Thermos Stainless King Flask with Handle 1.2L Blue £14.99 @ amazon

Thermos Stainless King Flask with Handle 1.2L Blue £14.99 @ amazon

Found 2nd Aug 2014
good price, good product

Thermos, double wall vacuum insulated steel drinks flask.

Virtually unbreakable, dent resistant stainless steel body for ultimate performance. Integrated lid acts as a cup.

Designed to keep drinks hot for up to 24 hours, and cold for 24 hours
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anyone got one? what are they like??

anyone got one? what are they like??

sorry could not help you.

I only own 2 Thermos Ultimate Flask, Graphite, Steel, they are very good. I always drink them up within 6 hours still very hot. After overnight it still warm.

problem with this kind of flask, they could not pour easily (on a moving bus), you have to unscrew the narrow tap but at the same time they keep the water hot

I do think the price is great as it always over £20 if you need one. amazon always change price so keep an eye on it if you like.

do remember only the larger size flask could hold the hot water longer (as it claimed 24 hours hot/24 hours cold)

I am afraid a lot of products now manufacturing in China and product reviews (some good and at the same time really bad) show the quality control maybe not up to standard.

I could suggest use amazon as you could send it back after testing with water, if not good, dry it completely and send back for refund (no shipping charge for non up to standard item).

Hope some owner could answer you enquiry.

Sorry didn't see your reply! As I'm normally on the app and you can't see the mail
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