Therion: Live Gothic - £3.99 delivered @ Hmv!

Therion: Live Gothic - £3.99 delivered @ Hmv!

Found 26th Aug 2009
Therion are a symphonic metal band. This performance of their blend of classical and operatic music with metal was captured at a gig in Poland. This appears to be the DVD+2CD edition, which has an RRP of about £20!



Thanks for the post cowbutt

I've added a price and retailer name to your title, we always try to include these when posting deals.

Goes into basket at £13.99 i'm afraid

Definitely just the DVD, but a good price. I thought Gothic was their best album yet.

Edit: Goes in the basket at £16.99 so not such a bargain after all........

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Hmm, I've got an order confirmation at £3.99, so I guess we'll wait and see whether HMV honour it or not!

EDIT: It's on it's way, apparently! Lucky me!

EDIT: It arrived and it was the DVD+2CD version. Woot!
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