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Posted 25 August 2022

Thermos 1.2L flask £12.50 @ Asda Wigan

In store: Lancashire · Asda Deals
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Seen in Asda Wigan seems good deal

Usually see it around £20

About 7 left on shelf

Not sure if nationwide

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  1. Avatar
    That must be one helluva of a flask for £12.50.What does it do apart from keeping your liquid hot.
    Unbreakable these flasks bargain...
  2. Avatar
    These flasks are genuinely unbelievably good. 24hrs still boiling. Still steaming 48hrs later after being in my car boot during winter. Amazing.
  3. Avatar
    This an amazing price for 1.2 liter flask. It's absolutely sold flask. I paid £17.50 for the same flask in December 2021.
  4. Avatar
    Amazing deal. I'm happy with mine at £23! (edited)
  5. Avatar
    These are amazing flasks. I have the daddy flask , the mummy flask and the baby flask. Look so good together and work great too
  6. Avatar
    Agree with the above, these are outstanding and well worth the money. Buy buy buy!
  7. Avatar
    Looks the same as my thermos kingflask I paid alot more for
  8. Avatar
    Same offer in Leigh Asda. I bought 2 and used immediately to keep boiling water. (Obviously curious with the positive comments here) It's certainly not boiling next day but it's still hot enough to burn my tonuge when I made coffee this morning! If I bothered to preheat them, like it tells you to in the instructions, I can see it lasting 48 hours hot.
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    Just picked one up in Fareham. About 5 or 6 more on the shelf and didn't even have a yellow label which made it look like normal price
  10. Avatar
    Is this store specific? Full price after scanning at my local
    A few people got them at different stores so unlikely to be store specific. Might be a pricing error that was corrected?
  11. Avatar
    Thanks. Picked the last one in Cardiff