ThermaGear Heated Hat £2.49 @ maplin c&c

ThermaGear Heated Hat £2.49 @ maplin c&c

Found 13th Jan 2018
Ideal if you work outdoors since its wind and water resistant

heat pack reaches up to 70°C for up to eight hours
• Comfortable beanie design
• Uses heat packs (two included) in concealed pockets to generate heat
• Water and wind resistant

How does this hat keep me warm?
In cool weather you can lose a lot of heat through your head, so it’s important to keep it covered. This hat goes one step further and actively heats your head, keeping you toasty warm. The hat has concealed pouches to contain the heat packs that provide the warmth. Brave the cold for longer with each pack lasting up to eight hours.

What is this hat made out of?
The beanie hat has a comfortable and functional TRI-LON PLUS advanced soft shell fleece construction. The hat is also water and wind resistant to keep you going through bad weather. The heat pack can easily be removed from their pockets and replaced when they run out (two are included, replacement Order Code A84WH).
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Anyone know if these are any good?
70°C on your head? Isn't that asking for heatstroke?

Edit: If the first of the three reviews for the heat pads is correct, that isn't likely to be a problem.
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Just picked mine up, won’t use the heat pads with it, but for £2.49 it’s a decent outdoor winter hat.
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LMAO that suits this post so well
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