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Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (Latest Model B Plus) £31.79 @ The Pi Hut
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
10% code is back when spending over £20. £28.80 + £2.99 delivery.

BTW: This deal has expierewd


It's not Emacs.


IDE can make a programmer lazy. But if you desperate have a look here


Does VIM know the syntax for each language and can correct syntax? Nothing wrong with it as a text editor. But if you're programming/scripting why make your life harder than it needs to be.


I've got a few older models as well, but I don't seem to get usability out of them. I use my Pi 3 B+ at the moment as a smart home server running node-red. Basically to fill in for the limitations of my smart home devices (Google Home, Alexa etc). Things such as controlling my TV, wake on lan, and running batch and shell scripts for various tasks.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (Latest Model B Plus) £31.79 @ The Pi Hut
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Use code ' SUMMERTIME ' to get 10% off £20+ spends (excludes shipping) (PI 3+ = £28.80 + £1.99 Shipping = £31.79)

SUMMERTIME code no longer works :(


You can run pi-hole on a Pi Zero W which you can buy for a tenner. I do.


It’s as close as I’d get to figuring it out. this thread may aswell be in Japanese..


Do I put my router in the pie to create pi-hole? (embarrassed)


They cant (not at a resonabile speed). Get an Odroid C2...

Raspberry Pi 3B+ (B Plus) - £32.00 + Postage (+£2.50) @ ThePiHut
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
The latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ has a faster 64-bit 1.4GHz quad core processor, 1GB of RAM, faster dual-band 802.11 b/g/n/ac wireless LAN, Bluetooth 4.2, and significantly faste… Read more

Agree with most N64 games, but Mario Kart plays superbly. This is awesome.


I can't comment if this is the most 'powerful feature rich Pi out there' as there are other OS's that let you use the Pi as a network media library (pretty cool!) or even a unbranded Alexa type Pi too. Just search online for different Pi uses. For RetroPi you'll need a video game controller and game USB cable (not a USB charger cable, as I made this mistake -I couldn't tell the difference just by looking), a micro SD card and a USB memory stick to transfer between PC and retroPie. All instructions online. Google is your friend.


It does not run N64 well enough. Much better with 16bit classics to be honest.


Only if you're running stretch


Me too just found out about pie hole! Very impressed

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Pi Hut Stock Clearance! Penny Sale! also up to 50% off!
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Just had an email from PiHut about a penny sale and discount of up to 50%! £2.50 P&P Applies Discounts range from 20%-50%, and we even have a selection of products for 1p! P… Read more
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Bit of an exaggeration (annoyed)


Most of stock gone now.


Still a great deal


It does yes, added into description :)


£2.50 delivery no matter what I believe

Google AIY Voice Kit - £27.50 Delivered @ The Pi Hut
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
Its not a deal but available for sale.. roughly 1980 left...

Hey, which outlet?


Just had a quick look on eBay and an issue of #57 is about to end at £35 plus £5 postage


Yes. This is not a deal, since nobody, anywhere, has any AND all the shops that are advertising it are all showing the same price. There is one exception (which is still only pre-order) of a german outlet that has it for €24.98. Though P&P to the UK might negate any savings.


Yes they did, but they have said that was heavily subsidised and won't be repeated.


All fun and games but the magazine MagPi offered these for no extra charge, and the magazine cost £5.99. Check it

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Raspberry Pi Zero £4.80 (£7.30 inc P&P) @ The pihut
Found 30th Jun 2017Found 30th Jun 2017
Back in stock? Raspberry Pi Alexa here we come! Edit: There's one with built in Wi-fi and Bluetooth for not much more.

Great, thanks!


Pihole needs to be running 24/7 - so don't turn the pi off when you turn the TV off if running kodi on the same box.




You can certainly run retropie and Kodi on the same one [ it will only ever be running 1 of them at once anyway ] Not sure what sort of processor hot Pi Hole is to know whether you can run it and Kodi/retropie at the same time


Thanks. Can I use one Pi for all three simultaneously? I.e. Pi-hole, retropie with kids games & Kodi for streaming or will I need three different ones?

Raspberry Pi pride sticker £1 p&p @ The pihut
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Celebrate Pride Month with a free (plus P&P ) rainbow Raspberry Pride sticker. Dimensions: 50x50mm. Maximum order 2. £1 p&p
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Liberal garbage voted cold.


​Mines in the closet


aren't most pi's c installed behind TV's, so these are pointless!


If it was a Magnum Pi sticker. Then you may have got some heat op.


So it's a shield, I thought it was a magnet

Raspberry Pi Zero W + Essentials Kit - £14.98 Delivered using code - TWITTER20K. Today only @ Thepihut
Found 20th Apr 2017Found 20th Apr 2017
Raspberry Pi Zero W with 'essentials kit' Use discount code: TWITTER20K Kit details: 4 x Rubber Feet (To protect your Raspberry Pi Zero) 1 x MiniHDMI > HDMI adapter (to allow … Read more

I think the postage is £2.50. The problem is to do with the profit, but more connected to the availability of production capacity in Wales as the production lines give more time to making the Pi3B and other things for the distribution partners, these have a higher profit margin. Because of the limited production time available for Zero they have been in short supply and so RPF decreed a 1 per purchase constraint in an attempt to get them spread round more fairly.


For a 10 year old a Pi3B would be a better option. Quite a bit more expensive (£30ish), but more responsive. People tend to put zeros into projects rather than using them interactively.


OMG I wouldn't want that going on while I am trying to watch TV.


I'm using Hyperion, my set up is quite simple as i only want the full light experience when watching Blu-rays which i do through Kodi and the rest of the time i want a static subtle light as you get from traditional backlights. Personally think it's too much for normal TV watching but if you want that you'll get into cobbling hdmi convertors and image grabbers together which can be fraught with problems. The guide on Hyperion's site makes basic set up sound overly complicated but there are some simple guides on YouTube, look for the most recent ones as Hyperion is open source and therefore ever changing, Great Scott's latest using a zero w isn't bad. Two tips, make sure you get a hefty power supply, at least 20A for 5m strip, will run you about £13 from Amazon, no cheaper direct from China, and spend the extra to get APA102 60/m LEDs, much less likely to have any issues setting them up, colour accuracy is better and effects are smoother, the will run you £30-40 from Aliexpress or silly money if you buy locally. Make sure you tap the power in at several places to avoid patchy colour. Ignore the shaky start butthisgives you a decent idea of what's possible...


Thanks for posting this. I had a Pi Zero W and a couple of spare 40 pin headers in my basket there from earlier today. Glad I spotted this and saved a few £ :)

Raspberry Pi zero W (BUILT IN WIFI BLUETOOTH) - £12.10 Delivered @ The Pi Hut
Found 28th Feb 2017Found 28th Feb 2017
5th anniversary update £9.60 + £2.50 Now with WiFi! Not to be mistaken with the standard Raspberry Pi Zero, this new model has WiFi and Bluetooth built in! Raspberry Pi Zero W (W… Read more

Anyone else find the Pi slow as hell when using the latest version of Rasbian. e.g. chromium maxes out the processor and can barely load a webpage.


Make sure you register your device with FlightAware to get the upgraded membership (Valued at £80/m or something!).


I got the aerial you recommend and now I can track planes to may hearts content, thanks :)


does this not have the pins, to connect directly into a LCD display, instead of through the HDMI?


It's fine for octopi so long as you don't use the camera live. I found viewing the live camera caused 3d prints to stutter on pi zero, no issues on pi3.

Pi Zero £6.50 delivered @ The Pi Hut
Found 5th Jan 2017Found 5th Jan 2017
Back in stock. £4 + £2.50 delivery.
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Thank you very much for this! Spent forever trying to get someone to give me a clear answer. Looking forward to this now :)


It would work fine. I've built a magic mirror using a zero and a Pi 1.. they are more or less identical in terms of how much power they have . You don't need a lot of power for a magic mirror. Good luck.


What are your thoughts on attempting to get a magi mirror 2 running on a pi zero? Once its up and running would you see an issues with processing power on the pi using any modules?


You must become apoplectic when you need to send a postcard or letter then... (_;)


Agreed. Also is 1 per customer. I mean if your willing to pay £2.50 delivery each time...1 per order?

Raspberry Pi 2 B £20 @ The Pi Hut
Found 26th Sep 2016Found 26th Sep 2016
Raspberry Pi 2 B end of line stock. Great price for ARMv7 compatibility before the rumoured Pi 2 B+ (ARMv8) is released.
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Now sold out. p.s. the Raspberry Pi 3 (which came out last Feb) is Arm v8


Not something I've tried myself, but interesting info that might help in this article:


How can you send a text to your customers using this device. I need it for my business




Can this stream hd movies. The first pi lags? Thanks in advance

Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B [thepihut] - £29.50 Delivered
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
Amazing news today! 10,000,000 Raspberry Pis have been sold! To celebrate, PiHUT offering 10% OFF the Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B today! (ends at midnight tonight 8th Sept 2016)
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£28.99 on amazon


It does appear to be the delivered price yes


Is that delivered?

Kodi Edition Raspberry Pi Aluminium Case - £16.00 @ The Pi Hut
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Won't be for everybody but the combination of an aluminium housing, cool Kodi logo, slot in a few seconds assembly and special edition run might make it worth the money to some. A… Read more

If I didn't already have a nice case I would buy it, just to support Kodi for all the good work they have done, so its hot from me.


Sure, you can get cheaper perspex cases if you like, but this is a nice case.


And what so cold about it?


I have one of the earlier version of this. Same shape just without the branding. Its a nice case and the Pi CPU is physically attached to the case via a silicon pad. This turns the whole case into a heatsink. Worth a look especially if you have the Pi 3 which can have thermal issues.


That is an option.

Raspberry Pi Zero in stock - 6.50 delivered @ The Pi Hut
Found 21st Jun 2016Found 21st Jun 2016
Back in stock - £4 for the device and £2.50 shipping

back in stock again

Looks like the one unit per customer limit has been removed too


Pretty cheap! :D


Thanks OP, been waiting ages for stock. Kept missing other releases


Also in stock at Pimoroni

Raspberry Pi Zero £6.50 delivered @ The Pi Hut
Found 14th Jun 2016Found 14th Jun 2016
Back in stock, same deal as Pimoroni few days ago - £4 for the device and £2.50 shipping

Make you laugh really they know this is going to be very popular and yet they have run out already with-in a few hours you would think they would buy 100s more because they will sell at that price.




Apparently put stock up today because packing staff are off thursday ?

Pi Zero back in stock £6.50 delivered @ PiHut
Found 8th Jun 2016Found 8th Jun 2016
Raspberry Pi Zero back in stock, fulfilling now!

If you're setting up a pi with retropie then just go with the Pi 3 instead of the zero, it's so much more powerful. It can easily play most PSX games you throw at it, N64 is a bit hit or miss though. Anything below PSX emulates well though.


I don't think there are any emulators that handle n64 stuff well. Not a problem with the pi, just the software. I think gamecube is out of reach.


Another option is the Odroid-XU4 or Odroid-XU3,some footage of emulation here


Thanks mate.


Yay for tiny handheld games consoles! :3

Raspberry Pi Zero in stock @ thepihut £6.50 Delivered
Found 8th Jun 2016Found 8th Jun 2016
You should all know what these are by now. The Pi Zero is back in stock for the cheap price of £6.50 including postage. Back in stock as of 2016-06-08 19:22 - phox
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Are you new to the internet ? It's not £2.50 postage per item, it's per order.


It's the incredibly low price making the board embeddable, you won't need all the adapters for a specific project


thanks for this - managed to get one at 7pm thanks to you


Been wondering what the hype about PiZero is? Must be the price? It's got the power of the 1st gen Pi which is now slower for what most ppl end up using it for (kodi etc) and doesn't have an Ethernet port so can't be used for PiHole. It needs a load of adopters/converters sticking out of it to do most things too. I guess Zero is for people who really want to program on em!?


Back in stock!

Raspberry Pi Zero Back in Stock £4 + Shipping from £2.50 @ The Pi Hut
Found 1st Jun 2016Found 1st Jun 2016
Back in stock now, even the standalone £4 version! Stock didn't last more than a day last time so dive in! Shipping from £2.50 on my order. Must add - 1 per customer again.

Changed Link so it goes to pi only for £4 - Thanks 3scoops


Select single unit in the drop down. I've ordered one to build an ip camera. Thanks OP :)


£27 from link


bought one from pimoroni and 1 from pi hut. can build the projects i was working on now


Ordered a spare..the happy man