nd Dec 2010
AA Snow & Ice Grips (Pair) £6.05 + 3.75 delivery @ AA shop
winterdriving promotion code is kindly automatically applied They are cheaper at amazon, but you will have to wait 2-5 weeks, and it is a market seller so would not be a vaild dea… Read more

use code AALOYAL. i just did and it took 10% off, even tho the thread on here for that code says expired


have some heat - sounds a good price to me - thanks for posting (_;)


Just bought 3 pairs of the AA ones..bargain!


Here' the Amazon deal: http://www.amazon.co.uk/AA-Snow-and-Ice-Grips/dp/B0046RDLQI Here's the correct link to the AA ones: http://shop.theaa.com/store/other/aa-snow-ice-grips Both are £6.99 but AA have delivery of £3.75 if spending under £15 (otherwise Free).


yer i posted them earlyer from amazon, then somone said it was a market place deal so wasnt valid under the rules and somone killed it as spam. the amazon is cheaper but they are not in stock, and have a 2-5 week delivery note on them... in any case, it was more the idea than the specific price, as these are cheaper than most, and iv had a word with a few mates and am ordering 6 or so, which should take the £3.75 delivery down a bit.