'Them!' SciFi Classic film £2.69 @play

'Them!' SciFi Classic film £2.69 @play

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The Classic 1950's film about giant ants...

In THEM!, atomic radiation once again manages to transform tiny harmless creatures into gigantic holy terrors. Probably the best of the 1950s phenomenon, this top-notch thriller witnesses giant ants set loose on a small town in the Southwest desert region of the United States. Two doctors from the Department of Agriculture are summoned to find the nest and destroy them...if they can.
Plot Synopsis
The testing of an atomic weapon exposes a colony of ants to a high dose of radiation which later causes them to grow to mammoth proportions. A sci-fi classic.


I remember this film

While I was at junior school I wanted to watch it, but my parents said no. I was pretty miffed at the time, made worse the next day, when friends were all talking all about it

I eventually did see it and was amazed at the huge storm drains ... something I had never seen before

I remember watching this when i was a kid in the 70's ... had nightmares for years after that they were coming to get me .... i bought it from cdwow for a quid a couple of years ago .. couldnt resist it

shoot the other antenna !

Wow what a classic and what a find. Add some heat!

watched this for a laugh a few years back on tv - despite the fact it's about giant ants(!) it's actually a really good film

Great film. £2.99 instore at HMV if you need it before Christmas.

Great film. Surprised but pleased that Hollywood hasn't got around to remaking it.

A terrible film! Not worth watching.

Fantastic. B-Movie classic.

Still scares the **** out of me

Fabulous - got this last year on HUKD. Have already watched it 3 times.

You can watch this for free on Youtube

I think it's legal?


A terrible film! Not worth watching.

I bet you haven't even seen it.


I bet you haven't even seen it.

I have several times (unfortunately) on the television in the earlier days when science fiction was in it's infancy and it was rubbish even then.

So rubbish you watched it more than once!


So rubbish you watched it more than once!

In those days (the sixties for me) there weren't many sf films about.
There were some good ones: Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the Day the Earth Stood Still, the Thing, even the Blob! But in this film there is little plot, they obviously could only afford to build part of one full size ant (the nameless terror) which they wave about a bit.
Save your money watch it on youtube
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