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Save up to 65% on Guardian/Observer newspaper subscriptions for 3 months - all below half cover price - ENDS MONDAY From £1.25 per week
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Observer for £1.25 a week (cover price £3) for three months. Saturday Guardian + Observer for £2.40 a week (cover price £5.90). Guardian Monday - Saturday £4.74 (cover price £12.9… Read more

One of the few papers not in the pocket of weird multi-millionaires and breaks a lot of valuable stories. Got to be worth a bit of money.


Big fan of many of the journalists there (Gary Younge, Carole Cadwalladr etc.). I'd probably contribute, rather than buy the paper version though.


And its website is still free unlike Times or Telegraph.


The fork .... No media outlet is impartial but a lot of daily mail folk on here


The guardian has gone down hill. Even the independent is anything but. Newspapers are full of crap. You’re paying to be influenced by these morans. Who tell you what you should believe. They build people up to knock them down its pathetic.

The Guardian Events | Grenfell Tower: One year on £15 (profits to charity) 28 June 2018 @1900h London
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
The Guardian Events | Grenfell Tower: One year on £15 (profits to charity) 28 June 2018 @1900h London
Surprises me that nobody from the Housing Ombudsman ( ) will be part of the panel. From The Guardian website: Thursday 28 June 2018, 7pm–8.30pm… Read more
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You mean the highly flammable cladding covering the building that went up like kindling that one that was ok'd by the council that was chosen purely for it's aesthetic appeal. They don't just bolt that crap onto the side without it being checked and run through regulations. So what would you call it then? Plus tbh i'd rather have a cynical act of charity that does some good than a genuine act of apathy. Are you out organising for those British victims, it sounds like you're saying that because they weren't born here they deserved to burn to death or get no help after the fact even though they've lost everything. Generally terrorists aren't targeting people in their own homes and leaving them on the streets. Like I said caring isn't a zero sum game if it matters to you get out and do something to help them. You mean like Manchester just ignored the survivors of the arena bombing or how nobody did anything after the 7/7 attacks. There's no charity set up in the name of Lee Rigby. Plus check the names and photos of the dead there's plenty of people you'll class as "british" too.


It isn’t government negligence. One man set his flat alight . The classing was from a private company. And all the luvvies and pop start want to jump on this bandwagon to be seen to help. But it’s for their own gain . But British victims of terror don’t get the same .


The families of the victims who died at the Manchester attack are getting £250,000 each, anyone who spent a week in hospital has already had £60,000 from the fund set up after the attack.


Maybe you should start one instead of moaning.


I don't think the money makes up for dead friends and relatives. Nor is the money enough if PTSD and injuries mean a survivor can't work for years. I don't envy them.

How to get your free Google Cardboard VR headset @ The Guardian
LocalLocalFound 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
How to get your free Google Cardboard VR headset @ The Guardian
"With the launch of our new Guardian VR app, we’re giving away free Cardboard virtual reality headsets with the newspaper on Saturday 7 October. Use the list below to find a retai… Read more

Free games: Voxel Fly, Bamf VR, Wizard Academy VR, Google Stories


Can you recommend me any of them please? Thanks


Have some heat (even though I don't need any more free Cardboards!) There are some good VR games starting to appear in the Play Store. :D




I've tried that many moons ago, I'm not an intelligent person, so couldn't understand the videos to be honest. I'd rather someone send me over a PDF and I can just cut it out. Using youtube guides, I've changed taps, toilets, sinks, built sheds, decked gardens and stripped wallpaper. but for the life of me, cannot cut out a vr headset using a youtube video.

50%off and free £10 M&S e-gift card for new subscribers to the Guardian digital edition for 36 days (14 days free , £5.99 first 3 months)
Found 5th Nov 2016Found 5th Nov 2016
50%off and free £10 M&S e-gift card for new subscribers to the Guardian digital edition for 36 days (14 days free , £5.99 first 3 months)
Get 50% off the Guardian Digital Pack for 3 months Enjoy the digital pack for half price. Subscribe before 1st February 2017 and get the Digital Pack for just £5.99 for the first… Read more

Free for 14 days Then £5.99/month for 3 months Then £11.99 every month thereafter Seems quite clear to me. Not much of a deal is it? Not to mention it's the Grauniad!


£5.99/month so £18 for 3 months.


At the end of the free trial, the subscription is charged at standard price (currently £5.99 a month) the special price of £5.99 a month unless cancelled.


Guess thats how it says £5.99 for 3 months and then its £11.99 every month


I understood this to be £5.99 for the whole 3 month period? Then a monthly fee after?

Free Printable Guardian Crosswords
Found 5th Jul 2016Found 5th Jul 2016
Free Printable Guardian Crosswords
I just learnt Guardian crosswords are free to download and print. I know people that buy papers just for the crosswords and nothing else, so thought this might be useful to someon… Read more

No idea what they are, sorry.


Can you get printable connecting walls, as seen on Only Connect? I love these.


love these maze games


Great for long journeys X)


Yup you can do them however you like! Personal favourite:

European mobile phone roaming charges to be abolished....
Found 30th May 2016Found 30th May 2016
European mobile phone roaming charges to be abolished....
This post is to let HUKD'ers know that we will be able to use our mobiles in Europe to call, text and surf at UK rates from mid-2017. Members of the European parliament have voted … Read more

Again this is nonsense :) VIDEO PROOF HERE


True, that was very sad, although it should have been a vote for PR. Although the strongest voice was Nick Clegg and he's as weak and wet as they come! Incidentally Clegg is so pro-EU (looking to be part of the EU gravy train after he loses his seat in 2020), the guy might be a poisoned chalice yet again!


Possibly the only reason, in fact...


You're right. Was thinking about the wrong country. I took too long to visit Sweden and now it's ruined.


The two links you supplied were about Sweden

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Free Google Cardboard Viewer
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
Free Google Cardboard Viewer
In support of the Guardian’s first virtual reality experience in collaboration with the Mill, we are giving away free virtual reality cardboard viewers to readers in the UK for the… Read more
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Has anyone got theirs yet?


Got one!!!


brilliant! well done :) i thought about trying for another one as a spare, but by the time i'd decided they'd all gone (again). i think tomorrow is the last day so i might try one last time to get a spare, but if i don't get one then it's not the end of the world - one will do.


Nice! Got one for myself and my brother :D


just started refreshing the screen .. let's see .. #edit .. yes! got one :)

The Guardian: 2 week free trial + get £60 worth of wine for free
Found 26th Nov 2015Found 26th Nov 2015
The Guardian: 2 week free trial + get £60 worth of wine for free
Try the Guardian Newspapers premium app for free for two weeks and get a case of wine from Naked Wines worth £60 if you choose to continue after 2 weeks.

£30 a month. For endless myopic opinion pieces? They have about three, maybe four, good regular writers worth a damn, Milnes, Jenkins, Monbiot and Greenslade. Rest are bandwagon fluffers telling you who to hate every day.

Two free VUE cinema tickets EVERY MONTH when you subscribe to The Guardian online for £11.98/month.
Found 5th Oct 2015Found 5th Oct 2015
Two free VUE cinema tickets EVERY MONTH when you subscribe to The Guardian online for £11.98/month.
Two free tickets for Vue cinemas every month when you subscribe to The Guardian newspaper online for £11.98 per month. Note: these cinema tickets are NOT valid for screenings of t… Read more
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Obviously it depends on your preference of newspaper and how often you go to the cinema, but the Times offer is better (for me), 2 half price tickets every weekend at Odeon. I means my wife and I can go 4 times a month (~£40 for £80-value of tickets) compared to ~£60 for the same in this offer (plus the sub).


Good deal but Guardian are basically The Sun for the left wing, find their lack of reason approaching issues as stupid even if the writing is better.


The best thing in The Guardian are the readers comments.


Totally agree, they also had to go against Newscorp and all the other powerful media outlets to get this published. Rest of our media are cowards compared to The Guardian.

Penguin's Little Black Classics - entire collection - equivalent 62p each via Guardian Books delivered
Found 26th Mar 2015Found 26th Mar 2015
Penguin's Little Black Classics - entire collection - equivalent 62p each via Guardian Books delivered
In celebration of Penguin Book's 80th birthday, these books showcase the many varied writers in Penguin Black Classics. It includes fiction, poetry, essays and maxims. Normally th… Read more

Here are the titles included in the set: 1. Boccaccio Mrs Rosie and the Priest 2. Gerard Manley Hopkins As Kingfishers Catch Fire 3. The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-tongue 4. Thomas de Quincey On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts 5. Friedrich Nietzsche Aphorisms on Love and Hate 6. John Ruskin Traffic 7. Pu Songling Wailing Ghosts 8. Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal 9. Three Tang Dynasty Poets 10. Walt Whitman Alone on the Beach at Night 11. Kenko A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees 12. Baltasar Gracian How to Use Your Enemies 13. John Keats The Eve of St Agnes 14. Thomas Hardy Woman Much Missed 15. Guy de Maupassant Femme Fatale 16. Marco Polo Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls 17. Suetonius Caligula 18. Apollonius of Rhodes Jason and Medea 19. Robert Louis Stevenson Olalla 20. Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto 21. Petronius Trimalchio’s Feast 22. Johann Peter Hebel How a Ghastly Story Was Brought to Light by a Common or Garden Butcher’s Dog 23. Hans Christian Andersen The Tinder Box 24. Rudyard Kipling The Gate of the Hundred Sorrows 25. Dante Circles of Hell 26. Henry Mayhew Of Street Piemen 27. Hafez The nightingales Are Drunk 28. Geoffrey Chaucer The Wife of Bath 29. Michel de Montaigne How We Weep and Laugh at the Same Thing 30. Thomas Nashe The Terrors of the Night 31. Edgar Allan Poe The Tell-Tale Heart 32. Mary Kingsley A Hippo Banquet 33. Jane Austen The Beautifull Cassandra 34. Anton Chekhov Gooseberries 35. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Well, They Are Gone, and Here Must I Remain 36. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Sketchy, Doubtful, Incomplete Jottings 37. Charles Dickens The Great Winglebury Duel 38. Herman Melville The Maldive Shark 39. Elizabeth Gaskell The Old Nurse’s Story 40. Nikolai Leskov The Steel Flea 41. Honore de Balzac The Atheist’s Mass 42. Charlotte Perkins Gilman The Yellow Wall-Paper 43. CP Cavafy Remember, Body... 44. Fyodor Dostoevsky The Meek One 45. Gustave Flaubert A Simple Heart 46. Nikolai Gogol The Nose 47. Samuel Pepys The Great Fire of London 48. Edith Wharton The Reckoning 49. Henry James The Figure in the Carpet 50. Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth 51. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart My Dearest Father 52. Plato Socrates’ Defence 53. Christina Rossetti Goblin Market 54. Sindbad the Sailor 55. Sophocles Antigone 56. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa The Life of a Stupid Man 57. Leo Tolstoy How Much Land Does a Man Need? 58. Giorgio Vasari Leonardo da Vinci 59. Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime 60. Shen Fu The Old Man of the Moon 61. Aesop The Dolphins, the Whales and the Gudgeon 62. Matsuo Bashō Lips Too Chilled 63. Emily Bronte The Night Is Darkening Round Me 64. Joseph Conrad To-morrow 65. Richard Hakluyt The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake Around the Whole Globe 66. Kate Chopin A Pair of Silk Stockings 67. Charles Darwin It Was Snowing Butterflies 68. Brothers Grimm The Robber Bridegroom 69. Catullus I Hate and I Love 70. Homer Circe and the Cyclops 71. DH Lawrence Il Duro 72. Katherine Mansfield Miss Brill 73. Ovid The Fall of Icarus 74. Sappho Come Close 75. Ivan Turgenev Kasyan from the Beautiful Lands 76. Virgil O Cruel Alexis 77. HG Wells A Slip under the Microscope 78. Herodotus The Madness of Cambyses 79. Speaking of Śiva 80. The Dhammapada

Mark Ronson Uptown Special album stream @ The Guardian
Found 12th Jan 2015Found 12th Jan 2015
Mark Ronson Uptown Special album stream @ The Guardian
Another free album stream from the Guardian, including 'the most infectious record of 2014' Uptown Funk. And loads of good music on the whole series… Read more
Guardian Weekly newspaper 2 year subscription - half price
Found 9th Jan 2015Found 9th Jan 2015
Guardian Weekly newspaper 2 year subscription - half price
The following codes are currently available for subscriptions to the Guardian Weekly newspaper delivered weekly: 1. HGA03: £120 for 2 years (50% off) 2. FGA05 £106.08 for 1 year … Read more
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hot - its good to read well written, thoughtful articles as opposed to being spoon fed whatever self interested agenda murdoch and his ilk want to push.


Busy revealing state secrets? Exposing state shame and crimes more like! Would you rather live in blind ignorance by choice? I'm voting hot as it's a discount on something that's near priceless.


Ahh the good folk over at the Guardian busy revealing state secrets and making the country vulnerable to those that would do us harm.... all in the name of privacy and freedom of course. A deal yes so kudos but no thanks I have plenty of Andrex but I suspect there will be lots of interest in this at the BBC :p

Sinéad O'Connor, Tom Petty new albums free stream on Guardian site
Found 5th Aug 2014Found 5th Aug 2014
Sinéad O'Connor, Tom Petty new albums free stream on Guardian site
Some more good album streams on the Guardian: Sinéad O'Connor – I'm Not Bossy, I'm The Boss… Read more

I Love ...


Prefer Tom O'Conner.... Only Joking Heat :p

The new Guardian newspaper app now FREE on IPad and Android
Found 15th Jun 2014Found 15th Jun 2014
The new Guardian newspaper app now FREE on IPad and Android
This is the new, relaunched Guardian iPad app with all the breaking news and sections. The app is now free to download and free to use. Not a free trial, I mean totally free. Enjoy… Read more
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Not correct.


Not free


Good deal, thanks for the post.


Even if it was free I wouldn't subject myself or my family to the loonie leftie influences of this paper.


...and 'normal' people read The Guardian ? You're a rather condescending chap.

FREE copy of STARDUST by Neil Gaiman at sainsburys with purchase of the guardian on Saturday
Found 2nd May 2014Found 2nd May 2014
FREE copy of STARDUST by Neil Gaiman at sainsburys with purchase of the guardian on Saturday
Great book by Neil Gaiman of Sandman, Miracleman, Coraline, Dr. Who and many more..... Free if you buy a copy of the Guardian this saturday at a Sainsbury. The paper on a Saturday … Read more



great story, love watching the film


via twitter: " kudos to Sainsburys for sorting out issue of missing Stardust by sending me one in post."


Just been into my local and the book is actually in with the paper and it says on the outer plastic in black print on white background: "Free book inside - Stardust by Neil Gaiman". nb Peterborough store


No book at Torquay sainsburys.. :-(

Three mobile scraps charges for 0800 calls
Found 18th Mar 2014Found 18th Mar 2014
Three mobile scraps charges for 0800 calls
The cost of calling 0800 numbers from mobile phones will be made free for customers of Three from Tuesday, while charges for helplines run by hundreds of banks, utilities, insuranc… Read more
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voted hot for new customers, but it really is a crap deal for those on one plan with unlimited internet tethering.....someone could easily sign up without knowing that, and miss out on a much more valuable perk/feature.....


Any news if this affects PAYP customers.


Is this one also applicable to PAYG simcard ??


just download weq4u you get all 08 numbers free


Not to mention weq4u

Kylie Minogue: Kiss Me Once – album stream @
Found 10th Mar 2014Found 10th Mar 2014
Kylie Minogue: Kiss Me Once – album stream @
Another great free stream from The Guardian, Kylie Minogue's new album Kiss Me Once

Thks heat added





Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes: album stream at and
Found 6th Jan 2014Found 6th Jan 2014
Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes: album stream at and
One for the fans of the Boss. His latest album, streamed in full at the Guardian (only for those in UK)… Read more

And that is what streaming is for. Downloading it is not trying it in any sense of the word.


some of us like to try before we buy.


I'm just getting an oily rag to hang out of the @rse pocket of my jeans and me and the boys are heading down to the garage...


Fans should buy this album, no 'cheeky downloads'


I think audacity should do it, somehow, was recommended here as suitable for internet radio recording so should work. Let me know.

Champagne deals in Supermarkets Christmas 2014
Found 14th Dec 2013Found 14th Dec 2013
Champagne deals in Supermarkets Christmas 2014
Updated 6th Dec 2014 Some popular Champagne deals available this Christmas. Links for the Top Champagnes this Christmas at the bottom of the list. Supermarkets do keep competing … Read more
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Thanks! But all I had to do was pour it...


Great effort


Just necking a bottle of cheap Veuve now......


For the money aldi have the best bubbly. It's a total bargain at a tenner a bottle. I got 12 bottles of the tesco premier cru on offer from this site around £7 a bottle. For the money it's fine but no where near as nice as the aldi bubbly for a tenner.


good work, thanks

FREEBIE: The 2012 Bedside Guardian, 1500 copies available @ Guardian Extra
Found 3rd Oct 2013Found 3rd Oct 2013
FREEBIE: The 2012 Bedside Guardian, 1500 copies available @ Guardian Extra
The 2012 Bedside Guardian What will we remember of 2012? The Olympic and Paralympic Games? The Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Occupy London? Leveson? All of that and more is captured in … Read more

Woop! This was waiting for me on my doormat when I arrived home earlier :)


Thanks Marba, mine arrived today too :)


Arrived today. Cheers OP. :)


Cheers *fingers crossed*