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Monkey shoulder Cage Gift Pack £26.90 + £4.95 del The Whisky World
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Posted 4th Dec 2018Posted 4th Dec 2018
Monkey shoulder Cage Gift Pack £26.90 + £4.95 del The Whisky World
Found this beautiful gift for £26.99, usually around £32

Delivery cost puts it almost at £32?


Without the delivery charge I would have had it, without the cage etc. it’s only £22 at Sainsbury’s, £23 at Morrison’s & £24.99 at Bargain Booze.


Nice. Have some heat.


Shame about delivery cost but I will still vote hot. Blend of Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie so must be tasty! I've also seen it recently in Asda and Sainsbury's where it comes with a little Lewis type bag and cocktail spoon for £22 so worth noting if you don't want this cage.

Chivas Blend Your Own Whisky Kit £23.90 instead of £29.90 @ The Whisky World (+£4.95 P&P)
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Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Chivas Blend Your Own Whisky Kit £23.90 instead of £29.90 @ The Whisky World (+£4.95 P&P)
Create your own custom blended Scotch whisky in the comfort of your own home! The team at Chivas Brothers have selected five whiskies – four single malts and a single grain – to st… Read more
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Sorry yes 5cl...and your method is a good one 😁.


I assume you mean 5cl or 50ml. I think it's a nice gift for an enthusiast but my method is definitely cheaper.


Love this idea!


While I like the idea of blend your own, my guess is all those single malts are crap and you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Also you don't need a kit to do this, there plenty of whiskies that come in 50cl bottles.


Sorry but £28.85 for 30cl of blended whisky. Spend £50 and get a bottle of something decent.

Laphroaig Lore only £59.90 Was £76 @ The Whisky World
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Posted 16th Oct 2018Posted 16th Oct 2018
Laphroaig Lore only £59.90 Was £76 @ The Whisky World
Was looking for this as it just got an award from Jim Murray. Found amazing price for only £59.90 when usually retails for over £75

This and Lagavulin distillers edition are the best in this price range for peated whiskies, both will probably be reduced this time next month.


Fantastic malt for the money. Its worth pointing out, Amazon will reduce this to £57 inc delivery during the Black Friday/Pre Christmas sale. Might be worth being a little patient if you don’t plan to drink it anytime soon. I always pick a bottle up each year.


So you drink what Jim says ?

Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin only £19.90 + £4.95 delivery @ The Whisky World
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Posted 17th Jul 2018Posted 17th Jul 2018
Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin only £19.90 + £4.95 delivery @ The Whisky World
Found this delicious Gin at a great price, usually around £29
Cardhu Gold Gift Pack only £29.99 @ The Whisky World
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Posted 13th Dec 2017Posted 13th Dec 2017
Cardhu Gold Gift Pack only £29.99 @ The Whisky World
Found this for £29.90. usually around £40 great Christmas gift!

considering the 2 free glasses, it's a pretty good price - but honestly Cardhu gold is the worst single malt I've ever purchased and I ended up mixing it with Coke - which actually tasted really nice. It's sickeningly sweet and has too much caramel colouring.


Long may it last!


I tend to find these sort of deals in Tesco. I suppose it depends on the store and what they have over stocked.


I've done well out of Asad recenttly - I think they must have been clearing the shelves for christmas stock but this is the second single malt scotch I've got for £15 - the last one was back on sale on the shelves at full price a couple of weeks later so I don't know why they needed to get rid of the one I got!


No worries, got a little excited there, couldn't miss out on a deal like that (lol) Good find!

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Nice stocking filler Disarono gift pack £6.90 @ The Whisky World
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Posted 3rd Dec 2017Posted 3rd Dec 2017
Nice stocking filler Disarono gift pack £6.90 @ The Whisky World
Really cute disarono gift pack Thought it would be nice little gift
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Been keeping an eye out for weeks at our local one and never even seen them


These are last year's edition, this year it is Missoni which are £8 in Sainsbury's. I bought these from B&M in Cleveleys yesterday for £2.99, plenty left.


Me too all my locals are oos


Yup, they were indeed £2.99 in B&M. Are they still though? Not in mine thats for sure, I've been keeping an eye out for them.


yes for a set of 3

Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin only £24.85 delivered @ The Whisky World
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Posted 29th Nov 2017Posted 29th Nov 2017
Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin only £24.85 delivered @ The Whisky World
What a great gin for such a great price usually around £30 saw this great price, so ordered a few and got free delivery over £75 Delicious!

I've got the black one of this and it's really good. Ordered one of these as price is good compared to Amazon


Wow :o strawberry gin, nice. Price not too bad too

Glenfiddich 15 Gift Pack for only £34.90 + £4.95 p&p @The Whisky World
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Posted 28th Nov 2017Posted 28th Nov 2017
Glenfiddich 15 Gift Pack for only £34.90 + £4.95 p&p @The Whisky World
This beautiful gift pack costs all over around £50 here for £34.90, I bought a few, such a great Christmas gift!

Back in stock! Nice find Op..


now showing oos :(


Bought a few got free shipping over £75


£4.95 for delivery so true total is £39.85. although the gift set is nice for anyone just wanting the whiskey by itself its currently £30 on amazon delivered. Link here.


Good find

Dalmore 18 for only 77.90! @ The Whisky World
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Posted 26th Nov 2017Posted 26th Nov 2017
Dalmore 18 for only 77.90! @ The Whisky World
Costs around £90 - £95 usually here at The Whisky World for 77.90, the Shipping is free over £75!

These reviews have put me off, it's an above average price brand but doesn't look like their whisky is worth the money. Glenfarclas 15yo is a much better shout at less than £50. 'Dalmore to me seem to put all the emphasis on creating a premium brand rather than creating good whisky. This is chill filtered, colourant added and bottled at the minimum legal strength in the UK of 40%. But sold at quite a premium price in a very flashy bottle.' 'Very disappointed with this one. Fantastic packaging but you can't drink that! Beautifully presented colour wise. That's all the good bits out of the way. Totally lacking anything like a complex nose, just a whiff of caramel. Taste barely exists. Slight caramel taste then alcohol burn' 'I am just now finishing a bottle of the pre-2008 whisky, which is superb. But it obviously is not the same whisky as the new-fangled Dalmore 12 yr. My old bottle is 43% ABV, and is not the dark amber color (i.e. the pre-2008 whisky probably does not have caramel food coloring'


12 was average at best. No way worth the premium price. In no rush to go further up the price ladder with them.


Not that impressive going off the reviews I've read. They also add colourants to their whiskies which gives it the dark brown colouring.


The Dalmore range really is an impressive tasting whisky, you most certainly get what you pay for! :)


Nearly twice the price of the 15yo posted the other day. Is it twice as good or does the law of diminshing returens apply here?

Diaronno Wears Etro 3x5cl now only £6.90 @ The Whisky World! £11.85 delivered
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Posted 26th Nov 2017Posted 26th Nov 2017
Diaronno Wears Etro 3x5cl now only £6.90 @ The Whisky World! £11.85 delivered
A beautiful gift idea for such a great price, sells for £9.99

Me 2 selling fast tho


Yeh picked these up. £2.99 B&M




Only £2.99 in b&m.

Yamazaki 12 only £79.90 @ The Whisky World
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Posted 24th Nov 2017Posted 24th Nov 2017
Yamazaki 12 only £79.90 @ The Whisky World
A great deal, costs usually around £95

Thought it was an amplifier or motorbike deal for a minute.

Grey Goose Vodka 1 LItre only £35.90 @ The Whisky World
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Posted 20th Jun 2017Posted 20th Jun 2017
In Tesco the 70cl costs £39, found this 1 litre for £35.90

Reyka is the best by a long way imo


My sister, to my surprise, likes Ciroc out of all the more premium vodkas. Don't see as much love out there on the forums for this one. Still yet to try the Kirkland Signature Vodka (the French version, not American) which gets a lot of love and many comparisons to Grey Goose Though I can see the top comment on that (older) chowhound link says "Neither Grey Goose or Kirkland are the best vodkas for the price. Sobieski Polish vodka is the cheapest and the best,. It ranks right up there with Grey Goose and other expensive brands. In fall 2007, Sobieski Vodka was ranked the #1 premium vodka in a blind-tasting of 108 vodkas, the largest review of vodkas in U.S. history from the Beverage Testing Institute and earned a Gold Medal and Best Buy Award. It was also ranked #1 in a blind tasting conducted among 25 major vodka brands by one of France's top wine and spirits publication, La Revue du Vin de France." Never heard of Sobieski, will have to look out for that one.


For me, Belvedere is the best vodka out there at around £30 for 70cl. Bison Grass is the best value for money, and Green Mark is pretty decent too. Grey Goose should be around the £15 mark for what it is, it's just down to clever marketing that they can get away with charging £30+ for it. On par with Russian Standard & Smirnoff in terms of taste, unfortunately.


Green Mark at sainsbury is ok too was £15 a litre the other day . Grey Goose is way overpriced , and in numerous taste tests doesn't do that well . I got a bottle of Russian Standard Platinum a few years back in a tesco clearance for £11 and did a side by side taste test with grey goose and RS Platinum was by FAR the better . Let's face it how many people sit and drink neat vodka ? Once you chuck tonic /coke etc into it whats the point of paying ridiculous prices for something you have no chance of telling the difference from stuff half the price.


Way overpriced! Absolute is much better & nearly half the price! & I tried Russian Standard last week & I actually think it's the best Vodka out there atm & that's on offer at Morrisons for £15L so I'd rather buy 2 of those ;)

7% Off All Gin at The Whisky World now in Time for World Gin Day
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Posted 8th Jun 2017Posted 8th Jun 2017
7% Off All Gin at The Whisky World now in Time for World Gin Day
No code needed, discount already applied
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Brockmans save 1.99 pay 5.95 postage: great deal!!!


I "luvs" gin x thanks