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Unicorn Writing Set £1.20 C+C with code @ The Works
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
£1.20 with code VKING20 Free Click & Collect A beautiful writing set with 10 sheets of illustrated paper and matching envelopes, all with a gorgeous bright Unicorn design. Pe… Read more

Beautiful Love the unicorn (y)


Nice deal heat added :D nice for little stocking fillers for Christmas


Great deal. I love anything with Unicorns adorned on it! Thanks for sharing.

Porcelain Gift Boxed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Mug and Bowl Set now £7.50 C+C w/code @ The Works
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Love this The Very Hungry Caterpillar Porcelain Mug & Bowl Set - has an rrp of £19.99 & is currently £10 at The Works (£12 - £15 elsewhere) but if you use code SAVE25 it ta… Read more

It's oos now


SALE25 code has expired now. But DV25 still valid for 25% off.


Mug and bowl set is gone :(


Thank you for the post. Have bought one and few books to get £20 plus free shipping.


Also 10% off with nus extra

Build Your Own Den - 75 Piece Kit  ONLY £9 Click & Collect @ The Works with Code
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Details: Create your very own den with this amazing 75 piece kit! With 51 sturdy rods for building large structures and 24 custom connectors for quick and easy assembly, the pos… Read more

A little update for my items and have been playing around with it. as i got 2 boxes i have to say the dens i have made with all the bits is massive. takes 3 kind size sheets to cover it. bad thing is we have a a 1 year old dog that loves it so much running thought the sheets keeps on breaking it down lol. I have to admit. i think i was having more fun then my son building it and finding way to make it stronger wile building it. e.g i made a cube where the roof is pitched (4 sides (not inc roof)) then make a Cube (all 5 sides (inc roof)) then added a pitched roof on top of it. Only thing that would make this better if they Sold larger rods. so if you make a square you can put in a cross section within the square.(i know u could cut the rods down and use a another connector to do this but that would mean u would need a lot more connectors)


have seen some on Amazon but they around £30+ E.G EZ Fort Bunker £51.66


New code added TODAY25 but the tested the old code of SAVE25 and still working. My items arrived on Monday (ordered item on Friday with free delivery) but have not tested them as my sons Birthday is on Sunday. if i get time i may test it out before wrapping them up.


Is there a sturdier version of this i.e. better fitting pieces?


Nice one @djmackie2000 For the price I think you can't go wrong here even if it isn't too sturdy.

20 Birthday Cards At The Works for just £1.00
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
At The Works you can choose 20 Birthday Cards with lovely varied designs on them for just £1.00
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as someone who detests the pointless nature and overimflated costs of birthday cards, this is the best deal going!


Ah yes, thank you


That one was posted on August 20th so a relist is allowed now as it's been over a month :)




My locals had pretty poor levels of different designs. I'm 27 and felt the designs were a little older, card factory's 10 for £1 are much better designs for younger children. The ones i did manage to get in the works were more suited to elderly ladies (lots of floral cards/tea party designs) but i was buying them for a care home to put in a box for residents to use when needed, so perfect for that :) Maybe other stores have a better selection though!

Mr Men - My Complete Collection Box Set @The Works - £30 (free C&C)
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Mr Men - My Complete Collection Box Set set features the complete collection of 48 timeless Mr. Men stories
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Bought these the last time they were on offer. One of the best things we ever purchased for bed time reading. We let our 3 year old choose one and 5 minutes later he is totally relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.


Heat for two reason. 1. Me and my little girl love these. 2. Her name is Darcey and we call her Darcey doody so heat for your username


The book people 29.99 and 5 pound off 30 (party)


Me too I got the two sets less than this from the book people and delivered with codes. But it's probably expired now

ali0405 Both sets for less than this so voted cold

Terminator Genisys: Resetting the future (Making of) Book £3 @ The Works instore
LocalLocalFound 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Instore only at the works subject to stock. £3 down from £20. Not the greatest film but not a bad price if you’re a fan of the franchise.

I actually liked the last movie but Emilia Clarke was miscast as Sarah Connor


It wasn't near as bad as some people would have you believe The next one will be though - its a feminist "no men" Terminator, believe it or not As its mainly men who pay to see these type of films, the stupidity in that is typical of the Hollywood Harpies these days


A book detailing how they decided to make such a rubbish movie just for the hell of it. Look guys we got Arnie attached, and James Cameron in the promo trailers telling everyone how great it is. That's enough to get peoples hopes up to get them in the cinema


Wish i could reset my past after last few Terminator movies...


Bargain! Though looks like none at all anywhere near me.

Art sets 2 for £10 @ The Works. Free C&C
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Some decent savings in the 2 for £10 on gifts at the works. I had a email with all the art sets included and they seemed some good set that would make nice Christmas presents. T… Read more
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I wouldn't bother, we bought the volcano set, was cheap paper thin plastic that came with no ingredients, and the glittery tattoo thing was no better. Waste of a tenner.


Thanks, will get the wife down there as just had one open up locally. Lovely stocking fillers.

Infinity Hoops (Toroflux) £2 at The Works instore (were £4) First of the stocking fillers?
LocalLocalFound 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Yes you can buy them 6p cheaper on Ebay. Yes I checked Poundland (nothing). Great buy if you have a local The Works ! My children all wanted one of these when we saw them at a … Read more
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Cold - £1 in poundland


these are great!!! £2 a reasonable price, my home bargains never had them!


£1 in home bargains and you get a little bag, I bought them from the works then saw them in HB! Lol

10 Christmas books @ the works £10
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
10 books for £10 use code WI97ER10 for free delivery ideal for book advent, Xmas gifts etc plus 12% TopCashback.

15% cashback on nationwide debit cards also, ends today though! Was 17% caahbsck yesterday on Quidco too

Star Wars and Superman LEGO books with free minifigure - £2.50 instore @ The Works
LocalLocalFound 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Free mini figure with Lego magazines at ‘The Works’ was £6.99 reduced to £2.50 bargain for minifigures. Superman and. Star Wars character.
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The superman one is available online.


sorry, ignore my previous comment. Looks like it's no longer sold online.


This was in store in gosport Hampshire, newbie here and wanted to share the love. Wasn’t aware of the offer just stumbled on it


been this price since middle of last year. Get it when TCB offers £2.50 bonus for £5 spend.

Haynes Vulcan Manual at The Works for £3 instore
LocalLocalFound 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Only £3 in store at The Works (Sale item). Spotted this in Fareham but I don’t know if it’s nation wide.
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Scorching deal - thanks for sharing


Wondering if a quick buck can be made by selling the "top secret" plans to a third party country? Incidently with regard to the Astute schematics, I have the accompanying documents which details the small powerful reactor core.


Cold war cold ..


This will come in useful should my Vulcan break down.


This will come in really handy when I ste.. sorry buy a Vulcan on the weekend.

Celebration Drop Box Hanging Frame + 55 Wooden Hearts now £7.50 C+C with code @ The Works
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Great offer - ideal for weddings / naming ceremonies / baby showers or any other celebration to commemorate who attended :) Similar products are up to £25 elsewhere, so ths looks … Read more

I think I'll nab one of these to track my weight loss journey :D


If you get one of these then be careful about what pens you use. A friend had one at her wedding with sharpies and the ink bled into the wood to make it illegible. I don't know if she had a cheapo frame or an expensive one, either way test a few pens before you use it!


These are very small and the quality very poor really for a large chain store. Can get a personalised one from other places that are worth the extra money but at £7.50 that is cheap.

Star Wars - Aftermath Trilogy - 3 Book Collection now £7.50 / Ian Rankin - 6 Fiction Books Bundle £7.50 C+C w/code @ The Works
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
All these sets of books have been highly reduced already but if you use code TODAY25 it will discount them even further to just £7.50 per set - they'd make great gifts for Star War… Read more

Apparently the quality gets better after the fist, some people recommend skipping it if you find it a struggle as the writing improves after the first


Ordered, have some heat.


I'm not lying when I say the first Aftermath book is one of the worst written books I've ever had the misfortune of reading. I can't comment on the story itself or the sequels because the absolutely horrendous writing style made be want to give up on literature forever and I couldn't stomach it for more than a few chapters before bottling it and going on holiday for a month to recover. I'm surprised it made it past the editor, let alone through the story group.

Daler Rowney Art Easel Studio 163 Piece Set inc Full Size Easel now £30 Delivered w/code @ The Works
Refreshed 25th SepRefreshed 25th Sep
Can't believe the price of this set - much smaller sets eg 111 & 150 piece sets are between £50 - £180 elsewhere! The rrp of this set is £109.99 & The Works are selling i… Read more

50 now.. gutted I missed offer


code can only be used online sadly :(


Are they same price in store?

Rainbow magic gift set £7.50 @ The works - Free c&c
Found 16th SepFound 16th Sep
My daughter has just started reading these books so seems like a good price for the box set Use code SAVE25 Free click and collect Included in this collection: Ruby the Red F… Read more

Only taking 5%off for me..


They can quite often be picked up individually in Poundland too


The site has a lot of variety but quite pricey(fierce)


You can also get this set if your daughter enjoys them x

10 for £10 Kids Picture Books (inc Christmas) + Free Delivery w/code @ The Works (free del wys £10)
Refreshed 7th OctRefreshed 7th Oct
Love the £10 for 10 books at The Works - have bought loads over the years & really think it helped my kids become the avid readers they are today. They are also fab for Chris… Read more

These are good quality books. We've got ours


Bedtime reading for me after the pub.


I made my nephew an advent from books last year wrapped them up put under his tree he picked one every night for bedtime story it was well received


father Christmas needs a wee is good at that age.


Father Christmas needs a wee and the Dinosaur that pooped Christmas both out of stock sadly

Various Marvel / DC / Vertigo / Independent Graphic Novels £5 instore @ (The Works)
LocalLocalFound 10th SepFound 10th Sep
The Works have a load of various Marvel, DC, Vertigo and independent graphic novels / trade paperbacks from a fiver each, including the outstanding Luthor, Deadpool Kills The Marve… Read more

Dunno why people keep falling for those series publications. Not all of the Deadpool trades are worth reading either, unless you want to laugh at Rob Liefeld's struggle to draw proportional human anatomy. £2 for Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe is an absolute bargain to be fair though.


They stop selling them in shops but they still have the people who signed up and have them delivered to their door, then when its finished they usually have some "special ones" to send you so you pay more money


Cool deal have heat, I have had a few random ones in the past, heads up though Deadpool Kills Marvel Universe is £1.99 hardback full plus bonus features like drawings, interviews & a poster from hachette part works, yes its one of those you see on telly "collect the whole Deadpool Deadpool Graphic Novel collection, 1st issue only £1.99" lol, I usually always buy the 1st issue of these things as it's so cheap, plus I got it from my local co-op, after a few issues at full price £9.99 usually no one buys them (well not many people)and they stop selling them and yet they still keep making them lol

The Treehouse Books Collection - 5 Book Collection now £7.50 using code @ The Works
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
My nephew absolutley loves these Storey Treehouse books and they are down to just £7.50 with free click and collect Code SAVE25 will give you an extra 25% off when you spend £10… Read more

You can't use both at the same time.




awesome books


If you use code WI97ER10 it gives you free delivery over £10 aswell


My daughter has just started reading these! That's a great deal for me. Also 17% topcash back. There are 3 more books in the series too.

18/9 - Lower Price - Terry Pratchett - The Long Earth - 5 Book Collection £7.50 C+C w/code @ The Works (Terry Pratchetts Discworld Coloring Book £4 or £3 w/code wys £10)
Refreshed 18th SepRefreshed 18th Sep
Update 29/9 - Price now dropped to £10 & if you use code SAVE25 it will discount the set to £7.50 :) Love Terry Pratchett, such an amazing man & a huge loss to the writi… Read more

Finished the first but stalled on the second. That never hastened to me with a disc world novel. Good deal though.


Worth a read, more Stephen Baxter than Sir Terry but you do see his style come out.


Wow :o Looks amazing!


Great reads, I devoured these.


It's not like discworld at all, I would put the writing/story style more in line with Baxter's work but the comedy and timing is definitely Sir Terry

Edit 18/9 New Code - The Peter Rabbit Library 10 Book Collection £11.25 / Captain Underpants Box Set 10 Books £11.25 w/code + Free C+C @ The Works
Refreshed 18th SepRefreshed 18th Sep
Code SAVE25 will take 25% Off most items when you spend just £10 at The Works today plus you can C+C for Free from over 400 stores. Had a quick nose & found that the Peter Rab… Read more

My son is only 17 months and he loves his books. Has the mini Peter Rabbit books so these would be fantastic for him as part of his Christmas :) Heat added


Bought Peter Rabbit and The Chronicles Of Narnia, cheers OP! :)


ordered. Heat


Thanks ordered for my daughter she loves Peter rabbit 🐇

2 for £10 on kids games and activity set @ The Works Free click & collect inc Twist and Turn (Twister)
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Some fantastic savings on kids games and activities at The Works at the moment Currently the are doing 2 for £10 with big savings on rrp These two games look very similar to the … Read more
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17% TopCashback as well


These codes should still work too; SAVE20 (20% off over £20) and SAVE30 (30% off over £30).

Various military aircraft and other Haynes Manuals - £6 @ The Works
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
The Works have a series of Haynes Manuals for military aircraft and various other vehicles going for £6 each. Avro Vulcan De Havilland Mosquito Junkers Ju 87 Stuka RAF T… Read more
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£7 inc postage from Works eBay shop


I don't get it, is this in case we ever happen to have to fix one on the driveway rather than takes it to Honest Joe's garage down the road?


These'll come in handy... (skeptical)


I hate it when that happens.

Horrible Histories Blood Curdling Book Box now £15 w/code + Free C&C at The Works
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
My kids were OBSESSED with Horrible Histories! This 20 Book Box Set of Horrible Histories is available for just £15 with code SAVE25 There's Free C&C available too. This b… Read more

Thanks. Got it for kids & their Dad who seems to love it too


Great price for these books! Another Christmas present sorted 🤭


This is a good buy for any local to Brierley hill


Cracking price for bnib, great books

Do you like farts?  Then you will love Old Macdonald Heard A Parp - book by Olaf Falafel £2 - A great book for kids and adults a like at The Works (free c&c)
Found 5th SepFound 5th Sep
There are some VERY rude noises coming from Old Macdonald’s farm – who could be responsible?! Sing along to this side-splitting picture book adaptation of everyone’s favourite … Read more
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He has changed more than one word.....unless it originally was old macdonald heard a farm!!


Trust me so do farmers.


***SPOILER ALERT (for the book)*** Have you ever been on a farm? The animals fart all the time!!


Kids love lavatorial humour, if it encourages them to read that gets 5 stars from me :{


(shock) :| (annoyed)

Our Great Canal Journeys. The works in poole. Now £4 @ The Works (free C&C)
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Got this book in The Works in Poole. Label said £8 (see photo) but scanned at £4. Bargin. Same price on website but sold out so think it must be national.
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No need to lower the tone (excited) (excited) (excited)


Sadly Prunella Scales who is on the front cover has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.


Lol (popcorn)


The ghost writer wanted to call it " with a paddle " by S & M


There other book in the trilogy was based on a sail boat journey called " blow me down the river "

New Harry Potter Range at The Works eg Harry Potter Hogwarts Lunch Bag £6 / Multi Pocket Pencil Case £4 / Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Drinks Bottle in Bag £5 / Wand Pen £2 / Set of Crest Badges £2 + more
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Thought these new products looked fab & are far cheaper at The Works than other retailers, LOVE the Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Drinks Bottle in it's own bag - currently £5 C… Read more
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Yeah link doesn't work

Picnic Blankets reduced from £4.99 to £2.50 (possibly £2.25) - The Works
Found 1st SepFound 1st Sep
In-store only - lots in Morecambe this morning. And if you have a click and collect order then you get another 10% off anything you buy in-store when you collect it...

Voted hot


...the post says 'in-store only'. There were lots in Morecambe today...and probably in most other Works shops....


Out of stock

Box Of 576 Assorted Greeting Cards - 12x48 Designs - £25 free C&C @ The Works
Found 29th AugFound 29th Aug
An incredible value box of 576 greetings cards, including 48 different designs making this a fantastic deal for all occasions. Included are 12 x 48 design cards and 576 envelope… Read more
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Available instore, all stores in my area have a big stand with a good selection of cards usually near the till.


Don’t know about online I got them instore


"Women go mad over these things." (lol)


There's another deal listing 20 for £1 it seems to be in-store only


I can't seem to find them online?

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