There Will Be Blood £2.99 @ HMV
There Will Be Blood £2.99 @ HMV

There Will Be Blood £2.99 @ HMV

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Director Paul Thomas Anderson's THERE WILL BE BLOOD is a masterly, unflinching examination of a consummately evil man. Daniel Plainview (via a transcendent performance by the great Daniel Day-Lewis) is, as he likes to remind those around him, an oil man: he finds it, he drills for it, and he makes money from it. Following a tip from a visitor named Paul Sunday, whose family sits atop a veritable ocean of oil, Plainview travels to the town of New Boston, California, with his young son. Sunday's preacher brother Eli (both roles are played by the excellent Paul Dano) grudgingly accepts Plainview's ambitions under the condition that he help fund the town church. As Plainview's plans come to fruition, a series of events begin to fracture the insular world he has constructed for himself, pitting Plainview against Sunday and forcing him to become even more vindictive and ruthless.


excellent film :thumbsup:

amazing film

For the sake of balance...

AWFUL film.

Ordered my copy last week at this price, therefore, hot!

Great film, 3-1!

Debatable film... it's good... but really boring too.


For the sake of balance...AWFUL film.

Boring. If only it was more about the oil exploration...

Good Deal, £ 4.17 in Amazon. Good film but very long at 2hr 30min but glad I watched it to the end.

great film,ordered the bodyguard -special edition at the same price too..

Not much blood, not much good. Overrated.

I enjoyed the performances very much, especially Paul Dano who shuffles and slithers his way through both roles with apparent ease. The soundtrack is also very fitting and where suitable, epic. It is, though, long (2 hours and 38 mins) and in places, you are certainly aware of how slowly it moves along - quite heavy going. I would say not maybe for the "popcorn" crowd, but good if you have a few hours to kill. For £2.99, you can't go wrong for the sake of curiosity, but it won't be for everyone. Hot!

There will be ham.

I have voted this hot and i drink your milkshake.

For 3 quid its always worth a try if you haven't seen it yet. I have to say i saw it online on a small monitor so i didn't watch it properly and i didn't like it much. The opening scene seemed promising(mainly because there wasn't any dialogue). I know many who do love this film though but it just didn't keep my attention.


For the sake of balance...AWFUL film.

not too many films ive ever felt cheated by but this was one.

DDL was great as ever but it was a pile of pish.

It dragged out a bit too much

Some good performances though and worth £3

Perfect film.

Superb film Daniel Day Lewis deserved his oscar and Paul Dano was superb as the evangelical preacher Eli Sunday, praise the lord!

What a bunch of philistines. This movie is sublime.
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