theBalm Nude 'Tude Palettes 11.08g Eyeshadow - Pack of 12 Shades £14.99 @ Tesco/gb gifts

theBalm Nude 'Tude Palettes 11.08g Eyeshadow - Pack of 12 Shades £14.99 @ Tesco/gb gifts

Found 29th Dec 2016
Santa got this for me for Xmas (after hinting to my brother!). Originally I spotted it on HUKD over a month ago (thanks to libriagirl for alerting me to this brand)…678

Some even prefer this one to their Urban Decay palettes! Comparison between Nude 'Tude and UD Naked…zkw

There's lots of discussion about real vs fake (this normally retails for £30 or so). So I got reading.

The main concern is that most fake palettes shades are completely off. Mine all match up (the shade Sexy, particularly, they seem to get wrong, it's a dark maroony-brown colour in the real palette).

Mine also has the ® rather than TM on the back of the palette at "Nude 'Tude" (some allege this is the sign of a fake - until a few chimed in their theBalm-store bought palettes had the same!).

Mine also has a digitally printed batch code to the left of theBalm logo (back of the palette) - 14K1 - and a QR code on the top-right. The print looks crisp, the "girls" are skintone (usually orangey-toned and/or blurry on knockoff palettes!) and there's no irregularities or badly glued sections.

The brush has theBalm logos printed on it - many fakes don't. The brush bristles have sharp angles, vs poorly-trimmed bristles on the fake. I've seen pictures comparing brushes - the genuine item is slightly shorter and has pink-tone theBalm print, the fake one I saw is purpley font.…tml

And of course the proof is how the eyeshadows are in everyday use - they are amazing! Brilliant pigmentation and long-lasting (even the white shade Sassy, which many high-end palettes struggle to get right!).

Here's a review with good close-up pictures…es/

It also comes with a mini 3.7ml "Put A Lid On It" primer - packaging is like this

£29.99 at Superdrug'tude-Nude-eyeshadow-palette-12-shades/p/951957

£30 at Debenhams…_-1

£27 at Feel Unique…7ml

Lots of reviews on…ful

I suspect some editions of Nude 'Tude don't come with the free Primer*, so it's even better value.

*It's a Limited Edition, see Post #8. says this palette is
Cruelty Free
Triple-milled pigments

For £15 it's a steal!

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In this review I can see shade Schitzo was renamed Seductive (I'm guessing it offended some people?)…es/

There are two variations, though both have the same eyeshadows inside–one is “Feeling Naughty” which features nude women with eyeshadows covering various parts, while the other is “Feeling Nice” that has no nude women at all. Each eyeshadow is about 0.032 oz.

(This review is for the 2013 version - the shade colours are the same - the "Feeling Nice" variant has been discontinued, I'm guessing when theBalm added the "girls" to the design and renamed the controversial "Schitzo" shade "Seductive").

Sassy is a frosted white with good color payoff and a buttery, smooth texture. It reminded me of MAC Forgery but with a much, much better texture. theBalm Lab Coat is also similar but has a more metallic finish.
Stubborn is a light-medium peach with a soft frost finish. It looks lighter swatched than in the pan because of the frosted finish. It’s a frosted version of MAC Nubile. Urban Decay Scratch is pinker.
Snobby is a gold shimmered medium-dark yellow. This shade was a bit sheer and dry, yet powdery; it didn’t bind as well as I’ve come to expect from theBalm. It’s a lighter version of Chanel Blazing Gold. It is similar to Urban Decay Eldorado.
Stand-offish is a light-medium bronze-shimmered brown with warm, red undertones and a frost-metallic finish. It was smooth and had good color payoff. Urban Decay Spotlight is similar in lightness but is much cooler-toned–way less golden.
Selfish is a frosted taupe–it’s brown and gray; very mushroom-like. It was very smooth and easy to work with, plus it had good pigmentation. It’s much warmer and browner compared to Urban Decay Mushroom. It’s more like a frostier version of Bare Escentuals Wanderlust. NARS Grand Palais is a bit warmer. MAC Satin Taupe is redder and darker.
Sophisticated is a dark brown with subtle warm undertones and a bronze shimmer. It had nice pigmentation and applied smoothly. It is a bit cooler-toned compared to Urban Decay Darkhorse with less of a gold shimmer/sheen, but they are similar.
Sultry is a warmed-up, medium brown with a satiny finish. It has a very soft texture, which makes it easy to blend, but it is just on the edge of being too soft so it can sheer out if you are heavy-handed. It is a little lighter than Urban Decay Buck. Bare Escentuals Namaste is darker and redder. MAC Moleskin is more red-toned. MAC Wedge is a touch darker.
Schitzo (otherwise known as Seductive in the later edition) is a warm, golden bronze-brown with a soft, pearly finish. It’s less than a frost, more than a satin. The texture is very, very smooth with good color payoff. MAC Amber Lights is a shade that gives me a similar vibe in terms of color, but the finish makes them so distinct (plus, Amber Lights has much more copper). MAC Tempting has a darker overall color but similar golden bronze sheen. The brown shade from Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone is similar, actually.
Sexy is rich burgundy with hints of red and brown and a matte finish. It has good color payoff (especially for a matte); the texture is a good balance between soft and matte–not too dry that it’s stiff, but not so soft that it’s powdery. MAC Festive Delight is much redder and lighter. Make Up For Ever #131 is less brown.
Serious is a medium-dark black with a matte finish. It had surprisingly good pigmentation for a matte black, though it could be more intense–it looks much blacker in the pan than it does swatched out. MAC Carbon is less pigmented/intense. Make Up For Ever #4 is much darker.
Silly is a red-tinted brown with flecks of copper sparkle. This shade was the most disappointing in the palette–the payoff was very soft and sheer; it seemed more like a layering shade than something that could stand on its own. This was the only shade I had concerns with fall out. Bobbi Brown Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette has a slightly similar shade, though it’s glittery and more ruby-shimmered.
Sleek is a dark black-brown with a matte finish. It is more intense than Serious, actually! It had good color payoff and was soft enough to blend but not powdery. I couldn’t think of a dupe for this–I had a lot of darker browns but nothing as dark as this.

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thanks so much.. was just looking at nude pallettes and this came up so i had to order as it must have been fate - hot from me
This was on here a few months back, I have had mine a while now from Tesco's - it's a lovely palette
Here's another Real vs Fake…630 (at 10:30). Interesting that fake one is pretty close with the packaging - it's the poor shades that give it away in the fake (all matte, and the brush bristles are crudely shaped).
It's a lush palate and brill price. You've put loads of effort into this post too OP! HOT from me

It's a lush palate and brill price. You've put loads of effort into this … It's a lush palate and brill price. You've put loads of effort into this post too OP! HOT from me

The thought of getting a fake palette from Aliexpress enrages me - I've had one or two fake perfumes (from 3rd parties on ebay) - I dig away online for hours - then hit them with tons of evidence
According to this website…tml this version of Nude 'Tude with mini primer and pink background packaging is a Limited Edition.
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