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Unlimited Fibre Plus & Any Time Plus monthly cost (+ £30 activatiion fee for non SSE customers)
Found 27th OctFound 27th Oct
A similar deal has been posted already, but it's not entirely accurate. Topcashback of £151.50 (site says it ends tomorrow, but it's rolled over at least once already). I signed… Read more

Unexpire as the Topcashback is still running.


Regarding the jump downwards, it feels absolutely awful. I recall back in the day when 10 then 20meg was great and and thrilled to have it now 32 seems like treacle. Granted a lot of the time it doesn't matter for general browsing but downloads, streaming and gaming it like treacle. Night and day.


I’ve just cancelled Virgin Media and have switched to SSE taking the £151 cashback on offer. Only intending to use them for a couple of months then go back to Virgin for a new customer deal and hopefully some cashback for that too!! Nervous about the jump from 350 Mb to 36 Mb speeds which is the max I’m likely to get where I live.


I'm on SSE fibre and tested Linux torrent speeds throughout the day to see if there was noticeable traffic management - torrents ran at full speed at all times. SSE also have a rolling one month contract and typically decent cashback, there is nothing to lose for potential customers.


I believe SSE use traffic management, if that's still the case then best to avoid if you watch any streams etc.

SSE Unlimited Fibre Plus (include line rental) + £90 Quidco Cashback - £390 total
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
So looking for a new provider as my existing BT has now finished (remember this… Read more
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So just a quick update as I got my arse into gear, spoken to the retention team and signed a new contract for £32 for highest BT Fibre line of 67MB. Signed for 18 months. Isn't too bad I suppose.


so a reading a lot of reviews it seems quite bad....


Absolutely horrific. Would not touch with a barge pole. Oh and good luck trying to get out of the contract.


Been with SSE since moving to my new house, nearly 3 years now, I can't really fault it. We're not on the top end of Fibre only 17mb due to the area being pretty poor - but three tv's can stream tv without a problem. Torrent downloading without anyone else on the connection can hit 2mb - no trotting on this end. Lastly, I tried BT briefly - but I didn't rate it the customer service was poor, it seemed to be slower than SSE and something I hadn't realised everything was blocked - no Kodi, no torrenting, could barely stream - I was able to get out luckily. Personally, I just wish the speed was faster, but thats not SSE's fault - the deal along with the Quidco is a bargain.


I also took advantage of their £21 a month deal, never had any issues, would have stayed with them, but their prices went up a lot and got a better deal with Sky. I found SSE really reliable, the hub supplied at the time was better than my current sky hub, I actually had to buy a powerline for my son to use his ps4 online, which I didn't need to do with SSE.

SSE Fibre Broadband 38Mbps + phone - £30 Connection fee (monthly commitment) £24pm plus possible £90 TCB
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
The price is decent-ish already, but add that its on a rolling monthly contract and the possible £90 TCB and I'm struggling to see what the catch is. £30 activation, but there is … Read more

£30 connection fee still not mentioned in thread cost & title at time of this post. And the OP statement of "but there is no minimum contract term on this product" is incorrect as the minimum term is 28 days.


I don't post deals often so I might be mistaken, but I didn't do any 12m calculation in any post or the title. I can see it's been put there now, but not sure who by.


Arbitrary minimum 12m cost mentioned in prev post in line with the deal title that quotes incorrect 12m cost of £288, not the actual £318 cost.


Maximum cost I'd say, but in any case the 12m is an arbitrary term. I'm usually not in it for a quick cashback buck, but as a bridging provider it sounds quite useful.


Fair observation. So minimum cost over 12m is £30 connection + (12 x £24) = £318.

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Cheap 38Mbps Fibre Broadband and Line - No Contract Length! - SSE - Existing Customers Only - £24 per month
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
Seems pretty good to me. No fixed term unlike most other providers who are 18/24 month contracts. Price seems to be among the best for a phone line and fibre. No connection charges… Read more
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£55 cashback from topcashback making it £19 per month, no set up cost and no fixed term contract. Good deal for existing customer.


You can get just the line rental and 38mb fibre for £24 on a 30 day rolling contract. Thats only £3 more than the contract i was on (same as you). It says you have to be a sse energy customer but if you ask to speak to a manager and say you are coming to the end of your contract they will apply the £5 loyalty discount to keep you. My line will only handle 42mb thanks to BT's useless copper and aluminium lines from the exchange so no point paying for 76mb.


Internet is fine during the day but absolutely rubbish broadband speeds after 6pm. Dropping from 72mbps to 5mbps. Complained many times and was refunded my broadband cost every time, SSE admitted traffic management & congestion when speaking to managers. SSE are just selling an average service via bottom of the pile Daisy Wholesale. They allowed me to leave penalty free & I am never going back unless they change their traffic management policy.


as the poster above said, just their standard offering with the extra charge on top for anytime calls. you can get the £100 card for fibre as well though if you go through moneysupermarket


Looks like their Standard offering (non fibre) £21.50 BB + £4.50 Anytime calls

easy extra money Up to £90 cashback +£50 voucher for double switching your gas & electricity @ SSE via Topcashback
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Up to £90 cashback +£50 voucher for double switching your gas & elektricity. Cheap gas and elektricity rates.

​Loads of deals like this now.. I know you can't expect something for nothing but these deals are basically giving you your own money so they can gain your custom. Don't know how they get away with it, car insurance, home insurance, broadband, tv packages all doing this scam... It's not honest at all.


SSE was heartless. Last year, I had to switch my elderly neighbour's electricity for him. One lone frail man paying more than £1100 for a 3 bedroom house a year. I switched for him so that he only paid £14 per month - the one with Ebico and then I changed his gas to Daligas. But now I am with Ebico zero (with Nottingham and this month they actually lowered my DD to £9 whilst most companies will use winter as an excuse to bulk up their DDs.. I am now with Zog for gas! I had to chase Daligas up for my refund as they raised their gas DD for me during winter months, using the Grid's recommendation as an excuse. I don't mind their raising the tariffs, but going mute on my excess payments and only paid up when I emailed them was not nice. Was refunded £11 after emailing them.


Worth getting a quote based on your usage


You'd save more money by getting a cheaper dual fuel deal.


In my experience SSE are a dodgy bunch of feckers. Me, my other half and my ma signed up with Ebico some time back. We were sent the SSE gas card and key for electric (all PAYG) and in all cases loaded the meters with their own tariffs which were more expensive and all had standing charges.. 3 months and 5 cards later everything was sorted. Wonder how many other Ebico customers they pulled that trick on that haven't twigged.. (mad)

Early Access on Shows at Wembley Arena, Hyrdo Glasgow and Arena Belfast as an SSE customer
Found 27th Sep 2017Found 27th Sep 2017
Early Access on gigs/shows at Wembley Arena, Hyrdo Glasgow and Arena Belfast if your an SSE customer. Used today to get early tickets for Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds. Useful i… Read more
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Cheers for your help, appreciated (highfive)


Checked on and it does say Atlantic power so all you need to do is sign up.


I will give Atlantic power a call sometime! Thanks again. Btw your visit site and get deal link doesn't work!


Not sure try and see what happens


garethsmith72 Do you or anyone else on this thread no if as an Atlantic power customer who are owned and part of the sse company, would I be eligible for this offer?

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SSE Heating Cover - equiv. £15.75/month (£189 p.a.) NO EXCESS @ SSE
Found 26th Sep 2017Found 26th Sep 2017
* FREE for 2 months. Then £18.90 for the remaining 10 months. Plus £40 energy credit for SSE energy customers * Repairs to your boiler, controls and full central heating system… Read more
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What puts me off these plans is they are all direct debit only schemes which makes cancelling a ball ache.


how much does it typically cost for an annual boiler service these days?


Been with SSE and only needed to call them out once and even then the boiler just needed a rest. It is a peace of mind but the renewal price is £18.90 per month for the same cover. paying £16.90 at the moment. Been searching and found the following from SWALE. anyone with them?


I do use SSE , but only their one off fee which is £150. If there is something serious wrong with your boiler like the pump going or PCB fault. The £150 all in fix is good. Worth bearing in mind.


Have a Worcester boiler installed by accredited installer and get up to 10 year guarantee provided you have boiler serviced by them. See

Unlimited Fibre Broadband and Line Rental - No Contract - SSE - £28 (Energy Customers)
Found 5th Sep 2017Found 5th Sep 2017
Ok, this one looks good. SSE are offering their energy customers unlimited fibre broadband for £28 a month. Admittedly there are cheaper deals out there, but the clincher for this … Read more
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Yes on normal use - running speedtests at It started off not quite good then after a few months the throttling started. Many many phone calls later they temporarily stopped the throttling however it soon kicked back in. Search hotukdeals for the mega thread on the


I'm on the 18 month for £21 contract for the line rental and 'free fibre'. I haven't had any problems honestly, at the beginning I wasn't sure about download speeds but I think it was less about throttling and just our area. Our area does only get 17mb fibre - which is very disappointing but thats across the board. But once I began streaming all of my content and its brilliant - paid or unpaid services worked great. If the price was right - I'd be happy to stay - but if not, Talk Talks prices stay the same later in the year, I think we'll go there.


I'm coming to the end of an 18 month contract with them £23/month inc 76mb fibre, line rental and anytime calls. Have to agree with the others, great during the day but throttled to death of an evening. Have complained and complained and to their credit i have had a lot of money back but don't think i will stay once my contract is up.


on normal use? (ie not torrent crap) I'm with them on the 76mb service, don't get throttled at all, apart from torrents, which I only downloaded to test after seeing others saying they were getting bad speeds (I got 37kb hahaha) but newgroups downloads I max out my 40mb limit on an evening no problem.


If you value your sanity don't touch this with a bargepole - throttled from 55mbps during the day to 2mbps every evening.

SSE free appliance scheme - Free Appliances for Eligible Benefit Claimants
Found 13th May 2017Found 13th May 2017
Posting this as most ppl might not be aware of this scheme (i wasn't ) the application is simple and If ur struggling and need a new appliance then hopefully this MIGHT help in som… Read more

This post is only cold and expired because of the hate for people on benefits. Typical right wing society we live in...


someone needs to relook into this and unexpire it, some may be missing out. A little more clarification on the steps in a post would be great....


Why is this expired?


What I'm saying is its a DEAL for customers nota FREEBIE so is in the right place


So what your saying is that this is a freebie that you pay for! And it's not free because you have to be a customer to get it free. Nice logic.

Free tickets for the Women's FA cup final for SSE Customers
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
Claim up to 8 free tickets to the to the 2017 women's FA cup final @ wembley with SSE Rewards (southern electric customers only) under 16's also free. game is 13th May. I attended … Read more

There are literally better footballers in men's Sunday league


That's why I said 'probably'.


Well SSE were tge cheapest for me when i uswitvhed???


I would like to see highlights on motd, I watched a bit of the game live last year. Wouldn't watch it all. I can see why they give away tickets. About 4 people in the stadium.


Good way to catch up on your sleep.

FREE £100 Love to Shop gift card (new and existing duel fuel) plus £77 cash back QUIDCO
Found 18th Nov 2016Found 18th Nov 2016
I've just switched to SSEs fix and shop tariff and received £50 per fuel, £100 total, received within 2 weeks of placing my order! This is open to new and existing customers Plus … Read more
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there's not a region in the UK where customers can't find fixed deals a lot more than £100 cheaper than the OP's however - I do see a use for it: 1. you're moving house - if you time it right you could get the deal & the £100 vouchers then leave the new owners saddled with this pea-poor tariff 2. you're a serial switcher - you get this deal & the vouchers then switch to one of the countless better deals straight away - if you time this for non-winter months (ie no central heating) then the over-priced bills you pay with SSE are not a major consideration (maybe 2 months worth?)


What makes you think I am overpaying? I don't live in an area that SSE have provision rights for, so they could well be the cheapest option for me. They're not, it's OVO Energy, who I use, but changes in every postcode based on your consumption. So wind your neck in, mind your own business and let the people can benefit from the OP's post do so, until you have actual relevant information to everyone this could affect. Have a nice day.


You had enough yet luvsadealdealdeal ?!


awful deal :)


freezing in hell iced over

Up to 76MB Super fast broadband Unlimited and Callsfor £21pm including line rental with  £378 SSE
Found 10th Nov 2016Found 10th Nov 2016
Take advantage of this 18-month offer when you take either of our phone packages – Talk Anytime or Talk Anytime Plus. This is currently the cheapest out there at this Speed
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I have noticed that 2GHZ band is not great on this router compared to 5Ghz.. Giving me now full 71mb download on wireless. so avoid using 2Ghz band ... and yes getting full speeds even after 5pm..


Waiting for Black Friday ... were some awesome deals on at the time last year. If the trend continues, I'd try to ensure I take out a 12 month deal every Black Friday.


We've been with them for 5 months now, we're happy. Torrenting and uploading aren't great. But streaming tv online and browsing the internet aren't a problem. Disappointedly, the area only gets 18mb at its fastest, so we got get the benefits of the ultra fast internet but we are running 3 TVs that are all streaming at the same time and have no issues - so no complaints here.


I also got this phoned them up its likely you are with talk talk / sky or some one else that has took your line for their own network I have the misfortune to be with talk talk ) you can get it but its a llu un-bundle fee of 36 £ something


i got £131.30 cashback paid but had 6 weeks of hell, you tube buffering, downloads on my Sky box taking hours when they should take a few minutes, glad i finally left

SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband upto 76mbps + talk Anytime 18M contract £21 - £378
Found 15th Oct 2016Found 15th Oct 2016
SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband upto 76mbps + talk Anytime 18M contract £21 My virgin media broadband contract (£22.99 for 75mbps) is coming to and end next month. I have no idea wh… Read more

[/quote]Check post #24.... Quidco is now back down to 110 and MasterCard is 125. But noticed the line rental is down to 28.49. [/quote] cheers for the reply.. didnt realise that wife could go on as a new customer (doesnt the same surname pose problems?).. now its working out to be 17/pm (without the simo) which is still reasonable i guess but not quite as sweet as 13/pm :) thinking of waiting till the black friday and see if there's anything special from BT then..


Check post #24.... Quidco is now back down to 110 and MasterCard is 125. But noticed the line rental is down to 28.49.


Assuming it's a standard 12 month deal and you having to pay £30 termination fee and nothing else to get a new phone number it's working out roughly £8/month... Cracking deal, well done..... Is the offer still on or did you have to chat with them for the bt sport offer + mobile bit? Cheers


I cancelled by BT and service ends next week. Wife applied as a new customer and BT resupply us a day after I get disconnected. So getting the following * BT Infinity 1 (£11 pm) * New telephone number + free weekend calls (I also want the socket moved so this saves me money doing it privately). (£19pm but I paid £205 upfront line rental saver) * BT Vision with free BT Sports package (£10 upfront cost - £0pm) * SIMO unlimited mins / texts and 500MB 4G data (£5pm) Wife went through Quidco so we get the following things back (hopefully) * Quidco £160 * BT Rewards Mastercard £150 (Claim 2-3 weeks after BT Infinity 1 activation) * BT Rewards iTunes £20 (Claim 2-3 weeks after BT SIMO activation) p.s I really liked my last 12 months with BT. No traffic shaping. Always max speed. Wife n kids have not uttered the dreaded word "buffering" in the last year.


In the same boat as yours.. Most likely Ditching BT infinity 1 to go back to the standard copper plusnet internet.. In my experience a more reliable internet connection (tad slower but no noticeable change watching YouTube or Netflix) than the bt's infinity 1 which can be intermittent at different time of the days although faster when it does work... I was advised to her the contract taken over by a new supplier to avoid paying the termination charge so that's what I'll do

Fibre Broadband (76MB) With Anytime Calls £378 Inc Line Rental @ SSE (18m contract)
Found 9th Oct 2016Found 9th Oct 2016
MONTHLY COST BREAKDOWN: £5.00 call bundle, £0.00 broadband and £16.00 line rental per month. It's an 18-month fixed term contract for both the broadband and phone servi… Read more
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Contacted them today and been told that my area doesn't have fibre optic line :/ so they offer my standard 17mbps plan with £29 which is more expensive than fibre optic plus 23 days for the installation


You could do the BT deal today and just delay installation until after your contract ended? The BT deal is very good - especially through Topcashback!


Finally managed to leave this contract penalty free. Moved from EE to SSE and the speed dropped overnight. Was paying for 75mbps but got as low as 4mbps with the majority of the time under the minimum guaranteed speed of 50mbps. I would estimate I made close to 20 phone calls, 30 or so emails. Finally took it to Ombudsman and they've found in my favour. SSE staff are friendly and appear helpful, but they never solved my problem with speed. I definitely wouldn't recommend. Oh, and it made me laugh when I tried to cancel and they said the cancellation fee was higher than the remainder of my contract!!


Same here, TalkTalk contract ended yesterday and the best they could offer me with their new packages was a 40% hike on what I was paying before. No thanks!


Try Sky.

SSE 38mb or 78 mb fibre broadband back to any customer £21 p/m for 18 months Total £378
Found 3rd Oct 2016Found 3rd Oct 2016
£21.00 per month FREE SSE Ultrafast Fibre Broadband with our Talk Anytime package MONTHLY COST BREAKDOWN: £5.00 call bundle, £0.00 broadband and £16.00 line rental per … Read more

Worth waiting till the end of October, under new ofcom rules, ISPs have to provide a no line rental option for Fibre, as Vodafone have started to do so, and now Talktalk too. Should mean clearer prices. Independents like Entanet are no better of late, it seems sites like Apple and Microsoft get heavily throttled to a few kbps during the day, to push people using it for business purposes onto a Biz contract. Its causing Windows 10 Updates to fail, which is annoying as its left in the update log. Especially bad on the day after Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, Entanet don't seem to have the daytime capacity to cope anymore. Sad, as they used to be excellent. I did sign up for SSE, but cancelled in the cooling off (when they had the £126-£136 cashback), decided better the devil I know. Glad I didn't sign up now, reading the latest feedback, Entanet can be annoying but mostly OK outside Biz hours. Assume the cashback has disappeared because SSE were fiddling it. It didn't track for me, I've a pretty much 100% success with TCB other than that SSE transaction.


We're talking about broadband providers here. All i'm saying is, don't be put of by a low rating for SSE on TrustPilot, because all broadband providers do on there.


I can't find the unlimited calls deal from Talk talk for £27. Can you please provide the link? thanks


You've managed to miss the point entirely. Richer Sounds proves they do! :p


Yeah that well known broadband provider Richer Sounds... great comparison.

Scottish and Southern Energy fibre broadband (existing customers only) 78mb plus unlimited calls £21/m 18months £378 term
Found 12th Jun 2016Found 12th Jun 2016
From moneysaving expert Available to: 83% of UK Speed: Up to 76Mb Download limit: Unlimited Traffic shaping? Yes, at peak times Contract length: 18 months Deal requires line re… Read more

about an hour


Thanks - better agree to it then. Presumably it won't take more than 15 minutes?


yes i have had a visit, let them come and it will prove nothing wrong then u can leave , bt will plug some things in and do some tests to check the line


Like many in here I'm struggling to get a reasonable speed with SSE in the evenings. I know - and they must know - that the reason is simply inadequate capacity. I had no problem at all until I switched to SSE, and that's the only thing that's changed. Despite that, they're insisting on having an engineer visit, which from my point of view is just a waste of time. Has anyone else had a visit, and does it achieve anything? What do they need access to, what do they do, and is there a possible benefit to me out of what will effectively be a free visit? The BT connection hasn't been changed for a few years now but there's a double outlet socket marked ADSL v1.0, which is probably still current for fibre. Or is it?


It's because when Sky sort out your broadband they use the cables in the ground to your house (BT's cabling), BUT, they use their own routers inside the green cabinets at the end of the street so you technically don't have a route back to BT. SSE rent the line off BT so a guy needs to come out and move the cabling back to the BT router inside the green box. If you are already with BT (or another company who rent off them) then the line test will go through fine and you can get the cashback.

FREE Unlimited Ultrafast 76 Mbps Fibre Optic Broadband with Talk Anytime (local/national and 20 international countries)+FREE connection and Router delivery cost @ SSE. £21 per month for 18 month contract (£136.50 cashback with TCB makes it £13.41)
Found 14th May 2016Found 14th May 2016
This deal is only if your area has been upgraded to Fibre Optic already. I have only just taken out a contract, so cannot go for this one. Seems amazing to me. £21 is all you pay (… Read more
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SSE 76mb broadband, any time calls, inc. line rental, £21 / 18 months - £378
Found 6th May 2016Found 6th May 2016
MONTHLY COST £ 21.00 Total £378 ***£136 cash back TCB*** FREE unlimited fibre broadband for 18 months with Talk Anytime package Truly unlimited downloads Download speeds of up to… Read more
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Probably how they make their money. Can't believe it took so long!


Finally resolved at the Ombudsmen level. SSE have today refunded the termination fees, which is all I asked them to do in the first place!


If I'm honest, SSE have been brilliant for me. Constant 70+mb. The customer service is in this country too so easy enough when I contacted them. I'll probably renew come december! I do live near to the exchange though.


Finally transferred over to BT yesterday morning. All my issues are now resolved, what a surprise! SSE still maintain there is nothing wrong with their service. I have requested they waive the termination fees (which are £24.39 for BB and £53.51 for the phone line) they have refused. As a result we are at deadlock so I will take this to the ombudsman.


Worst internet I ever had. Literally unusable 90% of the day. My 40mb sky was much better. The wifi on sse router is awful. Tried all wireless channel. Apart from the price. I would have left ages ago. Almost a year with them. I end up using my 4g data more than wifi because of unusable it is

Tefal Gv8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator - Lowest Ever Price £80.75 @ SSEShop
Found 5th Apr 2016Found 5th Apr 2016
I have posted this item at £139 last year when I bought it, and deal was made hot, but it expired later. Price went down to £115 recently, now to £85. Really powerful and high qual… Read more

Just ordered, excellent. Seems well over £200 in most places including amazon, just checked camelcamel , not showing as ever as low as £95 on amazon? Looks a cracker though may need a nightclass to get to grips


It seems it is back in stock.


seems they're all gone... I wonder if someone bought a lot of them in one go, ;-)


ordered thanks a lot


Ordered Thanks

Panasonic ES-LV65-S811 5 Blade Wet / Dry Shaver £82.65 with code @ SSE Energy
Found 30th Mar 2016Found 30th Mar 2016
Panasonic ES-LV65-S811 5 Blade Wet / Dry Shaver. Use code GIVEME5 to get this price.

Thanks for this one. Ordered with code for a great price.


Heat added. Went for the Panasonic ES-LV95 for £99 - £300 plus most places


Does this work corded. In other words plugged in at mains?


Bic 2 sensitive disposables are mostly my razor of choice for a wet shave, i rate them highly........ I do the whole DE traditional malarky as well occasionally, but only when i can bothered with the time it takes. And of course i use the excellent Panny leccy shaver at other times..... but it only shaves well for me if i have only one days stubble.


I couldn't agree with you more, but if I had a wet shave every day I'd get a nasty shaving rash. I'd have to let it grow for 4 or 5 days to avoid the rash, so for me this is the next best thing.