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Zanussi ZWF01483WH 10kg ,  A+++ , Washing Machine Only £217.55 delivered - with code @ SSE Shop.
Found 27th Mar 2016Found 27th Mar 2016
What a Bargain for only £217 delivered ! Use Code GIVEME5 at checkout for 5% Discount . No waste, no fuss, just clean. The LINDO300 washing machine guarantees big capacity, littl… Read more
monitor1 Gone up now.


Send me a link


Looks like it's been taken off :( Any more ideas?


Sold out I think. Link is saying OOS

Indeed VW result is very reliable as it is fixed!

Panasonic TX 40CS520B - 40" LED Smart TV £284.05 with 5 year warranty (SSE)
Found 15th Mar 2016Found 15th Mar 2016
Same spec as the 50 inch model posted last week but 10 inches smaller! Enter GIVEME5 at checkout to get it for £284.05



How has this not gone hot? the other deal is up to 755 degrees and this is better IMO!


Yes, always Czech which factory your Panasonic is made to avoid ending up with a Turkey © edit: my legal team advise that I need to apply copyright to the above as it will get used to death on these forums :D


Bought the 50 for myself last week when I was looking for a deal on a 40 for my mum and ordered this earlier after spotting the price drop on Amazon - was about to post the deal but beaten to it :-) At £285 it's probably a slightly better deal than £350 for the bigger one!


Bought this for my parents,their tv has dead pixels on their Samsung. Samsung was only 3 years old when a "blackening" started to appear on the screen. Thought this would be a good deal,as at least the 5 year guarantee gives peace of mind that if the same kind of thing happened,it would be rectified one way or another.

Panasonic TX-50CS520B 50 Inch Smart HD LED TV - £351.01 Southern Electric (SSE) - including 5 year warranty
Found 11th Mar 2016Found 11th Mar 2016
Panasonic TX-50CS520B 50 Inch Smart HD LED TV - Southern Electric (SSE) 5% off voucher code: GIVEME5 Price including postage £351.01 Includes 5 year warranty with Panasonic. N… Read more
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Also found the AV forums settings too white, just upped the colour and it's pretty good now.


Also used AV forums setting but think the picture is too light (white) anyone find same just not sharp


Anyone found decent sound settings ?


Gutted , switched it on and screen full of green lines, picture does not fill the entire screen, will have to use panasonic warranty as i used a courier company to ship it to ireland and i have no way of sending it back to SSE,


Got my warranty email today after putting in for it yesterday. Used email as proof of purchase and the barcode from the box

Panasonic NA-148VB6WGB A+++ 8kg Washing Machine 5 years warranty £348.18 (using giveme5 code) + £45 cashback @ the SSE shop
Found 18th Jan 2016Found 18th Jan 2016
I think is not a bad price for a 8KG washing machine with 5 years warranty.
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Which model do you have? We know the chinese manufactured models have poor reliability but does this extend to the Turkish Vestel models. A large number of washing machines on the market are Vestel and like the other Turkish manufacturer Beko seem to have good reliability. If you look here at Australia who because of location get the Chinese models mainly their reputation is very poor.


You will need that 5 year warranty I have had nothing but trouble with Panasonic washing machines they look great but mine has been replaced and repaired more times than I can remember. The independent shop which Has few in the midlands where I got mine from stopped selling them because of people having problems with them. Mine is on its way out again the pump makes loads of noise when draining but it's out of warranty now. I used to fix white goods a long time ago and the parts are very pricey for these and the fix is normally a lot harder than other machines.


Panasonic service is awful. Avoid avoid avoid!


​What number did you call?


Also worth pointing out this person has posted this negative review on just about all Panasonic washing machines on Amazon completely ruining the purpose of the review so its unclear which model they actually purchased.

Panasonic ES-ST25 electric shaver £34.50 SSE
Found 10th Jan 2016Found 10th Jan 2016
New stock of this excellent wet and dry shaver, not as cheap as the previous deal but at £34.50 and free delivery it's a bargain for what is a very good and we'll made shaver. Beat… Read more

OOS as of 20th February it seems, but remember the discount code of GIVEME5 when it comes back into stock ;)


Very good ;)


Only a small margin, so just beats it by a whisker. :)


It's the best electric shaver I've used in 20+ years of shaving, albeit by a small (but clearly noticeable) margin :)


Just ordered, code still very much valid (29/1/16, 9:40pm) - I hope it is as good as all the reviews on the interweb :) Thanks OP :)

Panasonic ES-RT47 3-Blade Electric Shaver £19.48 with code at SSE shop!
Found 19th Dec 2015Found 19th Dec 2015
Panasonic ES-RT47 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men £19.48 with code at SSE shop Use code GIVEME5 for discount. Could not link direct because I have posted before. The sha… Read more
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I simply don't believe that would be possible without replacing the blades and foil several times.


All true. Still, the man's had the same Panny shaver for FIFTEEN YEARS! That's value!


Unfortunately using a brand name as your sole criterion for prediction of reliability means very little except that you're playing into the hands of marketing. And a sample of one is statistically insignificant too. Technology has changed out of all recognition in 15 years so the current models might be far worse and/or their competitors might be far better.


I've had a Panasonic electric shaver for over 15 years and it's still going. The ES4025. The only reason I am looking for a new shaver is one metal piece of the foil has gone. When you think how quickly disposable razors last (weeks) and these electric foils are still effective for years it is amazing. Battery is still OK too. Not as it was when new but that's to be expected. Bottom line with my Panasonic is that it will last long enough that you'll replace the razor before any parts.


Good deal !

Panasonic ES-SL41 shaver £20.50( £19.48 with code ) @ SSE Shop
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Cheap price for rechargable Panasonic shaver. Use code GIVEME5 to get the price.

I have one of these and find it shaves really well especially with gel or foam.Got mine from amazon and funnily enough the same shop (sse southern electric) is selling it for a whopping £36!?!


Heat added purely for good price. Terrible shaver, sent it back for a full refund! Personally, I would avoid. I genuinely find the one below better as a stop-gap; I bought 2 for £9.98 in an 'end of line' Tesco sale:



Surprising good shaver, well recommended. Heat from me!


I have to agree with magister. I have this as well and it is pony.

Beko DCY9316W 9kg Condenser Dryer £240.35 with Code @ SSE Shop
Found 19th Nov 2015Found 19th Nov 2015
Great price for a large size drum, and B rating dryer. By using the code , you will get 5% off, which brings the price to £240 delivered. I know there are many anti Beko fans out t… Read more
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Owners of large air-vented dryers and condensing dryers under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands, bought between April 2004 and October 2015, may need to have them fixed. Over 11 years before they realised there was a problem, and people complain about BEKO's recall policy!


​interesting that this article has just appeared in the BBC news, and no mention of Beko. Fire risks prompt tumble dryer recall -


for a cheap dryer I would go Indesit personally, made in Yate in Bristol. Whilst not the latest in tech they are generally reliable and so basic you can get repaired cheaply if need be. If you have a little more then the Bosch WTE84106GB @ £299 is a good buy.


Many votes against this brand, In that case, what brands to avoid with condenser dryers and what are better? but reflecting a similar price.


I bought candy dryer 4 months ago from argos, I found I wasted my time and money I have replace it with before last 7 weeks every ingilterede works very well! much better than argos suggested candy dryer!

Panasonic TX-50CX680B 50 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV £579.03 delvered @ SSE Shop Online , with Panasonic 5 Year Warranty, Includes Free Delivery
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
Use code GIVEME5 to get price from £609.50 down to £579.03 Use " Scottish Hydro " name for Panasonic 5 year Warranty All products on our website have free delivery With its 384… Read more

LG make the panel. Panasonic produce the controller board and firmware. Thats a big chunk of difference. The guy who calibrated my plasma had done 4 LG OLED's at that point. He mentioned if they were his, two of them would have got sent back as the picture wasn't consistent enough. (This guy - - I'l take his view over anyone on this board ...) And we're in early days here. By the time I buy one, I expect them to have improved even further. And stop being curved. PLEASE stop being curved! And you need to stop looking at countrywide averages for broadband speeds. That average is pushed up by cable (Virgin) and the fibre offerings for those that have it. This: Will give you a slightly more accurate picture. Of the major providers, Virgin way above the rest (pushing the average up). No-one else clears 20Mbps. BT only average 18Mbps because of those on fibre. PlusNet are sort of close. The rest? Nope. Well, maybe if you live right next door to the exchange. A few of the specialist ones also clear 20Mbps. But not all of those are available at consumer level and I have no idea how they're priced. Plus, you have to factor in the strain it will put on ISP infrastructure if everyone capable of streaming 4k suddenly actually started doing it. That would chew into bandwidth in a big way and would push averages down. In short - we're not currently in a position where they could cope. (look at the time of day split on page 3 of that report - it already drops in peak time) (Note - I work in IT, specifically doing a lot of network, load and performance testing. Trust me. UK ISP infrastructure would not cope ...)


Yeah didn't announce much, only that Entertainment, Movies and Sports will be arriving in 4k later in 2016, that's still considerably closer than you claimed isn't it! Also no I wasn't the guy who claimed 4k Blu Ray would be here by summer, I did however tell you the standards has been set last summer when you claimed they hadn't, the original shipping date was supposed to have been this month but is looking like January now for the 1st model which will be from Samsung. Also don't get your hopes up of Panasonic doing much in OLED without LG, 1, they use LG OLED panels in their sets currently and 2, LG are so far ahead of the pack in OLED manufacturing that it's unlikely anyone else will overtake them for quite sometime. Only 20% have the needed broadband speed for 4k Aye OK fella.....


So. The 18th has been and gone. Sky announce Sky Q. Which is UHD compatible. And will available "sometime" in 2016. No mention of price. Not much focus on 4k. In fact, it won' have ANY 4k content on launch. That will come "later" in 2016. And no doubt they'll charge plenty for it when then do introduce 4k. Are you the same guy that told me (in the spring) I'd be eating my words when 4k bluray launched this summer? Haven't seen much fanfare about that one either. (Commercial launch for that is into 2016 now as well) Thus far, no words have been eaten. In fact, I'm not even hungry. It's not mainstream. It's nowhere close to mainstream. It won't be for a LONG time yet. If you want to keep telling yourself it is, feel free. Not my problem if you don't understand the definition of the word. When it finally is (my guess is 3+ years yet), then Panasonic 4k OLED will probably have advanced even further (already better than all the LG offerings apparently) and come down in price ..... and thats when I'll buy one. (PS .... you're miles out with your guess about "large swathes" of the UK having enough bandwidth to stream 4k. Maybe 20% if you're lucky.)


Comment get a room


I know plenty enough to offer the pros and cons which people have thanked me for, of which you oddly criticise. Strange, very strange.

Panasonic ES-RT47 3-Blade Electric Shaver £19.48 with code at SSE shop
Found 8th Nov 2015Found 8th Nov 2015
Panasonic ES-RT47 3-Blade Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men £26.60 with code at SSE shop Use code GIVEME5 for discount. Now £22.33! amended title Now £19.48! amended title again..… Read more
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This is a good deal I thought i should bump it?


Thanks OP, ordered one today, my philishave needs blades replacing. Wanted to give the foil shaver a try!!


Great price OP, heat added. Not convinced from searching the net that this will be any better than mine; from what I read it appears a similar situation to electric toothbrushes, anything more that £20-30 and we are just paying for unnecessary superfluities that do nothing to improve upon the primary purpose.


There's a decent Argos Value range one on here for under £10 with 4star reviews. Just search for "argos shaver" also you can add 3 year product replacement for around £1.50 . Meaning no matter what your shaver will last you at least 3 years


If anyone sees a good deal for a rotary one instead let me know. My old remington is on it's last erm...spins... and I just prefer the rotary type. I'll keep an eye out too mind and post anything if it's good

Home Shield Boiler Cover £74.40 @ SSE
Found 20th Oct 2015Found 20th Oct 2015
90p for a years boiler cover and inspection!!!!!!! Keep your home warm and cosy this winter with our annual heating and boiler cover. Sign up now and get the first six months for … Read more

Just got my topcashback confirmed. Had to put in a claim because it didn't track and send them a nudge. £80.


Topcashback now £84, 6 months boiler and heating cover for 6 * £18.90 = £113.4 £29.40 for annual cover and a service seems good to me, I wouldn't pay the £226 for year 2 though.....


still heat


When it was first posted that was the deal. I've hit expired but it's not yet :/


jb66 You've got your sums wrong!!£73.50 cashback is only available on the £18.90 a month deal.Making your premium £39.90 for the year . The basic package offers £42 cashback, making your premium £32 for the year. top offer includes boiler inspection and no call outs!!

Panasonic ER-GB40-S511 Electric Beard / Hair Trimmer £27.55 @ SSE Shop
Found 6th Oct 2015Found 6th Oct 2015
£39.99 Boots - £36.44 Amazon Use Code - GIVEME5 Great Reviews All-in-One Hair, Beard & Body Trimmer for Wet / Dry Shaving and fully immersible in water Sharp 45° stainless s… Read more

Just ordered thanks! My Remmington packed in and from there I've been holding out for a decent new one.


I was thinking the same thing.. What the F.. SSE selling consumer electronics?! Madness..


What business does a utilities supplier have selling beard trimmers?


Ordered, thanks!


Is that meant to be a joke?

Panasonic ES-SL41-R511 Red Milano Electric Shaver £21.00 @ SSE Shop
Found 2nd Sep 2015Found 2nd Sep 2015
Cheapest i've found Was £90

I got this on a deal last year and use it to take on holiday.. Great little razor for a great price. Heat added.

Kenneth131 seems to be about the right price comparing it on amazon


The extra £7.50 for the ST25 model is a far better deal....... Its better at everything that matters, motor speed, charge time and run time.

Panasonic ES-ST25 3-Blade Linear Motor Electric Shaver Wet/Dry for Men £28.50 @
Found 31st Aug 2015Found 31st Aug 2015
Dam, I pulled the trigger on this yesterday and paid £31.87 for it from SSE @Amazon. GIVEME5 code makes it £27.08 - deanos

****, well impressed with mine so much so that I was just about to buy another as a spare but it seems out of stock. Ditto for the same supplier on Amazon (albeit it was £31). Will be checking again soon!


I find the red light starts flashing when there is about 15 minutes shave time left in the battery..... enough for two more shaves.


Just received mine (used the GIVEME5 discount code) and very impressed, better than the Braun series 3 340s it replaces. Can't comment on the battery life or long term quality of the shaver or its cutting head as only time will tell but it's Japanese made and feels much better quality (although lighter to hold) than the braun.


No the battery seems fine for me. The only thing i dont like about the shaver is that it takes some time to get close above the top lip and around the chin area where the beard is tougher.


anyone else finding the battery does not last, im getting 3 shaves before it needs charging, no where near the 45min it should last

SSE Broadband - 2yrs Unlimited data Free BB & £12pm line rental & Free weekend calls & Free router (& £52.50 cashback through TCB)
Found 30th Jul 2015Found 30th Jul 2015
Different to other deals posted - This is a great price for home broadband. - 2 Years Free broadband with no usage limit - Cheap £12pm line rental - Free weekend calls (local/nat… Read more
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They assure me each time I call that traffic management does not exist on their fibre offerings and it's likely congestion affecting my speed from abusive users living nearer to the exchange! Seem happy to try and help although no one seems to be technically trained often get comments like "not sure you sound like you know more than me if I'm honest hehe" and sent an engineer to the exchange and got him to put me on a new socket or something not sure how it works exactly but still intermittently slow! I also missed out on cash back as they conveniently don't manually enter the via cash back site applications to their system and when you phone after hearing nothing for weeks it's treated as a phone order! Phone line was installed two or three weeks late and broadband installed four weeks after that!!!! Had to do all the chasing myself as they simply forget about you until you call for an update then they apologise and say order unfortunately hasn't been processed as yet (even though previous call I had chosen my install dates!) but they'll set it as a complaint and it'll get fast tracked. Also never got billed for the first three months and was told it was due to delays in both services being activated but after broadband had been active a month I would get bill in November then it arrived a week later in October so nothing seems organised at all!


SSE are incompetent and ignorant to customers, I'm with them and they have agreed to let me leave with no fees due to how bad their service has been. half my previous speed and customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with (uk based, just don't care)


Although the contract period is 18mths for BB and 12mths for phone, you have to stay with them 24mths to get the half price deal. In reality making it a 24mth contract as if you leave before 24mths it appears they will charge you full price.


one place says 24 month half price. but at the bottom it states 18 month contract :( can simeone explain? Ultrafast, reliable connection speeds of up to 76MbΔ Truly unlimited downloads Easy to set up wireless router and free connection# 18 months free subscription to our Internet Security Suite† Friendly UK-based advisers on-hand if you need help 18 month contract


Best ask them but should think so, however they add £8 to the standard package for anytime.

SSE broadband free for 24 months (line rental £12) £228
Found 12th May 2015Found 12th May 2015
(Ignoring phone calls plans (they are not the best if you include call plan)) - broadband free for 24 months - 38Mbps fibre for £10 per month for 24 months - 76Mbps fibre for £12.… Read more

​Is your sse broadband still throttled all day? They refuse to accept they throttle or traffic manage on fibre, just standard broadband and keep sending me to btwholesale speed test where I magically get full speed results but this is not how it actually works in reality! any other speed test shows 2mbits through the day! Their customer service is actually good but broadband seems poor as had better speed on plus net normal so don't understand how it can be congestion !


What is your sync speeds?


My SSE's unlimited fibre has just gone live and it is HORRIBLE . SSE (and their whoesale supplier Daisy Communications) severely throttle/slow down the fibre connection to DSL speeds until late evening. e.g. around 500 Kbps - 1Mbps rendering youtube HD videos unplayable and of course correspondingly slow file downloads. Avoid at all costs.


Just set my friend on this and they say the 14 day cooling off is when you get welcome pack and seen as can take up to a month to set up not good at all, after waiting 2 weeks now he has decided to cancel and go with sky and pay £16.40 a month and get £100 evoucher too


Yeah, not disagreeing with you. It's an excellent price if the service is good. I would have gone for it, but saw it as too much of a risk.

SSE are offering 2 years 70/20mb fibre broadband, INCUDING line rental, for £24.50 a month
Found 18th Apr 2015Found 18th Apr 2015
Firstly, all credit to UnclePotter who first posted this deal, but I feel that the cheap high speed fibre aspect of the deal is better than the free "copper" broadband offer he hig… Read more
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​ you should probably be using a vpn. If you did then your isp could not block anything. I use "private internet access" and I'll carry on using them because their android app just got per app routing and has a kill switch to stop leaks if the connection drops. there are lots of options


this has expired. deal is now 6 month :(


Thought I'd feedback on here after finally getting my issues resolved with SSE. My order was initially cancelled in error (probably as I left them for gas and electricity just a week before ordering). Eventually got around to talking to customer services and have to say they've been excellent. All UK call centres and guys who genuinely seem to care. It took a little while to get up and running but they offered to refund the difference between my contract and what I was paying on bt while the issue got resolved. They also promised the tcb would be approved and to my surprise they have honoured it this week (£120) :D It has taken a bit of sorting but this was a true test of the customer service and can only say positive things.


as an existing customer (signed up as part of this offer) i can confirm you do NOT get a static IP but dynamic. the cs was probably confused, most of them dont appear to be trained so much (as i had to go via a manager to get something else fixed)


I guess I am glad to hear that then, kind of conflicting with the information I received but that would be great as I've signed up to them to save a few quid over my current contract with EE( bloody terrible company anyway)

Panasonic Wet & Dry ER-GB40-S511 Silver Hair and Beard Trimmer - £24.70 with Code - SSE
Found 18th Mar 2015Found 18th Mar 2015
Was looking for a decent beard trimmer and was recommended the black version for about £40, which also seems to get good reviews on Amazon. Then noticed the silver version was much… Read more

Been using this for a year or so now and it's been great. Looks like it's still available for £25.18 with free delivery.


Do you believe the review comment > " . . . you are told after you buy the product that the batteries will only last for up to 3 years and can't be replaced."


I've been looking for a new trimmer. Cheers op :-)


Thanks for this, quite a bit cheaper than elsewhere and gets good reviews. Will be trying it without the guard as sounds perfect for that.


Had mine delivered on Saturday and used it today. Used it on the 1mm setting and I'm very pleased with it, especially for the price.

LG F14A7FDSA 9kg Steam Direct Drive White Washing Machine, 5 Year Warranty (on redemption) & 10 Year Direct Drive Motor Warranty £494.55 Delivered @ SSE Shop (Possible John Lewis Pricematch)
Found 14th Jan 2015Found 14th Jan 2015
Excellent price for a quality Washing Machine with excellent reviews - LG F14A7FDSA Steam Direct Drive Washing Machine (9kg, White) is currently on sale on SSE Shop website for £… Read more

I got JL to price match PRC Direct. They didn't seem too fussed about the colour of the item... just the first aspect of the product. Sorry for the late reply. I'm still waiting for my £100 from panasonic!


Hi 5nowman, just read your post, can you tell me how you got JL to price match a lower price to a different colour and which site you found the price on ? I am thinking of ordering one in silver - thanks


Yep mine arrived on the Wednesday after I bought it, very pleased with the machine too! Still not worked out how to turn off the music though :D


Washing machine is up to £630.50 on the SSE website now, so expiring deal


Hmm, not sure I follow your logic for voting cold because your own order from John Lewis has been delayed... I'd mentioned JL in the thread because I know that some people wont go past them, but I ordered my washing machine from SSE last Wednesday night, received a phone call on Thursday morning arranging delivery for the following Wednesday, email & text reminders on Tuesday, and was delivered on Wednesday as planned. The delivery men called 1/2 hour before arrival, and even plumbed in the washing machine because they were running early :) Ordered, delivered to Scottish Highlands (Inverness) and installed within a week - Fantastic service!

Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator £113.50 @  The SSE Shop
Found 16th Dec 2014Found 16th Dec 2014
This steam iron has great reviews on Amazon (RRP is ridiculous £279.99), and sold by Southern Electric on Amazon for £159. However in their own website, it is only… Read more

Even better now at £85, including S&H


Yes it is UK version.


Does this iron have English plug as they all look like a European plug


Still valid...thanks! Best price around even with sale offers.


I have had this for a couple of years, effortless ironing. Adding heat.

Beko DCU9330W 9KG Sensor Condensor 9KG Tumble Dryer £226 (£203 Southern Electric Customers)) Free Delivery
Found 23rd Aug 2014Found 23rd Aug 2014
The New Beko DCU9930W Condenser Tumble Dryer has a 9kg load capacity, ideal for large items like duvets. It has a large LCD display with time remaining display. There is even an in… Read more

sold out


Just ordered code still works!, Deserves to be unexpired, great deal many thanks.


Code still works - thanks guys :)


Why has this been expired


Just purchased using the code, cheers OP.

panasonic washing machine £399 @ SSE Shop
Found 11th Aug 2014Found 11th Aug 2014
Panasonic washing machine, model No. NA-140VX4WGB @ £399 @ some sites £600 This Panasonic washing machine has an Energy Efficiency rating of A+++* - 30% more efficient than the be… Read more

Had ours for a week now and the wife loves it, Now she wants the matching tumble drier and dish washer, I hate you hotdeals!!!! lol


Looks like this is no longer available on their site.


Have now used my machine for several washes. I'm delighted with wash quality and silent features. The big 10kg. drum is a bonus (can get loads of clothes in one wash)


From my understanding the detergent is mixed with water and air before entering the tub so its ready to be absorbed into the fabric immediately, if you put a "straight to tub" detergent thing into the tub directly I'm not sure if it would break it down and then mix it as well.....that's just my guess though.


So do you really have to use the drawer for liquid/powder detergents ?

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