Thecus N2200 2 Bay NAS £116.29 Scan
Thecus N2200 2 Bay NAS £116.29 Scan

Thecus N2200 2 Bay NAS £116.29 Scan

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Very good price for a hot swappable two bay top brand NAS.

The N2200 is ideal for storing your entire collection of digital media. With capacity for two 3.5 SATA hard disks, the N2200 can easily accommodate up to 4TB of storage. For added flexibility, the N2200 is equipped with combo disk bays, which means it can also accommodate 2.5 SATA hard disks! To keep your data safe, the N2200 also offers several RAID modes including RAID 0, 1 and JBOD. If you need to change out your hard disks, the N2200s hot swap, hot plug, and auto-rebuild capabilities make swapping out hard disks a snap. Wondering how your N2200 is doing? Get system status updates at-a-glance with the N2200s easy-to-read LCD, which displays intuitive icons to show you system information including hard drive access, LAN connectivity, and USB copy status. And because high tech shouldnt mean high difficulty, the N2200 even comes with a handy Thecus® Smart Utility that not only backs up your files, but also allows you to install the N2200 with a single click! Managing your own NAS server just doesnt get easier than this


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Full details at ]Thecus.


Note that is does not include any actual hard drives


Note that is does not include any actual hard drives

Nor does it make toast :-D

They've really gone to town on the flashy lights on that beast. Seems a pretty good deal given even the cheap WD non swappable fixed 2Gb's are 180 odd quid...

Not bad for a decent nas :P

voted hot!

Interesting, did a quick google on it and found some reasonably positive reviews on it for the price ]http//ww…d=1 and ]http//ww…wed

General opinion seemed to be that it had a good feature spec but suffered a bit on performance vs other similar products on the market with a slightly sluggish menu system but I would have thought that once you've set it up that won't be much of an issue for most. Given the price I am certainly weighing it up vs the Qnap and synergy products I was recommended on a previous thread on a netgear nas.

Darn it. get hotter so we can get more feedback...

if you read one of those reviews its read and write speeds are slower than usb2.0

13MB/s read and 10MB/s write very poor and almost doesnt require gigabit
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