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Potentially Nationwide Free Gym Membership Friday 3rd April-Monday 6th April 2015
Found 1st Apr 2015Found 1st Apr 2015
I thought it was just free for the Peterborough branch but geige00 says it might be nationwide! Visit and click on '£5.00 Day Passes' tab on the home page, sel… Read more
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Yep it's just here :)


Any more codes for the Gym group?


not for edinburgh


Failed to work for London Chadwell Heath 3rd april


I tried a different location and this came up 'As the date you have selected is an open day, your membership fee has been removed.' Possibly nationwide. Heat added!

Join The Gym (WEALDSTONE) for only £12.99 per month, no Joining Fee. 24 Hours Gym Opening in July 2015
Found 21st Jan 2015Found 21st Jan 2015
I was just looking at gyms in North West London, when I was surprised to see that The Gym are opening up literally at the end of my road in Wealdstone in the summer. This is actual… Read more
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Just visited. Viewing only this weekend and Monday. Opens 13th July. Kicking myself cos it's been up at £10.99 a month for ages. Now it's £12.99 and staff said it's going up when it's opening. I think the joining fee is payable now. Anyone know how to get it cheaper? Sure there's a few deals.


heads up this gym is likely to be absolutely packed when it opens as everyone will jump at the price. long queues for equipment etc


look on youtube for the wealdstone raider


They call him The Jackal


I didn't chose that option but think that was just administration as got an email about the debit debit and no dates mentioned.. just that payment will be taken off once the branch opens up. the £12.99 price will be there for 12 months and then increase to £16.99 which will be the rate for lifetime unless I cancel. I guess the £16.99 will be rate when gym opens up.

The Gym Group - Birmingham price reduced from £15.99 to £12.99 + £20 joining fee
Found 10th Jan 2015Found 10th Jan 2015
Might be in other locations. Not sure Additional joining fee £20.

Full of chavs


Wait until the end of the month and the joining fee usually reduces so they can hit targets.


Our local gym/health club is £25 p/m with a £30 joining fee and 12 month contract. I won't join until they waive that damn joining fee!


Joining fee, they should pay you £20 for joining. Most company's now days give you an incentive to join not you pay them


£20 joining fee, really, it costs that much to be given a card and have your details put in a database.. I could use that £20 to buy myself some cheap exercise stuff like small weights for running or elastic band exercises

20% off Nando's & Subway for members of selected 'The Gym Group' gyms
Found 7th Dec 2014Found 7th Dec 2014
Branches that have vouchers for 20% off Nando's (till 31/12/2014) are: Ilford North Harrow Barking Free 1/4 chicken at North Harrow with 6GBP min spend Also 20% off Subway at Ea… Read more

By the way, not everyone uses the gym to "lose weight", a lot use it to bulk up and build muscle. Whilst I agree things like chips are not nutritional, chicken, rice and vegetables can help to achieve these goals. You are right though that this offer isn't the best reason for choosing a gym in the first place :)




Anything for desert? Let it settle before jumping back on the treadmill... No harm in 20% off if you're already a gym member and you have the occasional Nandos but lets not pretend that the two go hand in hand. If you're looking for a gym membership which gives 20% off chicken and chips then your heart isn't in it!


Thanks I forgot about chicken whilst considering chips, rice & bread.


Burn the fat then pack the fat back on via discounted food! A good way of retaining members who've magically gained weight throughout the membership period!

Only £5 Joining Fee @ The Gym Group Luton
Found 20th Sep 2014Found 20th Sep 2014
It is usually £20 Joining Fee. Join the Gym before the midnight on Sunday 21st September 2014, and you will only be charged £5 joining fee.

I prefer to stick to Bannatynes Luton instead alot better


I agree...shouldnt have to pay a penny. Why not have £0 joining fee and have a big influx of customers?? Would draw a lot more in thn this offer!!


Cold.. Shouldn't have to pay for the privlidge of a money making company to spend 2 mins to fill in a data just so you can then give them more money on a monthly basis



Off thread a touch but we have a Lifestyle Fitness Gym opening near us soon. Does anyone have any experience of them?

The Gym Group - Newcastle (£12.99/month instead of £15.99)
Found 12th Jun 2014Found 12th Jun 2014
Until midnight 30th June, use code "HMRC" when joining to get this price and no joining fee.

it lets you do the dual Newcastle-east and Newcastle ciy for this price too, as i work in town this could be really good.. so i can pop in before/after work easily... DW is more than twice the price..!! what's "the gym" like inside compared to DW, i never actually checked it out inside but was tempted to try DW on their 28 days for £28 (its nearer for me!) but for £12.99 a month i'd prob do The Gym groups gyms and do without the swimming and sauna for the price! and the further travel to the benton road one is offset a bit by being able to use the city centre too.


£10.99 in derby.



Is it going 24ht any time soon.?

Pre-Opening Offer @ The Gym Wolverhampton, opens on 30 July £10.99 p/m for 12 months then £12.99 for life ... No joining fee!!!
Found 11th Jun 2014Found 11th Jun 2014
The Gym Wolverhampton opens on 30 July! (Located in the massive new Sainsburys building currently being built on the ring road). I realise this won't apply to most HUKD members, b… Read more
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Shame it is £20 joining fee now Op maybe worth changing? However for students you get a discount on joining fee of 50% so £10 for this gym. any gyms over £15.99 you get free joining fee just put your NUS card number in.


Joining fee of £20 now


The one in Sheffield is due to open in August I think - it's near Penistone Road. Same offer, £10.99 no joining fee.


Hi all Could any of you tell me where is this gym in what City please !! I live in Sheffield is there one in Sheffield ? Xx Best regard .jujeta


Also available in Solihull... The new Asda Parkgate development... Same prices and again no joining fee!

The Gym. Bank Holiday Open Weekend! Free access to The Gym
Found 23rd May 2014Found 23rd May 2014
Free 4 days at gym from 23 May till 26 May. It’s easy to get your free Gym access. Just go to the day pass page, choose your nearest participating Gym and select the day you’d li… Read more

Sorry, not available in Brighton


So awesome thank you!!! I've been debating signing up to my mine but not sure on it so risk free is fab! Cheers :) :)


any parking by the one in Ilford?


Not in luton?

No Joining Fee @ The Gym Group (Nationwide offer until 9pm 17/2/14). Membership from £9.99/month with no contract
Found 17th Feb 2014Found 17th Feb 2014
The Gym Group are currently running a 12-hour sale where their joining fee (was £20) is waived if you sign up for membership at any (edit: *most*) of their nationwide gyms. They … Read more

It's not funny. Happened to me once and found it really difficult to see where I was going.


You have a very short memory then! Last Summer was AWFUL..sorry I mean "oooh hot and balmy 24 hours a day!"


I would need to move abroad to get some sunshine so it would be more costly than the gym :)


Go out when it's sunny? 8) Okay well made points but you still look like a demented hamster on the treadmill.


I don't think £10-20 a month is blowing money away. I would pay £20 a month to avoid being out in the cold, wind, rain, flat tyres on bikes, muddy pavements while running. Lots of busy people don't have the time to go 'walking' - I would love to stroll two hours in the evening but I can do the equivalent exercise running on the treadmill for half an hour on the way to or from work. Factor in the extra hour and a half into my day - then I could work overtime which would easily cover my gym membership. "It's not rocket science" as you say!!

£10.99 Per Month Membership Pre opening Offer, Normally £16.99 @ The Gym Shirley Solihull and other locations
Found 13th Jan 2014Found 13th Jan 2014
No contract, 24 hour access. No pool, sauna etc, This opens Nov 2014, pay £10.99 now and then they will take the next £10.99 a month before opening.Normally £16.99 per month. Whet… Read more
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Any way to get a referral code?


I had a quick look at the one in Birmingham City center today and it looked very impressive. Open 24 hours a day too. Bargain. Heat.


You pay £10.99 for the first year, then it goes up to the normal price. That normal price remains the same while you're a member. I'm currently paying £15.99 which was the normal price mine went up to after the first year at a new gym. Great gyms for the money.


Asked and it's for the duration of the contract


£10.99 per month in Milton Keynes

The Gym Group Leicester - NO joining fee before 9pm today (Other sites too...)
Found 27th Dec 2013Found 27th Dec 2013
No joining fee if you join today from 9am-9pm, well worth 12.99, no contract either. I've been a member for a few years now and it's only ever been massively busy on three occasion… Read more

+1 like :D


Quite a small minded view. These gyms are great value for money. I've paid more at other gyms, & you still get tools there. How much you pay, doesn't define your nature!


cant stand these big gyms, will take a little old gym over these just popped into fitness first today and wont be returning


Leicester gym... always busy and can never get on the machines. Everyones ignorant, even the staff. Wouldn't recommend it at all! But then I suppose you get what you pay for!


It may have changed now. You get what you pay for I suppose.

The Gym @ East Croydon - £10.99 per month (no joining fee)
LocalLocalFound 19th Dec 2013Found 19th Dec 2013
THE GYM @ East Croydon (near Train Station). Pay only £10.99 now with no joining fee before they increase the membership and add joining fee.
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I really like it


I noticed that when I cancelled my membership, 2 months later they emailed me offering the lower rate for my local and no joining fees!


They keep the costs down by not having a pool. I've been a member for a couple of years in my local one. Can't complain for the money.


Luton still says joining fee or is it no joining fee if you don't do via the website?


That's like 30 p cheaper than mine yay heat added BUTTTT!!!! Has it got a pool ??

The Gym (24 hours) pre-opening offer £10.99 / month for a year @ Ilford with no joining fees
Found 4th Sep 2013Found 4th Sep 2013
Just a heads up as The Gym is opening up quite a few new gyms around the UK this year. The gyms are open 24 hours, and seem good value to me. They do not have saunas / pools etc bu… Read more

My first experience of this gym was the lockers being broken into..... literally the first day I ever went (it is the manchester one and this was like 10:30pm). Second experience was someone owing someone for steroids and getting knocked out in the changing rooms (again manchester and again 10:30pm). Cant say i was a member for long there....... you get what you pay for. If you are going in early morning or in the evening its probably ok, but the nights in these places are full of low life!! anyway its still a good price! dont think any other gym is cheaper :)


No, I don't see the relevance in your humblebrag; "Oh, I only pay £90 a month for my gym and it's much better than this" Well, no ****? It's like going into a deal on a Ford and telling everyone your Bentley is better. I very much doubt people going to a gym for £10.99 are going to pay a near 800% premium to go to a gym -- even if said gym has "hot chicks".


You have no idea why a comment stating one gym is better than another is relevant in deal about a gym? You might have to go back to basics.


I have no idea how that is relevant to this deal.


Nice deal, looked at the equipment list they have, not as good as easygym, but cheaper, 24 hours and good parking. Unfortunately at these prices they do attract the unsavoury, as has easygym.

£10.99 per month Gym membership - new gym in Glasgow
Found 21st Jun 2013Found 21st Jun 2013
New Gym opening next week in Glasgow, and it has a special offer on just now for membership at only £10.99 per month. I'm sure there will be many quips on gyms in Scotland, but th… Read more

Same deal been going in Rochdale for a while is about to expire. Decent gym with loads of classes. The girls have to pay a couple of quid extra for ones like zumba and bokwa.


I thought it was from that song. Glad they chose to fit looking women, some were a bt scary. Each to there own I guess


Call on Me (Eric Prydz song) A bit of Zauber goes a long way


Good gym, I am a member of their Bristol version.


Cold - pic is too small

FREE day pass this Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March in Leeds the GYM
Found 25th Mar 2013Found 25th Mar 2013
With the exciting launch of the Trinity Shopping Centre last week there may be no hiding the fact that you may have to venture out round the shops this weekend. So why not fit a tr… Read more

Also there's no contact so u can cancel and join whenever u want. It's a good basic gym but did get very busy at peak times and I mean very. is staffed until around 9pm then it's monitored by cctv.


The gym prices are excellent. They opened one in West Hampstead nw London About 2-3 years ago and back then it was £9.99pm only with no joining fee for the first year then £14.99. Something like that. Anyway it's a 24hr gym with all the exercise equipment u need on gym floor and shower and locker room. But no swimming pool or steam room etc. u can't go wrong at that price and price of still good. It's £20. joining fee and £20 monthly last time I checked

Unlimited gym membership 10.99 at The Gym Glasgow South
Found 25th Mar 2013Found 25th Mar 2013
Glasgow south The gym openning soon where the old fitness first was in cathcart. No contract, no joining fee and you can leave whn you like for under 11 quid a month. Cheaper than … Read more
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They put the price up in leeds without telling anyone, after they had signed up for the 10.99 deal btw


Don't forget that you usually get it at this price for 12 months and then it'll go up to the standard £15.99


Bloody predictive text!


That's odd, virtual classes. I'm at Pure Gym in Nottingham, and they have over 50 different classes every week on all sorts of stuff, all free with proper instructors in the flesh. Infect the only thing you pay for Zumba, and being a bloke that's not my sort of thing. £10.99 too, bloody good gyms. I advise booking classes online in advance though, they fill quickly.


It's well worth the money. I go to the one in Glasgow city centre. Dirt cheap & far better/cheaper than any of the Glasgow Club one's I've been in, although I heard the new Commonwealth one's pretty decent.

The Gym (24 hours) pre-opening offer £10.99 / month for a year (£132 +£20 joining fee) (north Harrow / Wembley / possibly others throughout UK)
Found 29th Jan 2013Found 29th Jan 2013
Just a heads up as The Gym is opening up quite a few new gyms around the UK this year. The gyms are open 24 hours, and seem good value to me. They do not have saunas / pools etc bu… Read more
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The ill ford one opens for viewing tomorrow


When oh when oh when, is the gym opening in ilford


When is the gym group opening in ilford


When is the gym opening in ilford


Hi and thanks for your reply. Do you know when it's opening btw?

The gym group GYM MEMBERSHIP from £10.99 per month (£20 joining fee/ no contract cancel anytime) Lots of locations & new gyms soon! @ the gym group
Found 16th Jan 2012Found 16th Jan 2012
bournemouth & swansea £10.99 plus others. £15.99 is average cost per month. london areas usually £19.99 per month. SOME HAVE FREE JOINING FEE.
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They increased their price from 10.99 to 16.99.. Not that interesting anymore.. but for 10.99 I'd easily sign up!


The Bournemouth Gym is not scheduled to open until april


These are top notch gyms with state of the art equipment, and really affordable, if you're not too fussed about a swimming pool and sauna, but personally the closest to me is in town centre and parking there is theft in broad daylight, so this would work out well over £50.00 a month for me. Also its worth mentioning, there's no joining fee for students, provided you have a valid NUS card.


lods of info here..


love the 24/7 opening hrs, ideal for people working silly shift hours. Just a pity there isn't one up my way otherwise i would have signed up straight away. One due near me in Jan 2013 :(

Use The Gym, completely FREE for one day
Found 24th Oct 2011Found 24th Oct 2011
Hey guys, free one day in the gym in the following areas. Birmingham Guildford Leicester Manchester(28th Oct) Nottingham On Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October 201… Read more

Nope.... do they do 10 minute phone number and 10 minute postal address too? It was the text messages that were the main problem with L.A.Fitness..... awful company.


Ever heard of 10 minute mail? :)


Open a hotmail account for this and never use it again!


Simple just hang up, deleted your emails, its not the end of the world, and you can exercise for free! like exercise should be!


IS this going to be one of those things where you get one day free and they bombard you with spam for the rest of your life? LA Fitness did a similar promotion and I ended up getting very annoyed with them as they made it very difficult to be taken of their list for mail, texts and cold calls.

NEW Gym Opening in January Glasgow City Centre The Gym £10.99 per month
Found 17th Oct 2011Found 17th Oct 2011
New Gym Opening in January Glasgow City Centre Argyle Street Jamica Street Corner Opening offer £10.99 per month fee usally £15.99 plus 20 quid to join No Joining free either … Read more
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Opening 3rd Jan 2012


OK, I am being dumb. The reply is here in FAQs: "Q: Why do I have to pay if my Gym hasn't opened yet? A: By joining early before The Gym opens, you guarantee one of the limited spaces within The Gym. Your payment will be collected 14 days after signing up and will cover your first months membership at The Gym. The next and subsequent monthly payments will commence one month after The Gym opens."


By the way, I've signed up anyway. £10.99 a month for 24 hour access and no contract is really great. Walked past the site a few times but kept forgetting about it. Thanks for the reminder.


What I don't get is that they appear to take a membership fee first: "Your first payment of £10.99 will be taken by us on or just after 02 November 2011. This payment consists of your £10.99 membership fee. Subsequent monthly payments of £10.99 will commence one month after the branch has opened. Payments will then continue on or just after the same day of each month thereafter. This will increase to £15.99 per month when your discounted membership period has ended 12 months after the gym has opened." Or is it really late and I'm reading it wrong?


Hot for me

Free Single Day Membership at The Gym- 28th, 29th, 30th April @ The Gym Group
Found 26th Apr 2011Found 26th Apr 2011
Applies to the following Gyms, where "Open Day" is shown next to the desired date: Birmingham Bristol Guildford Leeds Leicester Liverpool Manchester Nottingham Southampton Only… Read more
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No it was posted in deals lol, hence you getting cold votes, instead of members reporting for it to be moved, some tend to vote cold, if you see now its warming back up nicely 8)


I tot it was in freebies, thanks! :)


Moved to freebies 8)

the gym group opening soon in Bristol, Leeds and Southampton £10.99/ month, No enrolment fee.
Found 16th Jan 2011Found 16th Jan 2011
the gym group opening soon in Bristol, Leeds and Southampton £10.99/ month, No enrolment fee. price will go up to £15.99 after 12 months. open 24 hours, no contract Bristol23 Mar… Read more

There will be one opening in Ealing soon, they have just signed a property there


Bring your own portable telly. No corkage charge. Most gyms will place the cardio equipment in view of the TV screens on the walls, which show a rotating playlist of music videos. The crosstrainers tend to have an inbuilt fan. That's as accessorised as they come.

spenspuma you really want to go the gym to workout or you wanna go to watch Home & Away??


Thanks, but I am not wondering if there are TV in general. I am wondering if they are incooperated in the bikes and crosstrainers so that I can watch my own program while doing exercises. Cheers


am a member too, there are tvs but they just show music videos though, no actual tv shows. This is the one at West hampstead tho

The gym pre-opening sale £9.99 per month, No contract, No minimum term, Open 24 hours
Found 14th Jun 2010Found 14th Jun 2010
The gym group are having a pre-opening sale at the following locations, Birmingham, Brighton, Nottingham, Plymouth and West Hampstead. * No Joining Fee * No Contract *… Read more
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Excellent price considering the equipment they have, BUT........ BUT BUT BUT, customer service is pretty much non existent. And of course because of the cheap price, there are A LOT of CHAVS.


@hotuksteal, the 9.99 they have already taken is for your first months membership, they will only take the next instalment one month after the gym opens. im joining the west hampstead one myself


I also noticed that about the West Hampstead one. They've also taken the first 9.99 out of my account and The place isn't even ready yet. I need to get in touch with them to see what the deal is. I'll definitely ask for mym membership start date to be moved to the day they open their branch, but are they just gonna keep taking 9.99 every month? *sigh*


i was just checking on the gym group website to see when the west hampstead branch would be opening, but now its changed from 'summer 2010' to 'autumn 2010' Plymouth and Nottingham are also autumn 2010, but not sure what these were before.


very very much doubt it at these prices!

Gym membership for £14.99 a month (as low as £9.99 if you join early) no contract, open 24 hours...
Found 17th Sep 2009Found 17th Sep 2009
I've not seen this submitted already so thought I'd share here, there is a new gym chain called The Gym Group, they offer membership from £9.99 a month (prior to opening), rising t… Read more
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Check out the gym ipswich similar deal open's soon


Which they do have. It is only non-staffed outside the hours of 9-5, and even then, I normally see members of staff around late into the evenings.


How on earth can they get their premises insured?!


Almost as cheap as the deal i have with Pru :)


This is a good deal but they have none anywhere near me all the way down in Plymouth :x

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