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When does this offer end?


Would be a good warm up and warm down (strong)


Still expensive


I'm on the 'Fk it' tariff - £0/month


Well Mine is £16.99 for 'Do it' or £21.98 for 'live it' its already over priced as some gyms are £10.99 no frills deals - but I would have to travel further. So the 9 months mini saving would make the 'live it' £12.11. Don't see why they did not do the ~£10 a month 9 month old student deal again. Am curious to if people are tied in for 12 months?

2 Week Free The Gym Pass
29/08/2018Expires on 29/08/2018Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul

I used the second code again this morning and it is still working. (strong)


Are you linking your ting?


It should just log you into the member site. I've used the code with a fake email and you don't have to wait for a code. You will have been automatically logged into the site. When you go to the members page it will show your pin. If all else fails sign up with another email address (as mentioned above, you can use a fake one). Side note: You get an email confirmation with the pin like so:


Do I get it through text


I’ve got the confirmation but not got the cod

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Looks like you can book today for any future date and it will be free.


Make it 3 4 5 6 games! Thanks England (worldcup)


This is still running! I've been 5 times on the days of their 3 4 5 games so far!


To be fair your post made me smile. But if it was meant more, I felt describing it as a 3-day pass implied choice and flexibility which this strictly wasn’t. Am dangerously close to sounding like a pedant (I’m not, honest guv!) (highfive)


Sorry i thought you was being funny that england only would last 3 games as did the other 23 that liked the post XD




Got mine at an opening offer of 10.99 a month and no joining fee.. ok... i think it goes up after 12 months. At that point I'll likely switch if it goes up too much. Was given a month trial of the new plan, to try 4 other locations... to be honest they all had pros and cons and neither won me over the current one.. mainly due to lack of squat/deadlift areas... one per gym compared to the one i'm at having two deadlift ready platforms and one other rack for squatting. Granted these aren't hardcore gyms but with this gear it's fine for a lot of people and these are super important exercises. Shame the other locations near me aren't well equipped. One didn't even have a leg press of any sort. I did like the layouts though and nobody bothers you, but the staff are around if needed.






thanks for the deal, signed up and head added.

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No joining fee for 'The Gym'
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
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I used to be a member of a ‘The Gym’ gym. Now they can’t send me enough emails about how there is ‘no joining or re-joining fee’. I’m sure it’s almost every month now I get at least one (or more) emails.....


Why does anyone pay a joining fee? What are you paying for? Just say "no thanks, i'll pay you the monthly/yearly subs, take it or leave it". If they want your business, they'll take it. If they don't want you, you shouldn't want them.


That should be 'said' and not 'saif'. Just being factual.


Fair play


I go the gym twice a day.....well I drive past a gym twice a day,same difference 💪🏻

No Joining Fee :) Only Monthly Fee which is £16.99 @ The Gym Group
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
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I will have to expire this deal now, I don't see any free joining on the website now for any location :(


London- Chadwell Heath


Which gym branch


Is there a code I should be using. My local one is charging 19.99 as a joining fee


Give a ring to your gym and they should be able to help you. BTW, it is contract free. A direct debit will be setup which you can cancel anytime. A snippet from website page.

Hurry 31st Jan midnight is end date for this Offer! The gym opening in Birmingham Perry Barr Early 2018 - £10.99
LocalLocalFound 20th Dec 2017Found 20th Dec 2017
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Next to the Nike store apparently.


Plenty of free parking, unlike the gyms in town centre. About time they are opening here. Where abouts in One stop?


Wouldnt hold your breth. Still waiting on my local to open nearly a year late. The other in Edinburgh was about 8 months late.


I joined on the same deal in May. Absolute bargain. They usually have a number of places at £10.99, then the price will go up to £14.99 nearer the opening time. The only thing I would say is that make sure the site is quite near you - it's harder to make the effort to go when it's a long drive. It's not a bargain if you only go once a month. Having said that, our Gym is clean, staff are friendly, and the equipment is excellent. The induction was a waste of time tbh, but there is a mountain of free info online - try or nerdfitness.


I love the gym. Joined in March. Best decision of my life

Free 'the gym' 1 Day Pass
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
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Not working for the Gym Group in Sheffield. Perhaps its location specific?


Not Working


not working :'(


not working


Just tried it: Please enter a valid discount code


Anyone signed up to this? and can confirm you can use your normal email rather than a student one... I got NUS if that helps


Just messaged 'The Gym Group' through facebook and found out this offer ends at the end of October


I've just joined up - new gym, same price. I'm expecting 6-12 months out of it before it's either rammed, attracts too many kids and/or meat heads and I have to leave


if i just put normal email in the student email bit, would they know or make any difference ?


OP you have any idea when this offer ends?

No joining fee july 2017 @ The gym group
Found 28th Jul 2017Found 28th Jul 2017
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Joining fee's must be one of lifes biggest rip offs.


Why is it cold? I joined in march and it was the best thing in my life. Lovely trainers, lovely staff, very well equipped and clean. I am sure if this deal would be a kfc deal with hamburger and coke it will be really hot. Thats why the nation is fat


My local one was at 16.99 in May today it's 23.99 + joining fee so they lost me


normaly ends midnight of the last day of the month. I guesed it because last month was june free but i missed deadline


This should always be the case. Pay a fee which enables you to then pay full price for the service. Hmmmmm. No thanks.

Free day pass this weekend @ the gym
Found 15th Feb 2017Found 15th Feb 2017

No day pass offer available at the newest gym in Rotherham. A shame. It would have been nice to check it out before joining up. I guess I will be staying at my old gym.




Good timing, looking at the local one so will have a look before I buy. Heat.


Cheers, Will give Crawley a try on Saturday Evening.


Thanks op!

The Gym, not joining fee in most gyms, only 24h
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
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it's a good deal, but only if you can actually use the gym you signed up for.


I've got a hemorrhage from reading the title.


​I disagree re 'more professional' gyms. Our The Gym is loaded with a very conceivable bit of equipment and a quarter the price of the local 'Village' gym where all the 'professionals' are posing in the pool and jacuzzi.


My local gym operates a pricing policy of being free 24/7/365 not to join.


I'm not sure, but it's not free you still need to pay a monthly quote

No Joining Fee at The Gym Ilford
Found 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017

no pain , no gain :)


We can make and use every excuse.... so we never enter that place ;)


Sounds like a good deal to me. But............................................what on earth is a gym?


£20 for one month is cheap :)


This deal has no staying power ....... :)

£99 Exclusive student offer (requires NUS card) @ TheGym
Found 9th Sep 2016Found 9th Sep 2016

For this offer, do you need an NUS extra card? Or will a University ID suffice? Have got to the payment screen without being asked to prove I'm a student, but don't want to pay and not be able to use it.


Yep yum yum!


Mr basiri? Lol


I used the Manchester one for over two years for £12.99pm. It's a basic gym if that's what you are after and equipment are new. The staff are really friendly. Only left because I wanted a bit more from my gym - pool, sauna, steam room and the likes. I got all I wanted further down the street for an added £7pm :) Like someone suggested, take the £10.99 offer and see if you like it.


Around here all we had was Leisure centre and that was £40+ a month. It was £12.99 for the first year but now paying £16.99 so this deal will save me some money. Check out both first. We had open days before they opened just to have a look. With the gym, you can cancel anytime. month by month deal.


It seems to be the case with any gym to get that. I've been on a few taster days or similar and I think one must have rang about once and left a voice message, but another must have continued bombarding me with calls and texts for about 6 months. Of course, the aim of these weekends etc is to gain customers, so it is understandble, just some go overboard it seems. So, I'll agree with that.


Do not give them your real phone number, you will get far too many text messages with offers from them, the messages cannot be blocked by the phone or the network!